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TVS - Varistors, MOVs

Bourns Inc.

Description:VARISTOR 22V 2KA DISC 20MM
Bourns, Inc.
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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
MOV-20D220KTR Image MOV-20D220KTR Bourns Inc. VARISTOR 22V 2KA DISC 20MM 11000 $0.102 /pcs Inquiry
S07K275 Image S07K275 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 430V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 6096 $0.032 /pcs Inquiry
VK104MK151R050P050 Image VK104MK151R050P050 KEMET VARISTOR 100NF 100A 65VDC 15500 $0.146 /pcs Inquiry
AMCV-0402LC-140-C100N-T Image AMCV-0402LC-140-C100N-T Abracon LLC VARISTOR 19V 2A 0402 15000 $0.013 /pcs Inquiry
V30MLA0805LNT Image V30MLA0805LNT Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 41.5V 30A 0805 15000 $0.072 /pcs Inquiry
V9MLA0805LA Image V9MLA0805LA Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 13.5V 40A 0805 7500 $0.087 /pcs Inquiry
V0402MHS12NR Image V0402MHS12NR Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 55V 0402 6891 $0.041 /pcs Inquiry
ERZ-E10A471CS Image ERZ-E10A471CS Panasonic Electronic Components VARISTOR 470V 4.5KA DISC 11.5MM 8000 $0.045 /pcs Inquiry
V30MLA0603NR Image V30MLA0603NR Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 41.5V 30A 0603 9000 $0.071 /pcs Inquiry
TMOV20RP200ML2T7 Image TMOV20RP200ML2T7 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 314V 10KA DISC 20MM 6217 $0.398 /pcs Inquiry
S20K35 Image S20K35 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 56V 2KA DISC 20MM 6001 $0.114 /pcs Inquiry
V42MLA1206T Image V42MLA1206T Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 53V 180A 1206 15000 $0.148 /pcs Inquiry
B72520E1140S262 Image B72520E1140S262 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 24.5V 200A 1206 6875 $0.06 /pcs Inquiry
V460LA7P Image V460LA7P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 715V 1.2KA DISC 7MM 6031 $0.069 /pcs Inquiry
AMCV-0603-5R5-C180N-T Image AMCV-0603-5R5-C180N-T Abracon LLC VARISTOR 12V 3A 0603 9000 $0.02 /pcs Inquiry
AMCV-1812H-650-T Image AMCV-1812H-650-T Abracon LLC VARISTOR 82V 600A 1812 9000 $0.218 /pcs Inquiry
ERZ-E11A102 Image ERZ-E11A102 Panasonic Electronic Components VARISTOR 1000V 5KA DISC 13MM 6282 $0.059 /pcs Inquiry
V14H320P Image V14H320P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 510V 6.5KA DISC 14MM 6929 $0.166 /pcs Inquiry
V68ZS20PX10 Image V68ZS20PX10 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 68V 2KA DISC 20MM 7000 $0.128 /pcs Inquiry
V130LT10APX2855 Image V130LT10APX2855 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 205V 4.5KA DISC 14MM 8500 $0.089 /pcs Inquiry
V120MLA1210NA Image V120MLA1210NA Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 150V 125A 1210 6441 $0.215 /pcs Inquiry
V07P75P Image V07P75P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 120V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 6095 $0.055 /pcs Inquiry
V14E175P Image V14E175P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 270V 6KA DISC 14MM 7100 $0.081 /pcs Inquiry
B72214P2551K101 Image B72214P2551K101 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 910V 6KA DISC 17MM 6661 $0.182 /pcs Inquiry
V111HF34 Image V111HF34 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 173V 40KA SQUARE 34MM 6389 $2.323 /pcs Inquiry
B72582V300K62 Image B72582V300K62 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 47V 800A 1812 7000 $0.15 /pcs Inquiry
AMCV-1206H-101-T Image AMCV-1206H-101-T Abracon LLC VARISTOR 120V 250A 1206 8000 $0.084 /pcs Inquiry
B72207S2151K211 Image B72207S2151K211 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 240V 1.75KA DISC 7MM 9500 $0.044 /pcs Inquiry
V220CH8T Image V220CH8T Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 220V 250A 2SMD 6851 $0.184 /pcs Inquiry
B72220S621K101 Image B72220S621K101 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 1000V 6.5KA DISC 20MM 6942 $0.226 /pcs Inquiry
TMOV34S661EP Image TMOV34S661EP Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 1050V 40KA SQUARE 34MM 6991 $5.605 /pcs Inquiry
CT0603K25G Image CT0603K25G EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 39V 30A 0603 6697 $0.027 /pcs Inquiry
V33MT1B Image V33MT1B Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 33V 40A SOD83A AXIAL 10000 $0.107 /pcs Inquiry
V47ZS3PX1347 Image V47ZS3PX1347 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 47V 500A DISC 10MM 15000 $0.065 /pcs Inquiry
V07E23P Image V07E23P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 36V 1KA DISC 7MM 6500 $0.079 /pcs Inquiry
SMOV34S421NP Image SMOV34S421NP Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 680V 40KA ENCASED 6508 $6.431 /pcs Inquiry
V271HB34 Image V271HB34 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 430V 40KA SQUARE 34MM 6216 $2.95 /pcs Inquiry
S10K150G5 Image S10K150G5 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 240V 2.5KA DISC 10MM 8000 $0.059 /pcs Inquiry
V661DB40 Image V661DB40 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 1050V 40KA BLADE ENCASE 6125 $13.302 /pcs Inquiry
ERZ-VS34C621 Image ERZ-VS34C621 Panasonic VARISTOR 620V 40KA SQUARE 36MM 5005 $9.745 /pcs Inquiry
S07K30GS2 Image S07K30GS2 EPCOS (TDK) VARISTOR 47V 250A DISC 7MM 6937 $0.03 /pcs Inquiry
EZJ-P0V080GA Image EZJ-P0V080GA Panasonic Electronic Components VARISTOR 8V 3A 0402 6318 $0.025 /pcs Inquiry
V33ZS2P Image V33ZS2P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 33V 500A DISC 10MM 10000 $0.064 /pcs Inquiry
V14P30AUTO Image V14P30AUTO Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 47V 3KA DISC 14MM 7486 $0.104 /pcs Inquiry
ERZ-E08A751 Image ERZ-E08A751 Panasonic Electronic Components VARISTOR 750V 3.5KA DISC 11.5MM 6133 $0.042 /pcs Inquiry
V48MLA1206NH Image V48MLA1206NH Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 60.5V 180A 1206 6289 $0.143 /pcs Inquiry
V421HF34 Image V421HF34 Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 680V 40KA SQUARE 34MM 6308 $2.95 /pcs Inquiry
V14H35P Image V14H35P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 56V 3KA DISC 14MM 7100 $0.155 /pcs Inquiry
V10H130P Image V10H130P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 205V 3.5KA DISC 10MM 9200 $0.108 /pcs Inquiry
V10P35P Image V10P35P Littelfuse Inc. VARISTOR 56V 2KA DISC 10MM 10000 $0.091 /pcs Inquiry
TVS - Varistors, MOVs