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Logic - Signal Switches, Multiplexers, Decoders

Luminary Micro / Texas Instruments

Description:IC QUAD 2-TO-1 SEL/MUX 16-SOIC
LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
SN74AHCT158D Image SN74AHCT158D Luminary Micro / Texas Instruments IC QUAD 2-TO-1 SEL/MUX 16-SOIC 5636 $0.079 /pcs Inquiry
SN74HC148DT Image SN74HC148DT Texas Instruments IC PRIORITY ENCODER 8-3L 16-SOIC 6250 $0.132 /pcs Inquiry
74VHC157MX Image 74VHC157MX Fairchild/ON Semiconductor MULTIPLEXER QUAD 2IN 16SOIC 6050 $0.07 /pcs Inquiry
MC74LCX139DR2G Image MC74LCX139DR2G ON Semiconductor IC DECODER/DEMUX DUAL 2-4 16SOIC 10000 $0.057 /pcs Inquiry
MC14066BDTR2G Image MC14066BDTR2G ON Semiconductor IC MULTIPLEXER QUAD 1X1 14TSSOP 6635 $0.047 /pcs Inquiry
74AHCT138T16-13 Image 74AHCT138T16-13 Diodes Incorporated AHC HIGH PIN COUNT TSSOP-16 6777 $0.039 /pcs Inquiry
SN74CBT3244CPWR Image SN74CBT3244CPWR Texas Instruments IC SWITCH BUS OCTAL FET 20-TSSOP 6421 $0.07 /pcs Inquiry
QS32245QG Image QS32245QG IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC BUS SWITCH 8BIT QUICK 20-QSOP 7218 $0.1 /pcs Inquiry
DS90CP22MT Image DS90CP22MT Texas Instruments IC CROSSPOINT SWITCH 2X2 16TSSOP 6561 $2.818 /pcs Inquiry
CD74ACT153EG4 Image CD74ACT153EG4 Texas Instruments IC DUAL 4-1DATA SELEC/MUX 16-DIP 6175 $0.128 /pcs Inquiry
74CBT16211ADGGRE4 Image 74CBT16211ADGGRE4 Texas Instruments IC 24BIT FET BUS SW 56-TSSOP 7000 $0.3 /pcs Inquiry
SN74LS157NG4 Image SN74LS157NG4 Texas Instruments IC QUAD 2-1 DATA SEL/MUX 16-DIP 6250 $0.121 /pcs Inquiry
PI3C3306LE Image PI3C3306LE Diodes Incorporated IC BUS SWITCH 8TSSOP 5500 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
SY89844UMG Image SY89844UMG Micrel / Microchip Technology IC MUX LVDS 2:1 PRECISION 24MLF 5007 $1.082 /pcs Inquiry
SN74CBT16245DLR Image SN74CBT16245DLR Texas Instruments IC 16-BIT FET BUS SW 48-SSOP 7061 $0.333 /pcs Inquiry
74CBTLV16210DLG4 Image 74CBTLV16210DLG4 Texas Instruments IC 20BIT LV FET BUS SW 48-SSOP 6664 $0.666 /pcs Inquiry
74HC138BQ-Q100,115 Image 74HC138BQ-Q100,115 Nexperia USA Inc. IC DECODER/DEMUX 3 TO 8 16DHVQFN 8000 $0.059 /pcs Inquiry
SN74CBTLV16212DL Image SN74CBTLV16212DL Texas Instruments IC SWITCH BUS FET 24BIT 56-SSOP 6113 $0.83 /pcs Inquiry
SN74CBT3245CDWR Image SN74CBT3245CDWR Texas Instruments IC OCTAL FET BUS SWITCH 20-SOIC 6565 $0.074 /pcs Inquiry
CBT3253AD,118 Image CBT3253AD,118 Nexperia USA Inc. IC MUX/DEMUX DUAL 4:1 16SO 7500 $0.069 /pcs Inquiry
SN74ALS157AN Image SN74ALS157AN Texas Instruments IC QUAD 1OF2 DATASLCT/MUX 16-DIP 6680 $0.2 /pcs Inquiry
74FST3257DR2G Image 74FST3257DR2G ON Semiconductor IC MUX/DEMUX QUAD 2:1 16SOIC 6931 $0.035 /pcs Inquiry
SN74HC148DG4 Image SN74HC148DG4 Texas Instruments IC PRIORITY ENCODER SGL 16SOIC 7880 $0.054 /pcs Inquiry
SN74HC157DG4 Image SN74HC157DG4 Texas Instruments IC DATA SELECTOR/MUX SGL 16SOIC 7120 $0.069 /pcs Inquiry
74CB3Q3125DBQRE4 Image 74CB3Q3125DBQRE4 Texas Instruments IC QUAD FET BUS SWITCH 16SSOP 7500 $0.14 /pcs Inquiry
SN74LVC138APWE4 Image SN74LVC138APWE4 Texas Instruments IC 3-8 LINE DECOD/DEMUX 16-TSSOP 7430 $0.061 /pcs Inquiry
CD74AC253M Image CD74AC253M Texas Instruments IC DUAL 4-IN MUX 16-SOIC 6414 $0.146 /pcs Inquiry
TC7USB3212WBG(ELAH Image TC7USB3212WBG(ELAH Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage QUAD SPDT USB SWITCH, V: 1.95V, 8000 $0.275 /pcs Inquiry
7WBD3125USG Image 7WBD3125USG ON Semiconductor TRANSLATOR 2BIT BUS SW US8 8000 $0.066 /pcs Inquiry
NLV7SZ19DFT2G Image NLV7SZ19DFT2G ON Semiconductor IC DECODER/DEMUX 1:2 CMOS SC88 8000 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
SN74CBTS3384PWR Image SN74CBTS3384PWR Texas Instruments IC 10-BIT FET BUS SW 24-TSSOP 6480 $0.111 /pcs Inquiry
ADG3257BRQZ Image ADG3257BRQZ ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) IC MUX QUAD 3.3/5V HS 16-QSOP 5637 $0.39 /pcs Inquiry
SN74CBT3125RGYR Image SN74CBT3125RGYR Texas Instruments IC QUAD FET BUS SWITCH 14-QFN 6141 $0.074 /pcs Inquiry
74CBTLV3257PW,118 Image 74CBTLV3257PW,118 Nexperia USA Inc. IC MUX/DEMUX DUAL 1OF4 16TSSOP 6797 $0.063 /pcs Inquiry
74CBTLVD3245BQ,115 Image 74CBTLVD3245BQ,115 Nexperia USA Inc. IC BUS SWITCH 8BIT 20DHVQFN 6155 $0.096 /pcs Inquiry
74LV138PW,118 Image 74LV138PW,118 Nexperia USA Inc. IC 3-8 DECODER/DEMUX INV 16TSSOP 6744 $0.046 /pcs Inquiry
MC100LVEL56DWG Image MC100LVEL56DWG ON Semiconductor IC MULTIPLXR 2:1 DUAL ECL 20SOIC 6052 $2.14 /pcs Inquiry
74HCT151D-Q100,118 Image 74HCT151D-Q100,118 Nexperia USA Inc. IC MUX 8BIT QUAD 2INPUT 16SOIC 7500 $0.077 /pcs Inquiry
CD74HC4515M Image CD74HC4515M Texas Instruments IC 4-TO-16 DECOD/DEMUX 24-SOIC 6688 $0.544 /pcs Inquiry
ADG3243BRJZ-REEL7 Image ADG3243BRJZ-REEL7 Analog Devices Inc. IC SW BUS CTRL 2.5/3.3V SOT23-8 8000 $0.35 /pcs Inquiry
PI3B3257AQE Image PI3B3257AQE Diodes Incorporated IC QUAD 2:1 MUX/DEMUX 3ST 16QSOP 6975 $0.139 /pcs Inquiry
SN74CB3Q16245DGGR Image SN74CB3Q16245DGGR Texas Instruments IC SWITCH BUS 16BIT FET 48-TSSOP 6860 $0.457 /pcs Inquiry
SN74ALS158NSR Image SN74ALS158NSR Texas Instruments IC QUAD 1-OF-2 SELECT/MUX 16SO 7000 $0.689 /pcs Inquiry
SN74AHCT157PWR Image SN74AHCT157PWR Texas Instruments IC QUAD 2-1 DATASEL/MUX 16-TSSOP 6735 $0.05 /pcs Inquiry
CD74HCT151MG4 Image CD74HCT151MG4 Texas Instruments IC 8-IN MUX HS CMOS 16-SOIC 6760 $0.091 /pcs Inquiry
74HCT238PW-Q100J Image 74HCT238PW-Q100J Nexperia USA Inc. IC DECODER/DEMUX 3-8 16TSSOP 7500 $0.135 /pcs Inquiry
MC74HC251ADR2G Image MC74HC251ADR2G ON Semiconductor IC DATA SEL/MUX 3ST 8X1 16SOIC 10000 $0.047 /pcs Inquiry
TCA9548AMRGER Image TCA9548AMRGER Texas Instruments LOW VOLTAGE 8CHANNEL I2CSWITCH 6271 $0.236 /pcs Inquiry
FST3126MTCX Image FST3126MTCX Fairchild/ON Semiconductor IC SWITCH BUS 4BIT TTL 14-TSSOP 6106 $0.061 /pcs Inquiry
SY58023UMG Image SY58023UMG Microchip Technology IC CROSSPOINT SWITCH 2x2 16MLF 6670 $3.064 /pcs Inquiry
Logic - Signal Switches, Multiplexers, Decoders