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Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits

ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.)

Description:EVAL BOARD FOR AD9530
Amulet Technologies, LLC.
Amulet Technologies, LLC.
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
AD9530/PCBZ Image AD9530/PCBZ ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) EVAL BOARD FOR AD9530 5003 $90.698 /pcs Inquiry
KIT-14130 Image KIT-14130 SparkFun Electronics SPARKFUN ROSHAMGLO BADGE KIT 6445 $5.051 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-AD5160DBZ Image EVAL-AD5160DBZ Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR AD5160 6386 $22.222 /pcs Inquiry
AM305212R1DBGEVB Image AM305212R1DBGEVB ON Semiconductor BOARD DAUGHTER SPI STEP DVR NQFP 6021 $20.475 /pcs Inquiry
PI2211-EVAL1 Image PI2211-EVAL1 Vicor Corporation BOARD EVAL FOR PI2211 6973 $14.968 /pcs Inquiry
WP3W-RK Image WP3W-RK IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc EVAL BOARD FOR P9027LP P9235A 6187 $23.888 /pcs Inquiry
AD-DPGIOZ Image AD-DPGIOZ Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD DATA PATTERN GEN/RCV 6178 $465.894 /pcs Inquiry
IRPLDIM5E Image IRPLDIM5E Infineon Technologies KIT DES BALLAST 4LEVEL DIM FLUOR 6031 $48.263 /pcs Inquiry
DC1733A-B Image DC1733A-B ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) DEMO BOARD LT3669-2 5003 $49.725 /pcs Inquiry
CDBWM8960-M-1 Image CDBWM8960-M-1 Cirrus Logic Inc. EVAL BD - WM8960 MINI EVAL BOARD 6294 $51.188 /pcs Inquiry
DRV8432EVM Image DRV8432EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODUOLE FOR DRV8432 6629 $58.566 /pcs Inquiry
BQ24172EVM-706-5V Image BQ24172EVM-706-5V Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR BQ24172-706 5V 6889 $38.914 /pcs Inquiry
1713 Image 1713 Adafruit Industries LLC EVAL BOARD FOR MAX9814 6088 $3.101 /pcs Inquiry
BQ25010EVM Image BQ25010EVM Texas Instruments EVALUATION MODULE FOR BQ25010 6136 $19.258 /pcs Inquiry
ADK-3110 Image ADK-3110 Holt Integrated Circuits Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR HI-3110 6209 $58.5 /pcs Inquiry
SRC4192EVM Image SRC4192EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR SRC4192 6956 $78.218 /pcs Inquiry
CDCLVD1204EVM Image CDCLVD1204EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR CDCLVD1204 6272 $58.566 /pcs Inquiry
MAXREFDES38# Image MAXREFDES38# Maxim Integrated LOW POWER CURRENT FAULT SENSOR 6224 $39.285 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-CN0385-FMCZ Image EVAL-CN0385-FMCZ Analog Devices Inc. EVALUATION BOARD 6319 $72.758 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-ADM2795EEBZ Image EVAL-ADM2795EEBZ Analog Devices Inc. PCB ADM2795E ISO EMC & FAULT PRO 6803 $32.908 /pcs Inquiry
BG2A-NF Image BG2A-NF Powerex Inc. KIT DEV BOARD FOR IGBT 6179 $69.194 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-ADUM3123EBZ Image EVAL-ADUM3123EBZ Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR ADUM3123 6140 $17.55 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-RS485FDEBZ Image EVAL-RS485FDEBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVALUATION RS485 6353 $10.971 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-ADF4350EB2Z Image EVAL-ADF4350EB2Z Analog Devices Inc. EVALUATION BOARD 2 FOR ADF4350 6647 $63.983 /pcs Inquiry
STEVAL-IFP017V3 Image STEVAL-IFP017V3 STMicroelectronics EVAL BOARD FOR L6362A 6244 $13.65 /pcs Inquiry
MCP402XEV Image MCP402XEV Microchip Technology BOARD EVAL FOR MCP402X 6808 $8.034 /pcs Inquiry
TLV320AIC3268EVM-U Image TLV320AIC3268EVM-U Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR TLV320AIC3268 6124 $156.831 /pcs Inquiry
WISE-1252W0-0000E Image WISE-1252W0-0000E Advantech Corp 4-CHANNEL RELAY & 4-CHANNEL DIO 6235 $19.5 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-AD7376EBZ Image EVAL-AD7376EBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR AD7376 6648 $23.732 /pcs Inquiry
SOIC14EV Image SOIC14EV Microchip Technology BOARD EVAL 14SOIC/TSSOP/DIP 6973 $8.837 /pcs Inquiry
DC859A Image DC859A Linear Technology EVAL BOARD FOR LTC4267 6684 $29.398 /pcs Inquiry
DRV8301-RM46-KIT Image DRV8301-RM46-KIT Texas Instruments KIT MOTOR W/DRV8301-RM46 6172 $246.691 /pcs Inquiry
1905 Image 1905 Adafruit Industries LLC LI-ION LI-POLYMER CHARGER BOARD 6842 $2.711 /pcs Inquiry
410-267 Image 410-267 Digilent, Inc. PMODSMC STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER 6059 $7.016 /pcs Inquiry
UCD3138CC64EVM-030 Image UCD3138CC64EVM-030 Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE CC FOR UCD3138-030 6028 $38.727 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-ADM1175EBZ Image EVAL-ADM1175EBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVALUATION FOR ADM1175 6548 $57.17 /pcs Inquiry
CDCLVP1204EVM Image CDCLVP1204EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR CDCLVP1204 6424 $58.566 /pcs Inquiry
LC234X Image LC234X FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd MOD USB UART DEV FT234XD 6207 $2.516 /pcs Inquiry
DS64BR401EVK/NOPB Image DS64BR401EVK/NOPB Texas Instruments DEMO KIT MINISAS4X CBL EXTENDER 6204 $196.139 /pcs Inquiry
STEVAL-CCM007V2 Image STEVAL-CCM007V2 STMicroelectronics EVAL BOARD WITH LCD STM32F205 6572 $83.363 /pcs Inquiry
BQ24020EVM Image BQ24020EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MOD FOR BQ24020 6770 $19.258 /pcs Inquiry
MAX11300SYS1# Image MAX11300SYS1# Maxim Integrated EVAL KIT FOR MAX11300 6042 $27.596 /pcs Inquiry
TLK1501EVM Image TLK1501EVM Texas Instruments EVALUATION MOD FOR TLK1501 6582 $314.055 /pcs Inquiry
AD9523-1/PCBZ Image AD9523-1/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR AD9523-1 6094 $80.586 /pcs Inquiry
AD9531/PCBZ Image AD9531/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR AD9531 6089 $90.698 /pcs Inquiry
BQ51013BEVM-764 Image BQ51013BEVM-764 Texas Instruments EVAL BOARD WIRELESS POWER 6174 $78.218 /pcs Inquiry
XR22417CV64EVB Image XR22417CV64EVB Exar Corporation EVAL BOARD FOR ZR22417 64-LQFP 6025 $54.733 /pcs Inquiry
XR33158EVB Image XR33158EVB Exar Corporation EVAL BOARD FOR XR33158 5002 $15.21 /pcs Inquiry
LV04EVK01/NOPB Image LV04EVK01/NOPB Texas Instruments BOARD EVALUATION DS92LV0421/2 6746 $156.831 /pcs Inquiry
EVAL-ADN4650EB1Z Image EVAL-ADN4650EB1Z Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR ADN4650 6074 $32.908 /pcs Inquiry
Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits