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Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Single

Micro Commercial Co

Description:TRANS NPN 45V 0.1A SOT-523
Micro Commercial Components (MCC)
Micro Commercial Components (MCC)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
BC847AT-TP Image BC847AT-TP Micro Commercial Co TRANS NPN 45V 0.1A SOT-523 8000 $0.015 /pcs Inquiry
BC848CE6433HTMA1 Image BC848CE6433HTMA1 Infineon Technologies TRANS NPN 30V 0.1A SOT-23 55000 $0.007 /pcs Inquiry
KSB546YTU Image KSB546YTU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 150V 2A TO-220 7179 $0.1 /pcs Inquiry
STX13005 Image STX13005 STMicroelectronics TRANS NPN 400V 3A TO92 6890 $0.097 /pcs Inquiry
BC857CE6327HTSA1 Image BC857CE6327HTSA1 Infineon Technologies TRANS PNP 45V 0.1A SOT-23 6577 $0.006 /pcs Inquiry
BC868-25,115 Image BC868-25,115 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 20V 2A SOT89 7322 $0.092 /pcs Inquiry
PBSS5160T,215 Image PBSS5160T,215 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS PNP 60V 1A SOT23 6868 $0.046 /pcs Inquiry
FJD3076TM Image FJD3076TM Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 32V 2A DPAK 6869 $0.094 /pcs Inquiry
2N4036 Image 2N4036 Central Semiconductor Corp TRANS PNP 65V 1A TO-39 7946 $0.414 /pcs Inquiry
KSD882YS Image KSD882YS Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 30V 3A TO-126 6623 $0.06 /pcs Inquiry
2STA2120 Image 2STA2120 STMicroelectronics TRANS PNP 250V 17A TO-3P 7297 $0.774 /pcs Inquiry
NZT6729 Image NZT6729 Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 80V 1A SOT-223 9000 $0.042 /pcs Inquiry
DXT690BP5Q-13 Image DXT690BP5Q-13 Diodes Incorporated TRANS NPN 45V HIGH GAIN PDI5 6522 $0.102 /pcs Inquiry
BF820W,135 Image BF820W,135 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 300V 0.05A SOT323 6826 $0.021 /pcs Inquiry
KSP2907ACTA Image KSP2907ACTA Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 60V 0.6A TO-92 6901 $0.017 /pcs Inquiry
FZT558TA Image FZT558TA Diodes Incorporated TRANS PNP 400V 0.2A SOT223 6302 $0.086 /pcs Inquiry
BC847BW-7-F Image BC847BW-7-F Diodes Incorporated TRANS NPN 45V 0.1A SC70-3 6593 $0.007 /pcs Inquiry
TIP35C Image TIP35C STMicroelectronics TRANS NPN 100V 25A TO-247 6826 $0.312 /pcs Inquiry
TIP35CG Image TIP35CG ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 100V 25A TO247 6450 $0.509 /pcs Inquiry
NSVPZTA92T1G Image NSVPZTA92T1G ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 300V 0.5A SOT23 7000 $0.081 /pcs Inquiry
STD01N Image STD01N Sanken TRANS NPN DARL 150V 10A TO-3P-5 7697 $0.832 /pcs Inquiry
BC56PASX Image BC56PASX Nexperia USA Inc. IC TRANS NPN 1A 80V SOT1061 8000 $0.036 /pcs Inquiry
PBSS302NZ,135 Image PBSS302NZ,135 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 20V 5.8A SOT-223 6442 $0.12 /pcs Inquiry
CJD122 TR13 Image CJD122 TR13 Central Semiconductor Corp TRANS NPN 100V 8A DPAK 6702 $0.323 /pcs Inquiry
2SA1576AT106S Image 2SA1576AT106S Rohm Semiconductor TRANS PNP 50V 0.15A SOT-323 TR 6224 $0.017 /pcs Inquiry
JAN2N3439L Image JAN2N3439L Microsemi Corporation TRANS NPN 350V 1A 6087 $7.016 /pcs Inquiry
2SC2837 Image 2SC2837 Sanken TRANS NPN 150V 10A TO-3P 6819 $0.517 /pcs Inquiry
CJD42C TR13 Image CJD42C TR13 Central Semiconductor Corp TRANS PNP 100V 6A DPAK 6140 $0.215 /pcs Inquiry
FJP13009TU Image FJP13009TU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 400V 12A TO220 6046 $0.156 /pcs Inquiry
MJ15001G Image MJ15001G ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 140V 15A TO-3 6364 $0.846 /pcs Inquiry
ZTX953 Image ZTX953 Diodes Incorporated TRANS PNP 100V 3.5A E-LINE 6139 $0.217 /pcs Inquiry
2PA1774QM,315 Image 2PA1774QM,315 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS PNP 40V 0.1A SC101 15000 $0.022 /pcs Inquiry
PBHV9115Z,115 Image PBHV9115Z,115 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS PNP 150V 1A SOT223 6469 $0.097 /pcs Inquiry
BF570,215 Image BF570,215 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 15V 0.1A SOT23 6022 $0.024 /pcs Inquiry
MMST4124T146 Image MMST4124T146 Rohm Semiconductor TRANS NPN 25V 0.2A SOT-346 SMT3 8000 $0.023 /pcs Inquiry
DSS4240T-7 Image DSS4240T-7 Diodes Incorporated TRANS NPN 40V 2A SOT-23 6938 $0.018 /pcs Inquiry
2PD601ART,215 Image 2PD601ART,215 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 50V 0.1A SOT23-3 6751 $0.007 /pcs Inquiry
2SC5706-TL-E Image 2SC5706-TL-E ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 50V 5A TP-FA 6231 $0.087 /pcs Inquiry
PBSS5350D,115 Image PBSS5350D,115 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS PNP 50V 3A 6TSOP 6160 $0.037 /pcs Inquiry
BCV26E6327HTSA1 Image BCV26E6327HTSA1 Infineon Technologies TRANS PNP DARL 30V 0.5A SOT-23 23000 $0.017 /pcs Inquiry
BD433S Image BD433S Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 22V 4A TO-126 6188 $0.083 /pcs Inquiry
BUT11TU Image BUT11TU Fairchild/ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN 400V 5A TO-220 6824 $0.16 /pcs Inquiry
MJD45H11TF Image MJD45H11TF AMI Semiconductor / ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 80V 8A DPAK 5066 $0.27 /pcs Inquiry
PMBT5550,235 Image PMBT5550,235 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 140V 0.3A SOT23 15000 $0.014 /pcs Inquiry
CMUT5088E TR Image CMUT5088E TR Central Semiconductor Corp TRANS NPN 50V 0.1A SOT523 6093 $0.073 /pcs Inquiry
BC849CWH6327XTSA1 Image BC849CWH6327XTSA1 Infineon Technologies TRANS NPN 30V 0.1A SOT323 47000 $0.01 /pcs Inquiry
BC849BW,135 Image BC849BW,135 Nexperia USA Inc. TRANS NPN 30V 0.1A SOT323 15000 $0.01 /pcs Inquiry
2SA1837(F,M) Image 2SA1837(F,M) Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage TRANS PNP 230V 1A TO220NIS 6021 $0.094 /pcs Inquiry
MMBT3906T-7-F Image MMBT3906T-7-F Diodes Incorporated TRANS PNP 40V 0.2A SOT523 6769 $0.01 /pcs Inquiry
BC858BLT3G Image BC858BLT3G ON Semiconductor TRANS PNP 30V 0.1A SOT-23 6625 $0.004 /pcs Inquiry
Transistors - Bipolar (BJT) - Single