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RF Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc.

ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.)
ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
HMC7590 Image HMC7590 Analog Devices Inc. IC ATTENUATOR DIE 6798 $31.841 /pcs Inquiry
BGU8053X Image BGU8053X NXP USA Inc. IC AMP LNA 5V 2500MHZ 8HWSON 7000 $0.34 /pcs Inquiry
MD7IC1812GNR1 Image MD7IC1812GNR1 NXP USA Inc. IC PWR AMP RF LDMOS TO270 6940 $8.511 /pcs Inquiry
BGM1043N7E6327XUSA1 Image BGM1043N7E6327XUSA1 Infineon Technologies IC AMP SI-MMIC 6963 $0.714 /pcs Inquiry
HMC-ALH445 Image HMC-ALH445 Analog Devices Inc. IC RF AMP LN DIE 6647 $29.032 /pcs Inquiry
HMC626ALP5E Image HMC626ALP5E Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC AMP 6BIT VARI 32QFN 6425 $5.899 /pcs Inquiry
HMC397 Image HMC397 Analog Devices Inc. IC HBT GAIN BLOCK AMP DIE 6795 $6.642 /pcs Inquiry
BGA 712L16 E6327 Image BGA 712L16 E6327 Infineon Technologies IC AMP MMIC RF LNA TSLP-16 12500 $0.284 /pcs Inquiry
HMC1099LP5DETR Image HMC1099LP5DETR Analog Devices Inc. IC PWR AMP 0.0-1GHZ 12W 32SMD 7033 $38.258 /pcs Inquiry
HMC465-SX Image HMC465-SX Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC DVR AMP GAAS DIE 6453 $94.661 /pcs Inquiry
HMC1132LP5DETR Image HMC1132LP5DETR Analog Devices Inc. 27.5-31.5GHZ 1W POWER AMPLIFIER 6673 $25.56 /pcs Inquiry
MAPM-020512-040C00 Image MAPM-020512-040C00 M/A-Com Technology Solutions MODULE HYBRID 20-512MHZ 40W CW 6534 $362.308 /pcs Inquiry
HMC311ST89TR Image HMC311ST89TR Analog Devices Inc. IC MIXER HI-IP3 DBL-BAL SOT89 6480 $2.478 /pcs Inquiry
HMC441LM1TR Image HMC441LM1TR Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC PWR AMP 8SMD 6502 $28.76 /pcs Inquiry
HMC-C045 Image HMC-C045 Analog Devices Inc. LO NOISE AMP MODULE 1.8 - 4.2 GH 6230 $964.797 /pcs Inquiry
HMC609LC4 Image HMC609LC4 Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC LNA GAAS 24SMD 6729 $25.179 /pcs Inquiry
BGA2031/1,115 Image BGA2031/1,115 NXP USA Inc. MMIC VAR GAIN AMP 6TSSOP 6594 $0.244 /pcs Inquiry
HMC3587LP3BE Image HMC3587LP3BE Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC AMP HBT 4-10GHZ 12QFN 6963 $6.839 /pcs Inquiry
BLM2425M7S60PY Image BLM2425M7S60PY Ampleon USA Inc. BLM2425M7S60P/HSOP16F/REEL 13 6886 $25.241 /pcs Inquiry
MGA-685T6-TR1G Image MGA-685T6-TR1G Broadcom Limited IC RF AMP LNA GAAS MMIC 6-UTSLP 6552 $0.303 /pcs Inquiry
HMC7229 Image HMC7229 Analog Devices Inc. DIE SALES 6916 $17.487 /pcs Inquiry
BGA7130,118 Image BGA7130,118 NXP USA Inc. IC AMP MMIC SGL STAGE 8HVSON 11000 $0.576 /pcs Inquiry
MGA-637P8-TR1G Image MGA-637P8-TR1G Broadcom Limited IC AMP LNA GAAS MMIC 8DFN 8000 $1.132 /pcs Inquiry
SMA3109-TL-E Image SMA3109-TL-E ON Semiconductor IC MMIC AMP WIDEBAND MCPH6 11000 $0.032 /pcs Inquiry
BGA 758L7 E6327 Image BGA 758L7 E6327 Infineon Technologies IC LNA 5GHZ - 6GHZ TSLP-7-8 6322 $0.232 /pcs Inquiry
HMC464 Image HMC464 Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC AMP WB PHEMT DIE 6889 $67.982 /pcs Inquiry
HMC770LP4BE Image HMC770LP4BE ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) IC RF AMP WLAN 40MHZ-1GHZ 20QFN 5006 $7.289 /pcs Inquiry
HMC865LC3TR-R5 Image HMC865LC3TR-R5 Analog Devices Inc. IC AMP RF LIMITING ETH 16SMD 6185 $72.58 /pcs Inquiry
HMC-ALH310 Image HMC-ALH310 Analog Devices Inc. IC RF AMP LN DIE 7032 $20.996 /pcs Inquiry
F1207NBGI8 Image F1207NBGI8 IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC DGTL IF VGA 22DB LN 28VFQFPN 7500 $2.477 /pcs Inquiry
MGA-645T6-BLKG Image MGA-645T6-BLKG Broadcom Limited IC AMP LNA MMIC GAAS SMD 6-UTP 9000 $0.315 /pcs Inquiry
ACA2460P2 Image ACA2460P2 Skyworks Solutions, Inc. 1218 MHZ CATV PUSH-PULL DRIVER A 5195 $6.991 /pcs Inquiry
F1240NBGI Image F1240NBGI IDT, Integrated Device Technology Inc IC AMP IF VGA LN DUAL 32VFQFPN 6845 $3.412 /pcs Inquiry
BGA3021Y Image BGA3021Y NXP USA Inc. IC MMIC AMP CATV 1.2GHZ 8HSOP 7500 $0.974 /pcs Inquiry
ADL5725ACPZN-R7 Image ADL5725ACPZN-R7 Analog Devices Inc. IC RF LNA MMIC 17.7GHZ-19.7GHZ 8000 $4.821 /pcs Inquiry
SKY67015-396LF Image SKY67015-396LF Skyworks Solutions Inc. IC AMP LNA BROADBAND 8DFN 8000 $0.43 /pcs Inquiry
MGA-87563-TR1G Image MGA-87563-TR1G Broadcom Limited IC AMP MMIC GAAS LNA 3/5V SOT363 6671 $0.373 /pcs Inquiry
ADL5542ACPZ-R7 Image ADL5542ACPZ-R7 Analog Devices Inc. IC GAIN BLOCK 6GHZ 20DB 8LFCSP 6500 $0.803 /pcs Inquiry
MMRF2006NT1 Image MMRF2006NT1 NXP USA Inc. TRANS RF LDMOS 2.4W 28V 6635 $8.365 /pcs Inquiry
HMC480ST89E Image HMC480ST89E Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC AMP HBT 5GHZ SOT-89 6536 $0.969 /pcs Inquiry
SGA-3486Z Image SGA-3486Z RFMD IC AMP HBT SIGE 5000MHZ SOT-86 6353 $0.484 /pcs Inquiry
HMC962LC4TR Image HMC962LC4TR Analog Devices Inc. IC MMIC AMP LNA GAAS 24SMD 6620 $17.403 /pcs Inquiry
SGA-6389Z Image SGA-6389Z RFMD IC AMP HBT SIGE 4500MHZ SOT-89 7070 $0.496 /pcs Inquiry
MAX2632EUK+ Image MAX2632EUK+ Maxim Integrated IC AMP 3V VHF/MICROWAVE 7291 $0.377 /pcs Inquiry
ADL5570ACPZ-R7 Image ADL5570ACPZ-R7 ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) IC AMP WIMAX 2.4GHZ 16LFCSP-VQ 5912 $2.752 /pcs Inquiry
ABA-51563-TR2G Image ABA-51563-TR2G Broadcom Limited IC AMP RFIC 3.5GHZ SOT-363 25000 $0.111 /pcs Inquiry
RFPA3800TR7 Image RFPA3800TR7 RFMD IC AMP HBT GAAS PWR 8SOIC 7008 $2.378 /pcs Inquiry
MML25231HT1 Image MML25231HT1 NXP USA Inc. 23DBM GAAS AMP DFN2X2-8 6380 $1.008 /pcs Inquiry
MAX2181ETE/V+ Image MAX2181ETE/V+ Maxim Integrated FM CAR ANTENNA LNA WITH AGC 6894 $1.295 /pcs Inquiry
ALM-31222-BLKG Image ALM-31222-BLKG Broadcom Limited IC AMP 1W PA 2GHZ 22MCOB 6631 $1.603 /pcs Inquiry
RF Amplifiers