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USB, DVI, HDMI Connectors


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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
690-009-521-900 Image 690-009-521-900 EDAC Inc. CONN RCPT USB-B TYPE R/A GOLD 6261 $0.569 /pcs Inquiry
UJ2-AV-2-TH Image UJ2-AV-2-TH CUI Inc. USB JACK 2.0, STANDARD A TYPE, 4 7560 $0.136 /pcs Inquiry
50-00467 Image 50-00467 Tensility International Corp CONN PLUG USB A SHLD WHT 6225 $0.204 /pcs Inquiry
17-200151 Image 17-200151 Conec CONN PLUG STR RELIEF USB IP67 6058 $1.766 /pcs Inquiry
0476591000 Image 0476591000 Molex, LLC HDMI REC.VERTICAL SMT TYPE 6478 $0.537 /pcs Inquiry
2001-1-2-21-00-BK Image 2001-1-2-21-00-BK CNC Tech MINI HDMI 19P FEMALE SMT 6829 $0.188 /pcs Inquiry
UJ2-BH-2-TH Image UJ2-BH-2-TH CUI Inc. USB JACK 2.0, STANDARD B TYPE, 4 7744 $0.129 /pcs Inquiry
XM4M-2932-1312 Image XM4M-2932-1312 Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div CONN DVI 29POS 1.5A DIGTL/ANALOG 6661 $1.502 /pcs Inquiry
A-USBPB-N Image A-USBPB-N Assmann WSW Components CONN PLUG USB B-MALE SOLDER 6757 $0.088 /pcs Inquiry
UJ2-MBH-4-SMT-TR Image UJ2-MBH-4-SMT-TR CUI Inc. USB JACK 2.0, MINI B TYPE, 5 PIN 7250 $0.145 /pcs Inquiry
XM4M-2432-5012 Image XM4M-2432-5012 Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div CONN DVI 24POS 1.5A 40V DIGITAL 6445 $1.88 /pcs Inquiry
0743232003 Image 0743232003 Molex, LLC DVI-D PLUG SUB CONN. D.C. AU 6183 $0.753 /pcs Inquiry
692141030100 Image 692141030100 Wurth Electronics Inc. CONN RCPT USB DUAL TYP A 3.0 R/A 7478 $1.434 /pcs Inquiry
1001-004-01010 Image 1001-004-01010 CNC Tech CONN USB R/A A TYPE T/H DUAL 6718 $0.199 /pcs Inquiry
1-1747981-2 Image 1-1747981-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN RECPT HDMI SMT R/A W/FLNG 6432 $0.88 /pcs Inquiry
0476322000 Image 0476322000 Molex, LLC ASSY FOR HDMI RECEPTACLE SMT 6572 $0.644 /pcs Inquiry
690-W19-260-012 Image 690-W19-260-012 EDAC Inc. WATERPROOF HDMI BLACK A F 180 6240 $3.327 /pcs Inquiry
0483078012 Image 0483078012 Molex, LLC ASSY DRAWING VERT HDMI 6450 $0.67 /pcs Inquiry
C-BR25-AK53 Image C-BR25-AK53 CNC Tech CONN RECEPT TYPE C 3.1 TOP MT 6673 $0.587 /pcs Inquiry
17-250021 Image 17-250021 Conec CONN MINI USB B 5POS PCB VERT 6957 $2.524 /pcs Inquiry
920 Image 920 Keystone Electronics CONN SOCKET USB SGL A-TYPE HORZ 7161 $0.212 /pcs Inquiry
M701-330442 Image M701-330442 Harwin Inc. 00B B SINGLE PC TAIL VERT CONN 6116 $0.15 /pcs Inquiry
USBR-B-S-S-O-TH Image USBR-B-S-S-O-TH Samtec Inc. USB TYPE B 2.0 ORANGE SNGL T/H 6017 $0.336 /pcs Inquiry
DCP-USBAB-SC Image DCP-USBAB-SC Conxall/Switchcraft DATA-CON-X USB A TO SOLDER CUP, 6153 $3.81 /pcs Inquiry
FWFTV6N Image FWFTV6N Amphenol PCD CONN FIREWIRE PLUG 6782 $20.905 /pcs Inquiry
DX07S024JJ4R1300 Image DX07S024JJ4R1300 JAE Electronics CONN RCPT USB3.1 TYPEC SMD R/A 6404 $0.488 /pcs Inquiry
897-10-010-40-300002 Image 897-10-010-40-300002 Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. CONN MICRO USB B 3.0 HORIZ SMT 6299 $0.213 /pcs Inquiry
GSB316441CEU Image GSB316441CEU Amphenol Commercial Products USB 3.0 CONN TYPE A R/A PLUG SMT 6699 $0.313 /pcs Inquiry
54-00018 Image 54-00018 Tensility International Corp CONN RCPT USB A R/A PCB WHT 11000 $0.144 /pcs Inquiry
DUSBX Image DUSBX Switchcraft Inc. CONN USB DUAL 1A 30VAC RAPC MT 6477 $2.187 /pcs Inquiry
XM7A-0441 Image XM7A-0441 Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div USB TYPE A STRT DIP 6976 $0.393 /pcs Inquiry
ZX62MD1-B-5P(01) Image ZX62MD1-B-5P(01) Hirose Electric Co Ltd CONN RCPT USB 6376 $0.397 /pcs Inquiry
UJ2-MBH-3-SMT-TR Image UJ2-MBH-3-SMT-TR CUI Inc. USB JACK 2.0, MINI B TYPE, 5 PIN 7250 $0.136 /pcs Inquiry
2134536-2 Image 2134536-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors USB CONNECTOR 6058 $0.411 /pcs Inquiry
2069486-2 Image 2069486-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors HDMI REC SMT W/O FLANGE 6319 $0.697 /pcs Inquiry
AU-Y1006 Image AU-Y1006 Assmann WSW Components CONN USB RTANG FMALE TYPE A SMD 6019 $0.142 /pcs Inquiry
1734328-1 Image 1734328-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN RCPT MINI USB AB R/A SMD 6007 $0.362 /pcs Inquiry
HDMR-19-02-S-SM Image HDMR-19-02-S-SM Samtec Inc. CONN RECPT HDMI 19 POS SMD 6798 $1.034 /pcs Inquiry
UJ2-BV-1-TH Image UJ2-BV-1-TH CUI Inc. USB JACK 2.0, STANDARD B TYPE, 4 6407 $0.13 /pcs Inquiry
685119135725 Image 685119135725 Wurth Electronics Inc. CONN HDMI FEMALE R/A 19POS 2.6MM 6868 $0.916 /pcs Inquiry
1734510-1 Image 1734510-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors MINI USB RCPT R/A DIP 6920 $0.401 /pcs Inquiry
8-1747981-1 Image 8-1747981-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN RECPT HDMI SMT R/A W/FLNG 6801 $1.151 /pcs Inquiry
DCP-USBCB-SC Image DCP-USBCB-SC Switchcraft Inc. MICRO-USB PANEL MNT-SOLDER HOLES 6147 $2.21 /pcs Inquiry
0472720024 Image 0472720024 Molex, LLC CONN RCPT DISPLAYPORT 20POS R/A 6003 $1.008 /pcs Inquiry
292304-1 Image 292304-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN USB RECEPT R/A TYPE B 4POS 6169 $0.291 /pcs Inquiry
1734366-2 Image 1734366-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN USB RCPT VERT A TYPE WHITE 6321 $0.195 /pcs Inquiry
GSB317131HR Image GSB317131HR Amphenol Commercial Products USB 3.0 CONN TYPE A PLUG CABLE 6060 $0.356 /pcs Inquiry
49616-0711 Image 49616-0711 Molex Connector Corporation HDR USCAR MINI USB A R/A BLACK 6498 $0.524 /pcs Inquiry
DCP-USBNB-MNHD Image DCP-USBNB-MNHD Conxall/Switchcraft USB MINI-B TOPC TAILS 6190 $3.141 /pcs Inquiry
1747981-1 Image 1747981-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN RECPT HDMI SMT R/A W/O FLNG 6612 $0.717 /pcs Inquiry
USB, DVI, HDMI Connectors