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Programming Adapters, Sockets

Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology
Microchip Technology
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
ATSTK600-UC3A0X-144 Image ATSTK600-UC3A0X-144 Microchip Technology STK600 SOCKET/EXPANSION 144-TQFP 6192 $39.683 /pcs Inquiry
PA28SS-OT-6 Image PA28SS-OT-6 Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 28-SSOP TO 28-DIP 6417 $25.16 /pcs Inquiry
AC164328 Image AC164328 Microchip Technology MODULE SKT FOR 80TQFP 6134 $76.216 /pcs Inquiry
PA8SO1-03-3 Image PA8SO1-03-3 Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 8-SOIC TO 8-DIP 6876 $18.87 /pcs Inquiry
SA409T Image SA409T Xeltek SOCKET ADAPTER FOR TSOP40 6977 $68.45 /pcs Inquiry
C8051T327DB28 Image C8051T327DB28 Silicon Labs SOCKET ADAPTER FOR C8051T327 6751 $23.591 /pcs Inquiry
AE-WS8-25XX-21 Image AE-WS8-25XX-21 Phyton Inc. ADAPTER DIP-8 TO WSON-8 6095 $146.15 /pcs Inquiry
SA638 Image SA638 Xeltek SOCKET ADAPTER FOR SOP44 6965 $68.45 /pcs Inquiry
ATSTK600-RC95 Image ATSTK600-RC95 Microchip Technology STK600 ROUTINGCARD RC032SAM-95 6580 $3.748 /pcs Inquiry
ATSTK600-RC53 Image ATSTK600-RC53 Microchip Technology ROUTING CARD STK600 6737 $3.811 /pcs Inquiry
MSP-TS430DL48 Image MSP-TS430DL48 Texas Instruments TARGET BOARD ZIF SKT MSP430 6191 $36.919 /pcs Inquiry
AC162049 Image AC162049 Microchip Technology MODULE SOCKET FOR ICD2 DIP 6283 $15.24 /pcs Inquiry
MSP-TS430PW24 Image MSP-TS430PW24 Texas Instruments TARGET BOARD ZIF SKT MSP430 6659 $33.185 /pcs Inquiry
CX2032 Image CX2032 Xeltek SOCKET ADAPTER 32PLCC SUPERPRO5K 6755 $68.45 /pcs Inquiry
PA44-PZP Image PA44-PZP Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 44-PLCC ZIF TO 44-PLCC 6202 $69.19 /pcs Inquiry
QW-4PLCC44 Image QW-4PLCC44 TechTools ADAPTER QUICKWRITER 4GANG 44PLCC 6579 $55.223 /pcs Inquiry
PA16C64-QD-16 Image PA16C64-QD-16 Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 44QFP TO 40DIP 6539 $52.91 /pcs Inquiry
PA16C64-QD-03 Image PA16C64-QD-03 Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 44-TQFP TO 40-DIP 6445 $51.893 /pcs Inquiry
ATSTK600-RC33 Image ATSTK600-RC33 Microchip Technology STK600 ROUTING CARD AVR 6644 $3.811 /pcs Inquiry
AE-Q44U Image AE-Q44U Phyton Inc. ADAPTER SOCKET 44-QFP TO 44-DIP 6370 $72.15 /pcs Inquiry
AC004002 Image AC004002 Microchip Technology MODULE SKT PROMATEII 16SOIC 6368 $73.996 /pcs Inquiry
AE-QFN24U Image AE-QFN24U Phyton Inc. ADAPTER SOCKET 24-QFN TO 24-DIP 6863 $75.85 /pcs Inquiry
ATSTK600-RC13 Image ATSTK600-RC13 Microchip Technology STK600 ROUTING CARD AVR 6986 $3.811 /pcs Inquiry
ATSTK600-RC40 Image ATSTK600-RC40 Microchip Technology STK600 ROUTING CARD AVR 6539 $3.811 /pcs Inquiry
AE-ISP-NEC Image AE-ISP-NEC Phyton Inc. ADAPTER BH16 TO 28-DIP 6885 $33.3 /pcs Inquiry
AC164322 Image AC164322 Microchip Technology MODULE SOCKET MPLAB PM3 28/44QFN 6760 $72.405 /pcs Inquiry
MP-14000 Image MP-14000 TechTools ADAPTR QUICKWRTR PIC14000 28-PIN 6955 $16.373 /pcs Inquiry
ATSTK600-SC41 Image ATSTK600-SC41 Microchip Technology STK600 QFN-48 SOCKET CARD AVR 6165 $41.444 /pcs Inquiry
SK-AX2-CQ352-KITBTM Image SK-AX2-CQ352-KITBTM Microsemi Corporation ADAPTER SOCKET CQ352-FG896 6371 $281.052 /pcs Inquiry
SA028 Image SA028 Xeltek SOCKET ADAPTER FOR SDIP42 6894 $72.15 /pcs Inquiry
AE-SS56-16AM Image AE-SS56-16AM Phyton Inc. ADAPTER QFP44 FOR 8051 DEVICES 6531 $46.25 /pcs Inquiry
AC164344 Image AC164344 Microchip Technology MODULE SOCKET PM3 6783 $72.405 /pcs Inquiry
QW-4ZIF40/28 Image QW-4ZIF40/28 TechTools ADAPT QUICKWRITER 4GANG 40/28ZIF 6568 $55.223 /pcs Inquiry
MSP-TS430RHA40A Image MSP-TS430RHA40A Texas Instruments TARGET BOARD FOR MSP430FR5XXX 6142 $43.63 /pcs Inquiry
AE-Q44-P33 Image AE-Q44-P33 Phyton Inc. ADAPTER SOCKET 44-QFP TO 40-DIP 6968 $72.15 /pcs Inquiry
AE-Q64-LPC2000 Image AE-Q64-LPC2000 Phyton, Inc. ADAPTER SOCKET 64-QFP TO 40-DIP 5001 $75.85 /pcs Inquiry
PA-DSO-1803Z-D420-18/2 Image PA-DSO-1803Z-D420-18/2 Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 18 ZIF BD W/18SO PLUGS 6622 $16.006 /pcs Inquiry
AC164326 Image AC164326 Microchip Technology MODULA SKT PM3 20QFN 6614 $72.405 /pcs Inquiry
Z8F64210100ZDA Image Z8F64210100ZDA Zilog ADAPTER ICE Z8 ENCORE 64K 44LQFP 6105 $115.055 /pcs Inquiry
AE-Q100-PIC32-1 Image AE-Q100-PIC32-1 Phyton Inc. SOCKET ADAPTER DIP40 TO QFP100 6360 $101.75 /pcs Inquiry
Z8937301ZAC Image Z8937301ZAC Zilog Z89373 ACCESSORY KIT 6788 $84.271 /pcs Inquiry
AE-Q64-XC800 Image AE-Q64-XC800 Phyton Inc. ADAPTER SOCKET 64-QFP TO 40-DIP 6182 $75.85 /pcs Inquiry
AE-SP28U2 Image AE-SP28U2 Phyton Inc. ADAPTER SOCKET 28-SSOP TO 28-DIP 6218 $33.3 /pcs Inquiry
AC164339 Image AC164339 Microchip Technology MODULE SKT FOR PM3 28SOIC 6104 $72.405 /pcs Inquiry
PA-SOD-2808-28 Image PA-SOD-2808-28 Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 28-SOIC TO 28-SOIC 6498 $22.015 /pcs Inquiry
ATSTK600-RC56 Image ATSTK600-RC56 Microchip Technology ROUTING CARD STK600 6951 $3.811 /pcs Inquiry
PA51-44Z Image PA51-44Z Logical Systems Inc. ADAPTER 44-PLCC ZIF TO 40-DIP 6327 $42.458 /pcs Inquiry
C8051T606TDB Image C8051T606TDB Silicon Labs CARD DAUGHTER MSOP SOCKET 6172 $15.729 /pcs Inquiry
MIKROE-147 Image MIKROE-147 MikroElektronika DIP TO PLCC44 ADAPTER BOARD 6065 $3.019 /pcs Inquiry
AE-TS48-16AM Image AE-TS48-16AM Phyton Inc. ADAPTER SOCKET 48-TSOP TO 40-DIP 6905 $55.5 /pcs Inquiry
Programming Adapters, Sockets