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VCOs (Voltage Controlled Oscillators)

Crystek Corporation

Description:OSC CRO 0445-0508 MHZ SMD .5X.5"
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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
CVCO55CC-0445-0508 Image CVCO55CC-0445-0508 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 0445-0508 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5001 $10.033 /pcs Inquiry
HMC512LP5ETR Image HMC512LP5ETR Analog Devices Inc. VCO 5.1GHZ, 10.2GHZ 7320 $11.052 /pcs Inquiry
CRBV55CL-0389-0407 Image CRBV55CL-0389-0407 Crystek Corporation VCO 389-407 MHZ REDBOX 6705 $31.08 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1800-2200 Image CVCO55BE-1800-2200 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1800-2200MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6310 $6.549 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CL-0760-0860 Image CVCO55CL-0760-0860 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 760-860MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6721 $6.383 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-3180-3710 Image CVCO55CC-3180-3710 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 3180-3710 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6357 $12.121 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CL-0038-0042 Image CVCO55CL-0038-0042 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 38-42MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6161 $8.381 /pcs Inquiry
CRBV55BE-2425-2820 Image CRBV55BE-2425-2820 Crystek Corporation VCO 2425-2820 MHZ REDBOX 6141 $31.08 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2895-3035 Image CVCO55CC-2895-3035 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2895-3035 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6496 $12.121 /pcs Inquiry
CRBV55BE-2900-3273 Image CRBV55BE-2900-3273 Crystek Corporation VCO 2900-3273 MHZ REDBOX 6565 $35.224 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-1560-1615 Image CVCO55CC-1560-1615 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 1560-1615 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5011 $9.334 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2200-2660 Image CVCO55CC-2200-2660 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2200-2660 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6134 $11.648 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-3200-3200 Image CVCO55CC-3200-3200 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 3200-3200 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6765 $12.121 /pcs Inquiry
HMC512LP5E Image HMC512LP5E ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) VCO 5.1GHZ, 10.2GHZ 5039 $11.071 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CL-1100-1200 Image CVCO55CL-1100-1200 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1100-1200MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5006 $6.383 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1400-1624 Image CVCO55BE-1400-1624 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1400-1624MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5007 $7.422 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2970-3230 Image CVCO55CC-2970-3230 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2970-3230 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5006 $9.812 /pcs Inquiry
CRBV55BE-1658-1662 Image CRBV55BE-1658-1662 Crystek Corporation VCO 1658-1662 MHZ REDBOX 6039 $31.08 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2850-2950 Image CVCO55CC-2850-2950 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2850-2950 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6550 $12.121 /pcs Inquiry
HMC1169LP5E Image HMC1169LP5E ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) MMIC VCO HALF FREQ 32-LFCSP 5144 $10.066 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO45CL-0350-0460 Image CVCO45CL-0350-0460 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 350-460MHZ SMD .4X.49" 5050 $6.479 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-3205-3317 Image CVCO55CC-3205-3317 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 3205-3317 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5018 $9.812 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-3830-3830 Image CVCO55CC-3830-3830 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 3830-3830 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6086 $12.394 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-0895-0950 Image CVCO55CC-0895-0950 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 0895-0950 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6339 $11.531 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-4124-4238 Image CVCO55CC-4124-4238 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 4124-4238 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6200 $10.033 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2400-2569 Image CVCO55CC-2400-2569 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2400-2569 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5008 $9.429 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2809-2921 Image CVCO55CC-2809-2921 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2809-2921 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6860 $9.812 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CL-0184-0190 Image CVCO55CL-0184-0190 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 184-190MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6261 $6.133 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-4124-4238 Image CVCO55CC-4124-4238 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 4124-4238 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5006 $10.033 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2186-2250 Image CVCO55CC-2186-2250 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2186-2250 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6715 $11.648 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CL-0260-0285 Image CVCO55CL-0260-0285 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 260-285MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6121 $6.133 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2010-2485 Image CVCO55CC-2010-2485 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2010-2485 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5005 $9.429 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2400-2400 Image CVCO55CC-2400-2400 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2400-2400 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6202 $9.429 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1785-1900 Image CVCO55BE-1785-1900 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1785-1900MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6401 $7.422 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1630-1665 Image CVCO55BE-1630-1665 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1630-1665MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6536 $6.549 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2000-2000 Image CVCO55CC-2000-2000 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2000-2000 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6906 $11.531 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CL-0490-0540 Image CVCO55CL-0490-0540 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 490-540MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5008 $6.95 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-3020-3050 Image CVCO55BE-3020-3050 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 3020-3050MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6730 $7.548 /pcs Inquiry
CRBV55CL-0072-0076 Image CRBV55CL-0072-0076 Crystek Corporation VCO 72-76 MHZ REDBOX 6002 $31.08 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2290-2410 Image CVCO55CC-2290-2410 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2290-2410 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6764 $9.429 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2230-2430 Image CVCO55CC-2230-2430 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2230-2430 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6545 $9.429 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1530-2700 Image CVCO55BE-1530-2700 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1530-2700MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6549 $7.422 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO45CL-0430-0470 Image CVCO45CL-0430-0470 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 430-470MHZ SMD .4X.49" 6109 $5.335 /pcs Inquiry
HMC1162LP5E Image HMC1162LP5E Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC MIXER DBL-BAL 32LFCSP 6469 $10.033 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-2475-2900 Image CVCO55BE-2475-2900 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 2475-2900MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6658 $6.827 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1930-1990 Image CVCO55BE-1930-1990 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1930-1990MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6369 $6.549 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1480-1600 Image CVCO55BE-1480-1600 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1480-1600MHZ SMD .5X.5" 5014 $7.422 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55BE-1520-1635 Image CVCO55BE-1520-1635 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 1520-1635MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6599 $6.549 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55-602125 Image CVCO55-602125 Crystek Corporation OSC VCO 0500-1000MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6639 $7.211 /pcs Inquiry
CVCO55CC-2818-2835 Image CVCO55CC-2818-2835 Crystek Corporation OSC CRO 2818-2835 MHZ SMD .5X.5" 6350 $12.121 /pcs Inquiry
VCOs (Voltage Controlled Oscillators)