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Interface - Serializers, Deserializers

Luminary Micro / Texas Instruments

LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
CLC021AVGZ-3.3/NOPB Image CLC021AVGZ-3.3/NOPB Luminary Micro / Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER VIDEO DGTL 44QFP 5084 $12.906 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UR907QSQX/NOPB Image DS90UR907QSQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 5-65MHZ 24B 36WQFN 7500 $2.505 /pcs Inquiry
DS99R421QSQX/NOPB Image DS99R421QSQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC LVDS/FPD 5-43MHZ LINK 36WQFN 7500 $2.431 /pcs Inquiry
LMH0341SQX/NOPB Image LMH0341SQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC DESERIALIZER HD/SD SDI 48WQFN 7500 $8.139 /pcs Inquiry
DS92LV2421SQX/NOPB Image DS92LV2421SQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZR 10-75MHZ 24B 48WQFN 7500 $2.461 /pcs Inquiry
SN75LVDT1422PAGG4 Image SN75LVDT1422PAGG4 Texas Instruments IC 14BIT SERIAL/DESERIAL 64-TQFP 6236 $3.204 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UB949TRGCTQ1 Image DS90UB949TRGCTQ1 Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER HDMI TO CML 64VQFN 6886 $6.032 /pcs Inquiry
DS92LV1023TMSA/NOPB Image DS92LV1023TMSA/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 10-BIT 28-SSOP 6569 $3.63 /pcs Inquiry
MAX3693ECJ+T Image MAX3693ECJ+T Maxim Integrated IC 4:1 SERIALIZER 622MBPS 32LQFP 7000 $4.143 /pcs Inquiry
FIN425CMLX Image FIN425CMLX Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IC SERIALIZER 20BIT 32-MLP 6695 $0.304 /pcs Inquiry
DS90C124IVSX/NOPB Image DS90C124IVSX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SRL/DESRL 24BIT LVDS 48-TQFP 6034 $2.036 /pcs Inquiry
MAX9248GCM/V+T Image MAX9248GCM/V+T Maxim Integrated IC DESERIALIZR LVDS 27BIT 48LQFP 7000 $2.913 /pcs Inquiry
MAX9248GCM/V+ Image MAX9248GCM/V+ Maxim Integrated IC DESERIALIZR LVDS 27BIT 48LQFP 6338 $4.469 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UB928QSQ/NOPB Image DS90UB928QSQ/NOPB Texas Instruments IC DESERIALIZER LVDS 48WQFN 6085 $2.847 /pcs Inquiry
TLK1521IPAP Image TLK1521IPAP Texas Instruments IC TXRX 1.3GBPS 18BIT 64-HTQFP 6752 $6.612 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UH948TNKDTQ1 Image DS90UH948TNKDTQ1 Texas Instruments IC DESERIALIZER 64VQFN 6741 $5.005 /pcs Inquiry
THCV218 Image THCV218 CEL IC DESERIALIZER DUAL 145TFBGA 6890 $5.562 /pcs Inquiry
FIN212ACMLX Image FIN212ACMLX Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IC SERIAL/DESERIAL 12BIT 32MLP 6513 $0.431 /pcs Inquiry
DS92LV1023EMQ/NOPB Image DS92LV1023EMQ/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 10-BIT 28-SSOP 6580 $2.241 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UH949TRGCRQ1 Image DS90UH949TRGCRQ1 Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER HDMI TO FPD 64VQFN 7000 $4.037 /pcs Inquiry
DS92LV1212AMSA/NOPB Image DS92LV1212AMSA/NOPB Texas Instruments IC DESERIALIZER 10-BIT 28-SSOP 6470 $1.73 /pcs Inquiry
THCV217-B Image THCV217-B CEL IC SERIALIZER DUAL 105TFBGA 6804 $7.707 /pcs Inquiry
LMH0030VS/NOPB Image LMH0030VS/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER VID DGTL 64-TQFP 6551 $11.177 /pcs Inquiry
LMH0050SQE/NOPB Image LMH0050SQE/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER/CABLE DVR 48WQFN 7119 $8.792 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UB913ATRTVJQ1 Image DS90UB913ATRTVJQ1 Texas Instruments IC SER/DES 10-100MHZ FPD 32WQFN 7500 $1.75 /pcs Inquiry
THC63LVD1024-B Image THC63LVD1024-B CEL IC DESERIALIZER LVDS 144LQFP 6119 $6.162 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UB914ATRHSRQ1 Image DS90UB914ATRHSRQ1 Texas Instruments IC SER/DES 25-100MHZ FPD 48WQFN 6012 $1.75 /pcs Inquiry
MAX9259GCB/V+ Image MAX9259GCB/V+ Maxim Integrated IC SERIALIZER GMSL 64TQFP 7009 $2.492 /pcs Inquiry
SN65LVDS95DGGRG4 Image SN65LVDS95DGGRG4 Texas Instruments IC LVDS SERDES TX 48-TSSOP 7000 $1.79 /pcs Inquiry
MAX9208EAI+ Image MAX9208EAI+ Maxim Integrated IC DESERIALIZER LVDS 28-SSOP 6736 $2.067 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UR910QSQE/NOPB Image DS90UR910QSQE/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER FPD-CSI2 48WQFN 7106 $3.215 /pcs Inquiry
SCAN921025SLC/NOPB Image SCAN921025SLC/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 10BIT 49FBGA 6501 $2.148 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UR904QSQX/NOPB Image DS90UR904QSQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC DESERIALIZER 10-43MHZ 48WQFN 7500 $1.838 /pcs Inquiry
DS99R101VSX/NOPB Image DS99R101VSX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 40MHZ 24BIT 48TQFP 6069 $1.979 /pcs Inquiry
SN65HVS885PWPR Image SN65HVS885PWPR Texas Instruments IC 8CH DGTL-IN SERIALZR 28HTSSOP 7000 $0.79 /pcs Inquiry
DS92LX2121SQ/NOPB Image DS92LX2121SQ/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 21-BIT 40WQFN 6416 $2.189 /pcs Inquiry
MAX9260GCB+ Image MAX9260GCB+ Maxim Integrated IC DESERIALIZER GMSL 64TQFP 6597 $3.132 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UR908QSQX/NOPB Image DS90UR908QSQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC DESERIALIZER 65MHZ 48WQFN 7500 $2.505 /pcs Inquiry
DS99R103TSQX/NOPB Image DS99R103TSQX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER LVDS 24BIT 48WQFN 7500 $2.001 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UB927QSQE/NOPB Image DS90UB927QSQE/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZR FPD LINKLLL 40WQFN 6438 $4.059 /pcs Inquiry
DS90C124QVS/NOPB Image DS90C124QVS/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SER/DESER 24BIT LVDS 48-TQFP 6222 $2.199 /pcs Inquiry
MAX9218ETM+T Image MAX9218ETM+T Maxim Integrated IC DESERIALIZER LVDS 48-TQFN 7500 $2.349 /pcs Inquiry
DS90UH940TNKDRQ1 Image DS90UH940TNKDRQ1 Texas Instruments IC DESERIAL HDMI TO FPD 64WQFN 7000 $3.729 /pcs Inquiry
MAX96708GTJ+ Image MAX96708GTJ+ Maxim Integrated IC DESERIALIZER 1.5GBPS 32TQFN 5139 $1.996 /pcs Inquiry
DS92LV1021AMSAX Image DS92LV1021AMSAX Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 10BIT 28-SSOP 7000 $1.851 /pcs Inquiry
SN65HVS885PWP Image SN65HVS885PWP Texas Instruments IC 8CH DGTL-IN SERIALZR 28HTSSOP 7081 $1.081 /pcs Inquiry
DS90C241IVSX/NOPB Image DS90C241IVSX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIAL/DESERIAL 24BIT 48-TQFP 6772 $2.036 /pcs Inquiry
MAX9247GCM/V+T Image MAX9247GCM/V+T Maxim Integrated IC SERIALIZER LVDS 27BIT 48LQFP 7000 $2.711 /pcs Inquiry
SN65HVS882PWP Image SN65HVS882PWP Luminary Micro / Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER 1MBPS 28HTSSOP 5358 $1.153 /pcs Inquiry
DS90CR483AVJD/NOPB Image DS90CR483AVJD/NOPB Texas Instruments IC XMITTER 48BIT LVDS 100-TQFP 6295 $5.13 /pcs Inquiry
Interface - Serializers, Deserializers