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Winchester Electronics

Description:KIT ADAPTER 7/16-N TRI-PLATE 8PC
Bomar (Winchester Electronics)
Bomar (Winchester Electronics)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
ADPT3PA Image ADPT3PA Winchester Electronics KIT ADAPTER 7/16-N TRI-PLATE 8PC 6144 $132.919 /pcs Inquiry
5510 Image 5510 Pomona Electronics ADT KIT BNC-BAN PLUG & BIND POST 6636 $21.3 /pcs Inquiry
5698 Image 5698 Pomona Electronics KIT ADAPTER UNIVERSAL COAX RF 6302 $83.267 /pcs Inquiry
6254 Image 6254 Pomona Electronics KIT ADAPTER 7/16DIN TO TYPE N 6268 $247.711 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-3000A Image TPI-3000A TPI (Test Products Int) KIT COAX ADAPTER CONNECTOR 6999 $62.882 /pcs Inquiry
5748 Image 5748 Pomona Electronics KIT ADAPTER MAXI UNIV COAX RF 6194 $135.764 /pcs Inquiry
5511/POM Image 5511/POM Pomona Electronics KIT BNC COUPLER AND TEE 6706 $29.494 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4022 Image TPI-4022 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN UNIV ADPT EXPANSON KIT 70PC 6108 $474.573 /pcs Inquiry
312100 Image 312100 Amphenol RF Division KIT ADAPTERS N TO 7/16 SERIES 6944 $122.378 /pcs Inquiry
ADP-KIT-001 Image ADP-KIT-001 Linx Technologies SMA RF ADAPTER KIT 5025 $49.95 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4021 Image TPI-4021 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADPT MOBILE RADIO KIT 24PC 6692 $106.364 /pcs Inquiry
72931 Image 72931 Pomona Electronics KIT SMA ADAPTER 6972 $107.205 /pcs Inquiry
CT3379 Image CT3379 Cal Test Electronics INSTRUMENT GRADE N TYPE ADAPTER 6757 $84.841 /pcs Inquiry
72932 Image 72932 Pomona Electronics KIT N ADAPTER 6632 $140.596 /pcs Inquiry
ADPT4RP Image ADPT4RP Winchester Electronics KIT ADPT RF ANTENNA RP &RT 6171 $125.654 /pcs Inquiry
72934 Image 72934 Pomona Electronics KIT MULTI-RF DIRECT ADAPTER 6484 $177.596 /pcs Inquiry
CT3378 Image CT3378 Cal Test Electronics INSTRUMENT GRADE BNC ADAPTER KIT 6910 $139.583 /pcs Inquiry
GSA-2702A Image GSA-2702A Global Specialties GEN PUR GRADE BNC-N ADPTR KIT 6832 $44.77 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4024WIFI Image TPI-4024WIFI TPI (Test Products Int) CONN BASIC ADAPTER KIT FOR WIFI 6798 $122.407 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-5000A Image TPI-5000A TPI (Test Products Int) RF CONNECTOR ADAPTER KIT 6705 $96.182 /pcs Inquiry
1061540000 Image 1061540000 Molex, LLC ADPT OPT UNIVER DEVELOPMENT KIT 6718 $13.205 /pcs Inquiry
ADPT2 Image ADPT2 Winchester Electronics ADAPTER KIT 40 PCS 6254 $124.919 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4010 Image TPI-4010 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADPT MASTER CELL RADIO KIT 6201 $114.774 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4019 Image TPI-4019 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN UNIV ADPT EXPANSON KIT 31PC 6626 $189.096 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4013 Image TPI-4013 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN 7-16 DIN ADAPTER KIT 6PC 6322 $239.275 /pcs Inquiry
ADPT1 Image ADPT1 Winchester Electronics RF UNIVERSAL ADAPTER KIT 30 PCS 6344 $78.925 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4023WIFI Image TPI-4023WIFI TPI (Test Products Int) CONN EXPAND ADPT KIT WIFI 41PC 6156 $204.725 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4028WIFI Image TPI-4028WIFI TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADAPTER KIT W/TESTERS 32PCS 6851 $251.759 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4027 Image TPI-4027 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADAPTER SMA KIT 13PC 6231 $76.938 /pcs Inquiry
TPI-4012 Image TPI-4012 TPI (Test Products Int) CONN ADAPTER TNC KIT 18PCS 6599 $54.116 /pcs Inquiry
142-0000-005 Image 142-0000-005 Cinch Connectivity Solutions Johnson KIT RF ADAPTER 50 OHM 72PCS 6222 $163.633 /pcs Inquiry
72933 Image 72933 Pomona Electronics KIT BROADCAST BNC ADAPTER 6220   Inquiry
6201 Image 6201 Pomona Electronics KIT COAXIAL LAN TEST ACCESSORY 6118   Inquiry
CT2701A Cal Test Electronics COAX ADAPTER KIT NPLT ZIPPER POU 6660 $55.5 /pcs Inquiry
CT2702A Cal Test Electronics GEN PUR GRADE BNC & N TYPE ADAPT 6527 $44.77 /pcs Inquiry
5512 Pomona Electronics ADAPTER KIT W/BNC MALE TERM 6203   Inquiry
Connector Adapter Kits