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Interface - Specialized

Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated
Maxim Integrated
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
MAX1558HETB+T Image MAX1558HETB+T Maxim Integrated IC CURR-LIM SW DUAL PROG 10-TDFN 6374 $0.585 /pcs Inquiry
MC100EP446MNG Image MC100EP446MNG ON Semiconductor IC CONV PAR/SER 8BIT DIFF 32-QFN 6894 $7.234 /pcs Inquiry
89HPES12N3A1ZCBCG8 Image 89HPES12N3A1ZCBCG8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCI SW 12LANE 3PORT 324-BGA 6618 $14.42 /pcs Inquiry
SN75DP128ARTQR Image SN75DP128ARTQR Texas Instruments IC DISPLAYPORT 1:2 SWITCH 56QFN 7000 $0.688 /pcs Inquiry
TLE9261QXXUMA2 Image TLE9261QXXUMA2 Infineon Technologies IC SBC 48VQFN 7500 $0.608 /pcs Inquiry
ST8024CDR Image ST8024CDR STMicroelectronics IC SMARTCARD 28SOIC 6971 $0.235 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9548APWR Image PCA9548APWR Texas Instruments IC I2C SW 8CH W/RESET 24-TSSOP 6377 $0.456 /pcs Inquiry
73S8024RN-IL/F1 Image 73S8024RN-IL/F1 Maxim Integrated IC SMART CARD INTERFACE 28SOIC 7655 $0.34 /pcs Inquiry
TDA8034HN/C1,151 Image TDA8034HN/C1,151 NXP USA Inc. IC SMARD CARD INTERFACE 24HVQFN 6517 $0.16 /pcs Inquiry
SN75DP139RGZR Image SN75DP139RGZR Texas Instruments IC DISPLYPRT TO TMDS TLATR 48QFN 6693 $0.423 /pcs Inquiry
TPD12S016PWR Image TPD12S016PWR Texas Instruments IC HDMI ESD PROT 24TSSOP 7000 $0.233 /pcs Inquiry
LMH0024MA/NOPB Image LMH0024MA/NOPB Texas Instruments IC ADAPTIVE CABLE EQ 3.3V 16SOIC 6366 $4.606 /pcs Inquiry
IP4786CZ32Y Image IP4786CZ32Y Nexperia USA Inc. IC DVI/HDMI ESD PROTECT 32HVQFN 6931 $0.189 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9548AD,112 Image PCA9548AD,112 NXP USA Inc. IC I2C SWITCH 8CH 24-SOIC 6067 $0.322 /pcs Inquiry
DS90CF383BMT/NOPB Image DS90CF383BMT/NOPB Texas Instruments IC FPD-LINK 24BIT TX 56-TSSOP 6996 $0.951 /pcs Inquiry
SEC1210T/PV-UR2 Image SEC1210T/PV-UR2 Microchip Technology IC SMART CARD CTLR 24QFN 10000 $0.786 /pcs Inquiry
MCZ33903CP3EK Image MCZ33903CP3EK NXP USA Inc. IC SBC CAN HS 3.3V 32SOIC 6407 $1.54 /pcs Inquiry
TDA8034HN/C1,157 Image TDA8034HN/C1,157 NXP USA Inc. IC SMARD CARD INTERFACE 24HVQFN 7450 $0.149 /pcs Inquiry
USB2251I-NU-06 Image USB2251I-NU-06 Microchip Technology IC USB FLSH MEDIA CTRLR 128VTQFP 6759 $0.918 /pcs Inquiry
MAX24287ETK+ Image MAX24287ETK+ Microsemi Corporation IC ETHERN CONV 1GBPS 68TQFN 7078 $2.918 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9548ADBG4 Image PCA9548ADBG4 Texas Instruments IC I2C SW 8CH W/RESET 24-SSOP 6856 $0.676 /pcs Inquiry
TLK6201EARGTTG4 Image TLK6201EARGTTG4 Texas Instruments IC CABLE/PCB EQ 6.25GBPS 16-VQFN 6978 $2.913 /pcs Inquiry
DS32EV400SQ/NOPB Image DS32EV400SQ/NOPB Texas Instruments IC EQUALIZER QUAD 3.2GBPS 48WQFN 6700 $2.07 /pcs Inquiry
Z84C4108PEG Image Z84C4108PEG Zilog IC 8MHZ Z80 CMOS SIO/1 40-DIP 6545 $2.776 /pcs Inquiry
CA91C142D-33CEV Image CA91C142D-33CEV IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCI-VME BRIDGE 313BGA 6746 $134.976 /pcs Inquiry
89HPES12NT3ZBBCGI8 Image 89HPES12NT3ZBBCGI8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE GEN2 SW 12LANE 324BGA 6355 $15.975 /pcs Inquiry
SCH3116-NU Image SCH3116-NU Microchip Technology IC CTRLR LPC I/O 6PORT 128-VTQFP 6497 $5.802 /pcs Inquiry
LMH0040SQE/NOPB Image LMH0040SQE/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SERIALIZER/CABLE DVR 48WQFN 6700 $8.426 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9559PW,118 Image PCA9559PW,118 NXP USA Inc. IC I2C EEPROM 5BIT DIPSW 20TSSOP 7500 $0.228 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9543APWRG4 Image PCA9543APWRG4 Texas Instruments IC I2C SWITCH 2CH 14TSSOP 7000 $0.255 /pcs Inquiry
89HP0504PZBABGI8 Image 89HP0504PZBABGI8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCIE SIGNAL REPEATER 100CABGA 7000 $2.908 /pcs Inquiry
PCI2060IGHK Image PCI2060IGHK Texas Instruments IC PCI-PCI BRIDGE 32-BIT 257-BGA 6454 $7.074 /pcs Inquiry
ISL36111DRZ-TS Image ISL36111DRZ-TS Intersil IC EQUALIZER REC 11.1GBPS 16QFN 6786 $1.526 /pcs Inquiry
PI3HDMI511AZLEX Image PI3HDMI511AZLEX Diodes Incorporated IC REDRIVER HDMI 32TQFN 8500 $0.689 /pcs Inquiry
SCH3112I-NU Image SCH3112I-NU Microchip Technology IC CTRLR LPC I/O 128TQFP 7021 $2.834 /pcs Inquiry
Z85C3008VSG Image Z85C3008VSG Zilog IC 8MHZ Z8500 CMOS SCC 44-PLCC 6796 $2.086 /pcs Inquiry
PCI2050BPDVG4 Image PCI2050BPDVG4 Texas Instruments IC PCI-PCI BRIDGE 32-BIT 208LQFP 6889 $6.172 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9544ARGYR Image PCA9544ARGYR Texas Instruments IC I2C MUX 4CH BI-DIR 20-VQFN 6325 $0.258 /pcs Inquiry
UJA1069TW/5V0/C/T Image UJA1069TW/5V0/C/T NXP USA Inc. IC LIN FAIL-SAFE 32HTSSOP 7000 $0.655 /pcs Inquiry
2746391 Image 2746391 Phoenix Contact IC INTERBUS MASTER CHIP 16SOP 6684 $5.111 /pcs Inquiry
UJA1078ATW/3V3WD,1 Image UJA1078ATW/3V3WD,1 NXP USA Inc. IC SBC CAN/LIN 3.3V HS 32HTSSOP 7000 $0.602 /pcs Inquiry
PTN3392BS,518 Image PTN3392BS,518 NXP USA Inc. IC DISPLAYPORT TO VGA 48HVQFN 9000 $0.757 /pcs Inquiry
PX1011BI-EL1/G,557 Image PX1011BI-EL1/G,557 NXP USA Inc. IC PCI-EXPRESS X1 PHY 81-LFBGA 6640 $2.707 /pcs Inquiry
AD9985AKSTZ-110 Image AD9985AKSTZ-110 Analog Devices Inc. IC INTERFACE 8BIT 110MSPS 80LQFP 6303 $2.122 /pcs Inquiry
PI3HDMI1310-AZLE Image PI3HDMI1310-AZLE Diodes Incorporated IC DVI/HDMI MUX/DEMUX 72TQFN 6824 $0.689 /pcs Inquiry
AD9887AKSZ-140 Image AD9887AKSZ-140 Analog Devices Inc. IC INTRFACE ANALOG/DVI 160-MQFP 6926 $7.845 /pcs Inquiry
ADP5585ACBZ-04-R7 Image ADP5585ACBZ-04-R7 Analog Devices Inc. IC PORT EXPANDER 10I/O 16WLSCP 8000 $0.375 /pcs Inquiry
DS90CR285MTDX Image DS90CR285MTDX Texas Instruments IC TX 28BIT CHAN LINK 56TSSOP 6123 $2.073 /pcs Inquiry
SCANSTA111MTX/NOPB Image SCANSTA111MTX/NOPB Texas Instruments IC SCAN BRIDGE MULTIDROP 48TSSOP 6813 $1.786 /pcs Inquiry
89H16NT16G2ZCHLGI Image 89H16NT16G2ZCHLGI IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC PCI SW 16LANE 16PORT 324BGA 6296 $28.143 /pcs Inquiry
Interface - Specialized