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Optics - Lenses


Description:ASSEMBLY SQUARE 0 POS 39,7X39,7M
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
FCA15512_FLORENTINA-1-MRK-M Image FCA15512_FLORENTINA-1-MRK-M Ledil ASSEMBLY SQUARE 0 POS 39,7X39,7M 6552 $1.183 /pcs Inquiry
160A-604Y Image 160A-604Y Visual Communications Company - VCC LENS FOR GEMLITE INDICATOR YLW 7134 $1.087 /pcs Inquiry
10507 Image 10507 Carclo Technical Plastics LENS ARRAY 20MM TRPL FRONT FLANG 6489 $0.43 /pcs Inquiry
KNAC3611B Image KNAC3611B Khatod LENS CLEAR WIDE SCREW 5015 $5.667 /pcs Inquiry
FA15233_ROSE-MRK-W Image FA15233_ROSE-MRK-W Ledil LENS SQUARE 1 POS 21.6 X 21.6MM 6502 $0.565 /pcs Inquiry
FS15847_FLORENCE-3R-IP-O Image FS15847_FLORENCE-3R-IP-O Ledil LENS RECT 84DEG X 40DEG 33POS 6874 $2.66 /pcs Inquiry
FCN10784_LE1-RS Image FCN10784_LE1-RS LEDiL LENS CLEAR 8DEG SPOT ADHESIVE 5113 $0.496 /pcs Inquiry
C13301_STRADA-2X2-T3 Image C13301_STRADA-2X2-T3 Ledil LENS ARRAY SQ 4POS 50 X 50MM 7092 $0.78 /pcs Inquiry
FA10302_OSS-O Image FA10302_OSS-O Ledil LENS OSS OVAL DRAGN SQ 42X11 DEG 6879 $0.609 /pcs Inquiry
CN15822_WINNIE-S-C Image CN15822_WINNIE-S-C LEDiL LENS CLEAR 15-32DEG SPOT 5078 $1.455 /pcs Inquiry
OP005 Image OP005 Dialight LENS CLEAR 10DEG SPOT SNAP IN 5021 $0.266 /pcs Inquiry
10202 Image 10202 Carclo Technical Plastics LENS TIR 20MM FROSTED WIDE 6867 $0.433 /pcs Inquiry
LLNS-3T11-H Image LLNS-3T11-H LED Engin Inc. LENS TIR W/HLDR NARROW SPOT LZP 6089 $3.053 /pcs Inquiry
8680 Image 8680 Keystone Electronics CAP LED LENS SQ T1 3/4 .062" RD 6915 $0.388 /pcs Inquiry
C12767_HB-SQ-A Image C12767_HB-SQ-A Ledil LENS HIGH BAY FOR LUXEON M 7020 $0.609 /pcs Inquiry
C16181_STRADA-2X2-ME-N Image C16181_STRADA-2X2-ME-N LEDiL LENS CLEAR ASYMMETRICAL SCREW 5158 $0.593 /pcs Inquiry
OVLENS234 Image OVLENS234 TT Electronics/Optek Technology LENS CLEAR WITH HOLDER 6542 $0.454 /pcs Inquiry
FA10832_LXP-W Image FA10832_LXP-W Ledil LENS CLEAR WIDE ADHESIVE MNT 6450 $0.885 /pcs Inquiry
4341 Image 4341 Visual Communications Company - VCC LENS FOR T1 3/4 LED RED DOME 6052 $0.126 /pcs Inquiry
1280932003 Image 1280932003 Dialight CAP INCANDESCENT GREEN NONDIFF 6975 $0.898 /pcs Inquiry
FN15379_STELLA-VSM Image FN15379_STELLA-VSM Ledil LENS ROUND 1 POS 90MM DIA WIDE 6436 $4.143 /pcs Inquiry
CP12689_TINA2-O Image CP12689_TINA2-O Ledil LENS WITH HOLDER FOR OSRAM OSLON 6524 $0.726 /pcs Inquiry
HMC_461_RTP Image HMC_461_RTP Visual Communications Company - VCC LENS 10MM WASHER/RETAINER RED 7694 $0.24 /pcs Inquiry
OPAA1DF Image OPAA1DF Dialight SUB-LENS SPOT DIFFUSER 6 DEG 6699 $0.146 /pcs Inquiry
CS16511_HB-IP-2X6-G2-W Image CS16511_HB-IP-2X6-G2-W LEDiL LENS CLEAR 58-66DEG WIDE SCREW 5044 $2.024 /pcs Inquiry
PLJT35/02 Image PLJT35/02 Khatod LENS CLEAR DIFFUSER SNAP IN 5031 $0.767 /pcs Inquiry
LLFL-6T08-H Image LLFL-6T08-H LED Engin Inc. LENS WHITE DIFFUSED 34 DEG FLOOD 6396 $1.987 /pcs Inquiry
FP11047_LISA2-RS-PIN Image FP11047_LISA2-RS-PIN Ledil LENS ASSY 1POS 9.9MM RND 6218 $0.609 /pcs Inquiry
1031332403 Image 1031332403 Dialight CAP LG PANEL IND GREEN OIL TIGHT 6238 $4.308 /pcs Inquiry
C15013_LUCIA-D Image C15013_LUCIA-D LEDiL LENS CLR 7-18DEG DIFFUSER SCREW 5012 $6.317 /pcs Inquiry
CA10325_ROCKET-O Image CA10325_ROCKET-O Ledil LENS ROCKET SEAL OVAL 6X40DEG 6285 $1.032 /pcs Inquiry
PLAL0177 Image PLAL0177 Khatod North America LLC LENS DIFF SQUARE ELLIPTCAL/OVAL 6493 $1.113 /pcs Inquiry
FCP14964_FLORENTINA-2X2-SS Image FCP14964_FLORENTINA-2X2-SS Ledil LENS ARRAY SQUARE 4 POS 95,57X95 6442 $4.808 /pcs Inquiry
OP-5LN1-0451 Image OP-5LN1-0451 Lighting Science Group Corporation LENS CLEAR 150MM ROUND SPOT 6605 $6.013 /pcs Inquiry
10773 Image 10773 Carclo Technical Plastics LENS 10MM DIFFUSED WIDE 6455 $0.254 /pcs Inquiry
SML_190_RTP Image SML_190_RTP Visual Communications Company - VCC LED LENS 3MM STD PROFILE RED 7408 $0.068 /pcs Inquiry
C13299_STRADA-2X2-ME Image C13299_STRADA-2X2-ME LEDiL LENS CLR ASYMMETRICAL ADH SCREW 5088 $0.765 /pcs Inquiry
SMB_200_CTP Image SMB_200_CTP Visual Communications Company - VCC LED LENS 3MM LOW PRO CLEAR 6617 $0.068 /pcs Inquiry
CP12817_LXP3-RS2 Image CP12817_LXP3-RS2 Ledil LENS W/HOLDER 21.6MM RND CREE 6894 $0.5 /pcs Inquiry
PL1766SR Image PL1766SR Khatod North America LLC SILICONE LENS CLEAR TYPE II 6136 $4.128 /pcs Inquiry
KNAC0412ASM Image KNAC0412ASM Khatod North America LLC LENS CLEAR SQUARE 50MM 6076 $0.864 /pcs Inquiry
F15412_ANGELETTE-DL Image F15412_ANGELETTE-DL Ledil SUBLENS ROUND 0 POS 105,9MM (D) 6864 $1.066 /pcs Inquiry
10759 Image 10759 Carclo Technical Plastics LENS TIR 30MM ELLIPTICAL 6257 $0.697 /pcs Inquiry
FA10668_CXP-RS Image FA10668_CXP-RS Ledil LENS CLEAR SPOT ADHESIVE MNT 6820 $0.609 /pcs Inquiry
FA10663_LXP-D Image FA10663_LXP-D Ledil LENS CLEAR DIFFUSER ADHESIVE MNT 6380 $0.885 /pcs Inquiry
C10949_STRADA-B2 Image C10949_STRADA-B2 Ledil LENS POSITION PINS XP-E,C,G 6515 $0.565 /pcs Inquiry
C15983_STRADELLA-8-HV-HB-S Image C15983_STRADELLA-8-HV-HB-S LEDiL LENS CLEAR 20-33DEG SPOT SCREW 5157 $0.599 /pcs Inquiry
C15217_STRADA-2X2-CAT-B Image C15217_STRADA-2X2-CAT-B Ledil LENS SQUARE 4 POS 50MM (D) MM(H) 6173 $0.878 /pcs Inquiry
FA10660_LXP-M Image FA10660_LXP-M Ledil LENS CLEAR MEDIUM ADHESIVE MNT 7258 $0.609 /pcs Inquiry
Optics - Lenses