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PTC Resettable Fuses

Murata Electronics

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
PTGL09AR9R4H4B51B0 Image PTGL09AR9R4H4B51B0 Murata Electronics PTC RESET FUSE 80V 240MA RADIAL 5034 $0.175 /pcs Inquiry
0ZRM0250FF1A Image 0ZRM0250FF1A Bel Fuse Inc. PTC RESET 2.50A 120VAC/VDC RAD 8000 $0.151 /pcs Inquiry
MF-LS190RU Image MF-LS190RU Bourns Inc. FUSE PTC RESET SMD 7000 $0.083 /pcs Inquiry
RKEF250 Image RKEF250 Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH PTC RESET 2.5A T/H 6011 $0.094 /pcs Inquiry
0603L025YR Image 0603L025YR Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESETTABLE 9V .25A SMD 0603 6439 $0.383 /pcs Inquiry
1206L400SL-SYR Image 1206L400SL-SYR Littelfuse Inc. PTC 6V POLYFUSE SURF MOUNT 1206 9000 $0.313 /pcs Inquiry
B59970C120A54 Image B59970C120A54 EPCOS (TDK) PTC RESETTABLE 150MA 63V RAD 6640 $0.238 /pcs Inquiry
0603L035YR Image 0603L035YR Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESETTABLE 6V .35A SMD 0603 6301 $0.383 /pcs Inquiry
RUSBF120 Image RUSBF120 Littelfuse Inc. FUSE USB RESETTABLE 1.20A HOLD 6559 $0.075 /pcs Inquiry
MINISMDC150F-2 Image MINISMDC150F-2 Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH 1.5A RESET FUSE SMD 6843 $0.063 /pcs Inquiry
B59755B115A70 Image B59755B115A70 EPCOS (TDK) PTC RESETTABLE 28MA 500V RAD 6073 $0.531 /pcs Inquiry
RXEF250-AP Image RXEF250-AP Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH PTC RESET 2.5A AMMO 7870 $0.149 /pcs Inquiry
BD280-1927-25/16-W Image BD280-1927-25/16-W Littelfuse Inc. FUSE RESETTABLE BLADE 25A/14V 6600 $0.735 /pcs Inquiry
60R065XU Image 60R065XU Hamlin / Littelfuse PTC RESET FUSE 60V 650MA RADIAL 5893 $0.085 /pcs Inquiry
0ZCJ0200FF2C Image 0ZCJ0200FF2C Bel Fuse Inc. PTC RESTTBLE 2.00A 6V CHIP 1206 6791 $0.046 /pcs Inquiry
0ZRM0075FF1E Image 0ZRM0075FF1E Bel Fuse Inc. PTC RESET 0.75A 120VAC/VDC RAD 8000 $0.069 /pcs Inquiry
MXP190BB Image MXP190BB Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH PTC RESET 1.9A STRAP 53000 $0.096 /pcs Inquiry
YQS8122 Image YQS8122 Amphenol Advanced Sensors PTC THERMISTORS YP 20% 6500 $0.307 /pcs Inquiry
PRG21BC0R2MM1RA Image PRG21BC0R2MM1RA Murata Electronics North America THERMISTOR PTC 0.2 OHM SMD 6102 $0.091 /pcs Inquiry
RXEF017H Image RXEF017H Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH PTC RESET 0.17A 7000 $0.057 /pcs Inquiry
MF-RX014/250-2 Image MF-RX014/250-2 Bourns Inc. FUSE PTC RESETTABLE 6230 $0.087 /pcs Inquiry
PTCCL05H271DBE Image PTCCL05H271DBE Electro-Films (EFI) / Vishay PTC RESET FUSE 30V 270MA RADIAL 5862 $0.148 /pcs Inquiry
RUSBF110 Image RUSBF110 Littelfuse Inc. FUSE USB RESETTABLE 1.10A HOLD 6730 $0.075 /pcs Inquiry
MF-RX014/250U-B5-2 Image MF-RX014/250U-B5-2 Bourns Inc. FUSE PTC RESETTABLE 8000 $0.165 /pcs Inquiry
MF-R800-005 Image MF-R800-005 Bourns Inc. FUSE PTC RESETTABLE 6218 $0.182 /pcs Inquiry
2920L185DR Image 2920L185DR Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESET 33V 1.85A SMD 2920 6457 $0.106 /pcs Inquiry
16R1200GMR Image 16R1200GMR Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESETTABLE 16V 12A RADIAL 6197 $0.164 /pcs Inquiry
1812L160PR Image 1812L160PR Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESETTABLE 8V 1.6A 1812 6382 $0.066 /pcs Inquiry
PFRY.300 Image PFRY.300 Schurter Inc. PTC-FUSE RADIAL 72 VDC 6989 $0.176 /pcs Inquiry
CMF-SDP10A-2 Image CMF-SDP10A-2 Bourns Inc. CPTC FUSE RESET .150A HOLD SMD 6521 $0.224 /pcs Inquiry
PTGL09AR250H8B52B0 Image PTGL09AR250H8B52B0 Murata Electronics North America THERM 25 OHM 265V PTC RADIAL 6398 $0.157 /pcs Inquiry
PTCCL05H150HBE Image PTCCL05H150HBE Vishay BC Components THERMISTOR PTC 1.9K OHM 265V 7000 $0.163 /pcs Inquiry
PFRA.020 Image PFRA.020 Schurter PTC RESET FUSE 60V 200MA RADIAL 5500 $0.09 /pcs Inquiry
AHRF1400 Image AHRF1400 Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH PTC RESET 14A HOLD 6202 $0.359 /pcs Inquiry
0ZCM0010FF2G Image 0ZCM0010FF2G Bel Fuse Inc. PTC RESTTBLE 0.10A 15V CHIP 0603 6998 $0.022 /pcs Inquiry
MF-SMDF150-2 Image MF-SMDF150-2 Bourns Inc. PTC RESETTABLE 1.50A 15V 2018 6583 $0.087 /pcs Inquiry
16R600GDR Image 16R600GDR Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESETTABLE 16V 6A RADIAL 6623 $0.115 /pcs Inquiry
RGEF1100 Image RGEF1100 Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH RGE SERIES 11.0A HOLD 6837 $0.14 /pcs Inquiry
0ZCC0020FF2C Image 0ZCC0020FF2C Bel PTC RESET FUSE 30V 200MA 1812 5003 $0.081 /pcs Inquiry
MF-LR260 Image MF-LR260 Bourns Inc. FUSE RESETTABLE LOW RESISTANCE 6808 $0.075 /pcs Inquiry
AHRF300 Image AHRF300 Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH PTC RESET 3.0A HOLD 6737 $0.145 /pcs Inquiry
PFSM.100.2 Image PFSM.100.2 Schurter Inc. FUSE PTC 1.10A 30V FST-TRIP SMD 6300 $0.11 /pcs Inquiry
250R120U Image 250R120U Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESETBL 60V/250V .120A RAD 7065 $0.113 /pcs Inquiry
MF-SM075/60-2 Image MF-SM075/60-2 Bourns Inc. FUSE PTC RESETTABLE 0.75A HOLD 6676 $0.072 /pcs Inquiry
250R145-RBZR Image 250R145-RBZR Littelfuse Inc. PTC RESETBL 60V/250V .145A RAD 6216 $0.138 /pcs Inquiry
MF-R016/600-A05-0 Image MF-R016/600-A05-0 Bourns Inc. FUSE PTC RESETTABLE 7500 $0.183 /pcs Inquiry
RXEF020-2 Image RXEF020-2 Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH RXE SERIES 0.20A 6748 $0.058 /pcs Inquiry
MF-SM030-2 Image MF-SM030-2 Bourns Inc. FUSE RESETTABLE .30A 60V SMD 6735 $0.067 /pcs Inquiry
RGEF700-AP Image RGEF700-AP Littelfuse Inc. POLYSWITCH PTC RESET 7A HLD AMMO 6632 $0.104 /pcs Inquiry
MF-RG600-2 Image MF-RG600-2 Bourns Inc. PTC RESETTABLE FUSE, RADIAL THRU 6309 $0.13 /pcs Inquiry
PTC Resettable Fuses