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RF Antennas

Laird Technologies IAS

Laird Technologies - Antennas
Laird Technologies - Antennas
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
CMS38606-30NF Image CMS38606-30NF Laird Technologies IAS ANTENNA CEILING OMNI 6965 $25.247 /pcs Inquiry
RFDPA391300SBAB8G1 Image RFDPA391300SBAB8G1 Walsin Technology Corporation ANT 2.4GHZ DIPOLE RPSMA 6435 $12.57 /pcs Inquiry
OSCAR420/0.4M/NTYPEF/S/S/19 Image OSCAR420/0.4M/NTYPEF/S/S/19 Siretta MIMO 2-PORT LTE OMNI ANTENNA 360 5003 $20.56 /pcs Inquiry
APAMS-118 Image APAMS-118 Abracon LLC PASSIVE EXT GSM ANT SMA-J3 6848 $1.866 /pcs Inquiry
CFS60383P-30NF Image CFS60383P-30NF Laird Technologies IAS LOW PIM CEILING MOUNT ANTENNA 6899 $13.47 /pcs Inquiry
S467AH-915S Image S467AH-915S Nearson Inc. ANTENNA RUBBR DUCK 915MHZ RP-SMA 6765 $4.75 /pcs Inquiry
P522309 Image P522309 Ethertronics Inc. RF ANT PRESTTA PENTA U.FL 6529 $1.517 /pcs Inquiry
OF86315-FNF Image OF86315-FNF Laird Technologies - Antennas OMNIFG863-928MHZ5DBI 5128 $30.721 /pcs Inquiry
PA.700.A Image PA.700.A Taoglas Limited EMBEDDED CELLUAR SMT ANT 6651 $3.418 /pcs Inquiry
33-1721-05-0150 Image 33-1721-05-0150 Tallysman Wireless Inc. ANT L1/G1/B1/E1 MCX MALE 15CM 6526 $18.74 /pcs Inquiry
ALPHA14/2.5M/SMAM/S/S/26 Image ALPHA14/2.5M/SMAM/S/S/26 Siretta Ltd ANT BLADE SMA MALE ADHESIVE MNT 6237 $3.187 /pcs Inquiry
OMB.242.08F21 Image OMB.242.08F21 Taoglas Limited OMNI OUTDOOR ANTENNA 6650 $24.403 /pcs Inquiry
ISPC.86A.09.0092E Image ISPC.86A.09.0092E Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 2DBI ISM 6399 $6.264 /pcs Inquiry
W4165MM Image W4165MM Pulse Electronics Corporation ANTENNA 3G (868/915) +GNSS IP67 5013 $22.252 /pcs Inquiry
W3062A Image W3062A Pulse Electronics Corporation ANTENNA CERAMIC CHIP 1.575GHZ 6936 $0.235 /pcs Inquiry
1513381-1 Image 1513381-1 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors WLAN ANTENNA 3.1GHZ-6GHZ 15000 $1.097 /pcs Inquiry
RAZ42111DM Image RAZ42111DM Pulse Electronics Corporation ANTENNA 2LTE 1WIFI 1GNSS 5006 $47.093 /pcs Inquiry
DELTA19/X/SMAM/RP/S/35 Image DELTA19/X/SMAM/RP/S/35 Siretta 2.4GHZ 18MM STUBBY ANTENNA WITH 5074 $2.112 /pcs Inquiry
ANT-315-CW-HWR-SMA Image ANT-315-CW-HWR-SMA Linx Technologies Inc. ANTENNA 315MHZ 1/4 WAVE SMA 6314 $3.814 /pcs Inquiry
5606613 Image 5606613 Phoenix Contact FLAT PANEL ANT N FML 50OHM 6447 $166.745 /pcs Inquiry
FXP100.07.0100A Image FXP100.07.0100A Taoglas Limited ANT WIDE-BAND WIMAX FLEX PCB 6709 $5.021 /pcs Inquiry
PRO-OB-519 Image PRO-OB-519 ProAnt RF ANT 434MHZ STAMPED MET SLD 5300 $0.606 /pcs Inquiry
0479480001 Image 0479480001 Molex, LLC ANTENNA 2.4GHZ 50 OHMS SMD 6406 $0.23 /pcs Inquiry
ANT-2.4-CW-RCT-RP Image ANT-2.4-CW-RCT-RP Linx Technologies Inc. ANTENNA 2.4GHZ 1/2 WAVE RP/SMA 6472 $3.103 /pcs Inquiry
OC572112 Image OC572112 Laird Technologies IAS VERTICALLY POLARIZED BROADBAND O 6212 $22.383 /pcs Inquiry
2450AT43A100E Image 2450AT43A100E Johanson Technology Inc. ANTENNA CHIP 2.4GHZ 6035 $0.11 /pcs Inquiry
1461860300 Image 1461860300 Molex, LLC GPS & WIFI FLEX ANT*300MM ASSY 7522 $0.607 /pcs Inquiry
MA111.W.C.LB.001 Image MA111.W.C.LB.001 Taoglas Limited ANT GPS/GLONASS/CELL SCREW MNT 6166 $19.523 /pcs Inquiry
IAA.01.121111 Image IAA.01.121111 Taoglas Limited ANTENNA IRIDIUM 1.2M CABLE 6765 $9.761 /pcs Inquiry
ANBT-10HRA Image ANBT-10HRA Multi-Tech Systems Inc. ANTENNA BLUETOOTH RA HINGED 6520 $10.091 /pcs Inquiry
237 Image 237 Proant AB ANT PCB DUAL BAND 7457 $1.265 /pcs Inquiry
A09-F5NF-M Image A09-F5NF-M Digi International ANT 5.1DBI 25" BASE STATION W/N 6092 $67.86 /pcs Inquiry
APAE1575R1540AZDB2F-T Image APAE1575R1540AZDB2F-T Abracon LLC ANTENNA GPS PATCH 1575.42MHZ 6357 $0.308 /pcs Inquiry
CGGP.35.3.A.02 Image CGGP.35.3.A.02 Taoglas Limited RF ANTENNA 6304 $2.827 /pcs Inquiry
ARM42112DM Image ARM42112DM Pulse Electronics Corporation ANTENNA 2LTE 1WIFI 1GNSS 5006 $45.747 /pcs Inquiry
W3056 Image W3056 Pulse Electronics Corporation ANTENNA CERAMIC CHIP 7020 $0.513 /pcs Inquiry
66089-2406 Image 66089-2406 Anaren ANTENNA U.FL 2.4GHZ 6MM 6372 $0.669 /pcs Inquiry
S463AH-915 Image S463AH-915 Nearson Inc. ANTENNA WHIP TILT RP-SMA MALE 6966 $2.995 /pcs Inquiry
WLPD.4958.12.4.A.02 Image WLPD.4958.12.4.A.02 Taoglas Limited PATCH ANT BT WIFI 12X12MM ON EVB 6485 $40.17 /pcs Inquiry
FXP522.A.07.A.001 Image FXP522.A.07.A.001 Taoglas Limited ANT MIMO WIFI 5GHZ 2P PCB 120MM 7044 $5.831 /pcs Inquiry
WLA.01 Image WLA.01 Taoglas Limited ANT HIGH EFFICIENCY LOOP SMT 11000 $0.797 /pcs Inquiry
CMSA69273P-B30NF Image CMSA69273P-B30NF Laird Technologies IAS CEILING MOUNT ANTENNA 6966 $9.776 /pcs Inquiry
TANGO25A/0.1M/SMAM/S/RP/29 Image TANGO25A/0.1M/SMAM/S/RP/29 Siretta Ltd ANT PUCK RP-SMA MALE PANEL MNT 6980 $5.31 /pcs Inquiry
2701186 Image 2701186 Phoenix Contact PANEL ANTENNA 6951 $76.44 /pcs Inquiry
TS.07.0113 Image TS.07.0113 Taoglas Limited ANT EXT GPS SMAM HINGED 72MM H 6821 $3.525 /pcs Inquiry
B5812-04 Image B5812-04 Antenova ANT 915/868MHZ GSM 1.6MM PCB 9900 $0.845 /pcs Inquiry
432 Image 432 Proant AB ANTENNA 6761 $1.265 /pcs Inquiry
TG.30.8112 Image TG.30.8112 Taoglas Limited APEX 4G LTE GPS RA ANT 6200 $4.375 /pcs Inquiry
FXUWB01.07.0100C Image FXUWB01.07.0100C Taoglas ULTRA WIDE BAND FLEX ANTENNA 6GH 5055 $4.233 /pcs Inquiry
PC30.09.0100A Image PC30.09.0100A Taoglas Limited ANTENNA QUAD BAND CELL W/ CABLE 6116 $3.013 /pcs Inquiry
RF Antennas