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RF Diplexers

TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation
TDK Corporation
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
DPX201990DT-4051A2 Image DPX201990DT-4051A2 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 6492 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
FAR-D6JG-2G1400-D3FZ-Z Image FAR-D6JG-2G1400-D3FZ-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 2.14GHZ W-CDMA SMD 8000 $0.316 /pcs Inquiry
DPX165950DT-8144A1 Image DPX165950DT-8144A1 TDK Corporation MULTILAYER DIPLEXER FOR 704-1610 6460 $0.206 /pcs Inquiry
DPX201990DT-4151A2 Image DPX201990DT-4151A2 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 7521 $0.146 /pcs Inquiry
DP03A5425TTR Image DP03A5425TTR AVX Corporation DIPLEXER 5425 MHZ 8000 $0.09 /pcs Inquiry
DPX202170DT-4149A1 Image DPX202170DT-4149A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 6276 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
FAR-D5NG-881M50-M11Z-Z Image FAR-D5NG-881M50-M11Z-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 811.5MHZ W-CDMA SMD 8000 $0.208 /pcs Inquiry
D6HL2G655DL06-Z Image D6HL2G655DL06-Z Taiyo Yuden RF DIPLEXER 2.55GHZ/2.65GHZ 8SMD 8000 $0.76 /pcs Inquiry
FI212P0892M2-T Image FI212P0892M2-T Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER FILTER HI FREQ MULTILAY 8000 $0.169 /pcs Inquiry
DPX105950DT-6012A1 Image DPX105950DT-6012A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4GHZ/5GHZ WLAN 1005 6389 $0.042 /pcs Inquiry
FAR-D6NF-1G9600-P1BT-Z Image FAR-D6NF-1G9600-P1BT-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 1.96GHZ PCS/W-CDMA 6010 $0.434 /pcs Inquiry
FAR-D5PF-881M50-M3E9-Z Image FAR-D5PF-881M50-M3E9-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW BAND 5/BC0 SMD 8000 $0.167 /pcs Inquiry
DP05A1920TTR Image DP05A1920TTR AVX Corporation DIPLEXER 1920 MHZ SMD 8000 $0.1 /pcs Inquiry
RFDIP1608060L3T Image RFDIP1608060L3T Walsin Technology Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4GHZ, 5GHZ 9000 $0.076 /pcs Inquiry
DPX165950DT-8126A1 Image DPX165950DT-8126A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER WLAN 2.4GHZ, 5GHZ 1608 6361 $0.102 /pcs Inquiry
D5NF878M0P1ET-Z Image D5NF878M0P1ET-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 878MHZ CDMA2000 6219 $0.627 /pcs Inquiry
FI168P157525-T Image FI168P157525-T Taiyo Yuden FILTER DIPLEXER 6650 $0.096 /pcs Inquiry
MAFL-011056 Image MAFL-011056 M/A-Com Technology Solutions FILTER,DIPLEXER,SMT,30X30,65-88M 6962 $3.322 /pcs Inquiry
DIP1524-01D3 Image DIP1524-01D3 STMicroelectronics IC DIPLEXER GPS/GLONASS FLIPCHIP 6099 $0.057 /pcs Inquiry
SD25-0897R9UBQ1 Image SD25-0897R9UBQ1 AVX Corp/Kyocera Corp DUPLEXER SAW 897MHZ SMD 11000 $0.423 /pcs Inquiry
DPX202700DT-4035B5 Image DPX202700DT-4035B5 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 6632 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
DPX205950DT-9108A1 Image DPX205950DT-9108A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 0805 SMD 6743 $0.149 /pcs Inquiry
FI212P089213-T Image FI212P089213-T Taiyo Yuden FILTER DIPLEXER 892/1940MHZ SMD 6232 $0.093 /pcs Inquiry
DPX202700DT-4062A1 Image DPX202700DT-4062A1 TDK Corporation MULTILAYER DIPLEXER FOR 698-960M 6787 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
D5NL881M5P1HY-Z Image D5NL881M5P1HY-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW BAND V/BC0 SV-LTE 8000 $0.661 /pcs Inquiry
DPX165950DT-8030A1 Image DPX165950DT-8030A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 6709 $0.102 /pcs Inquiry
DXP.02.A Image DXP.02.A Taoglas 1176.45 / 1222.7625 / 1575.42 MH 5745 $3.537 /pcs Inquiry
DPX165900DT-8125A1 Image DPX165900DT-8125A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 6157 $0.146 /pcs Inquiry
DPX165950DT-8130A1 Image DPX165950DT-8130A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 6086 $0.102 /pcs Inquiry
D6DA2G140K2A4-Z Image D6DA2G140K2A4-Z Taiyo Yuden RF DIPLEXER 1.95GHZ/2.14GHZ 9SMD 6220 $0.217 /pcs Inquiry
DPX165950DT-8118A1 Image DPX165950DT-8118A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 6781 $0.102 /pcs Inquiry
TPX205950MT-7110A1 Image TPX205950MT-7110A1 TDK Corporation MULTILAYER TRIPLEXER FOR 1560-16 6095 $0.056 /pcs Inquiry
D5PF773M0M3Y6-Z Image D5PF773M0M3Y6-Z Taiyo Yuden RF DIPLEXER 720MHZ/770MHZ 9SMD 6385 $0.451 /pcs Inquiry
DPX201990DT-4011D1 Image DPX201990DT-4011D1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER DCS/PCS 900MHZ/1.8GHZ 6558 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
D5PF876M5M3U9-Z Image D5PF876M5M3U9-Z Taiyo Yuden RF DIPLEXER 830MHZ/870MHZ 9SMD 6982 $0.451 /pcs Inquiry
FI212P082934-T Image FI212P082934-T Taiyo Yuden FILTER DIPLEXER 6958 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
FAR-D5NE-881M50-P1A6QZ Image FAR-D5NE-881M50-P1A6QZ Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 881.5MHZCDMA W-CDMA 8000 $0.208 /pcs Inquiry
DPX162690DT-8022B2 Image DPX162690DT-8022B2 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 832MHZ/2.2GHZ SMD 6195 $0.195 /pcs Inquiry
DPX205850DT-9038A1-H Image DPX205850DT-9038A1-H TDK Corporation DIPLEXER WLAN 2.4GHZ, 5GHZ 2012 6096 $0.149 /pcs Inquiry
D6HH1G960BH95-Z Image D6HH1G960BH95-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 1.96GHZ W-CDMA II 6117 $0.615 /pcs Inquiry
DPX162170DT-8122B1 Image DPX162170DT-8122B1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 6802 $0.102 /pcs Inquiry
DPX205950DT-9126A1 Image DPX205950DT-9126A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 6261 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
D5NL782M0P1JZ-Z Image D5NL782M0P1JZ-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW BAND XIII SV-LTE 8000 $0.661 /pcs Inquiry
RFDIP2012050L7T Image RFDIP2012050L7T Walsin Technology Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4GHZ, 5GHZ 7000 $0.084 /pcs Inquiry
DPX205950DT-9026A1 Image DPX205950DT-9026A1 TDK Corporation DIPLEXER 2.4/5GHZ WLAN 6993 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
MAFL-011013 Image MAFL-011013 M/A-Com Technology Solutions BROADBAND DIPLEXER 6841 $0.97 /pcs Inquiry
FAR-D5NH-942M50-M1Y9-Z Image FAR-D5NH-942M50-M1Y9-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW 942.5MHZ W-CDMA VII 8000 $0.4 /pcs Inquiry
FAR-D5PE-881M50-P3EZ-Z Image FAR-D5PE-881M50-P3EZ-Z Taiyo Yuden DUPLEXER SAW881.5MHZ CDMA/W-CDMA 8000 $0.167 /pcs Inquiry
FI212P085909-T Image FI212P085909-T Taiyo Yuden FILTER DIPLEXER 6473 $0.118 /pcs Inquiry
DPX165850DT-8033B1 Image DPX165850DT-8033B1 TDK Corporation MULTILAYER DIPLEXER FOR 704-1610 6028 $0.206 /pcs Inquiry
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