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Silicon Labs

Energy Micro (Silicon Labs)
Energy Micro (Silicon Labs)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
SI4730-D62-GU Image SI4730-D62-GU Silicon Labs IC AM/FM+AUXIN RECEIVER 24SSOP 6101 $4.832 /pcs Inquiry
SI4738-C40-GMR Image SI4738-C40-GMR Silicon Labs IC RX FM/WB RADIO 20UQFN 7500 $1.872 /pcs Inquiry
GPS-1513R Image GPS-1513R RF Solutions GPS MODULE SMD 65CH LP 6596 $10.412 /pcs Inquiry
RDF1 Image RDF1 RF Solutions RECEIVER/DECODER 433MHZ RF 6980 $8.181 /pcs Inquiry
SI4765-A42-GM Image SI4765-A42-GM Silicon Labs IC CAR RADIO RX AM/FM/HD 40QFN 6887 $21.114 /pcs Inquiry
ISM480F1-C4.1 Image ISM480F1-C4.1 Inventek Systems IC GPS RX MOD SIRFSTAR W/ANTENNA 6571 $6.249 /pcs Inquiry
SI4765-A10-AM Image SI4765-A10-AM Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 6874 $7.926 /pcs Inquiry
ZPT-4RS Image ZPT-4RS RF Solutions SMART RF RECEIVER SMT MODULE -12 5007 $3.262 /pcs Inquiry
MAX2769CETI+ Image MAX2769CETI+ Maxim Integrated IC RECEIVER GPS/GNSS 28QFN 6707 $0.825 /pcs Inquiry
SI4764-A10-GM Image SI4764-A10-GM Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 6265 $5.546 /pcs Inquiry
SI4764-A20-AMR Image SI4764-A20-AMR Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 7500 $11.054 /pcs Inquiry
SI4767-A20-AM Image SI4767-A20-AM Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 6454 $21.114 /pcs Inquiry
MICRF007YM Image MICRF007YM Micrel / Microchip Technology IC RECEIVER UHF LOW POWER 8SOIC 5566 $0.789 /pcs Inquiry
MAX1470EUI+ Image MAX1470EUI+ Maxim Integrated IC RECEIVER 315MHZ 28-TSSOP 7494 $0.714 /pcs Inquiry
CAM-M8Q Image CAM-M8Q N/A IC RECEIVER GPS CHIP ANT 31LCC 7099 $4.793 /pcs Inquiry
TH71101ENE-CAA-000-SP Image TH71101ENE-CAA-000-SP Melexis Technologies NV IC RECEIVER FSK/FM/ASK 32LQFP 6918 $0.824 /pcs Inquiry
SL869GNS115T001 Image SL869GNS115T001 Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc. MOD RX JUPITER SL869 GNSS 24LCC 7627 $6.749 /pcs Inquiry
SI4761-A20-GMR Image SI4761-A20-GMR Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 7500 $4.682 /pcs Inquiry
SI4760-A10-AMR Image SI4760-A10-AMR Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 7500 $9.029 /pcs Inquiry
TEF6606T/V5,518 Image TEF6606T/V5,518 NXP USA Inc. IC TUNER CAR RADIO AM/FM 32SO 6098 $1.582 /pcs Inquiry
SI4704-D62-GMR Image SI4704-D62-GMR Silicon Labs IC FM RADIO RECEIVER 20QFN 7500 $0.613 /pcs Inquiry
SI4322-A0-FTR Image SI4322-A0-FTR Silicon Labs IC RX FSK UNI 868/915MHZ 16TSSOP 7000 $0.751 /pcs Inquiry
J-F2-B3E9-DR Image J-F2-B3E9-DR Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc. MODULE GPS RECEIVER 1.8V 6177 $3.297 /pcs Inquiry
SA605D/01,112 Image SA605D/01,112 NXP Semiconductors / Freescale IC MIXER FM IF SYSTEM LP 20-SOIC 5020 $1.957 /pcs Inquiry
SI4831-B30-GU Image SI4831-B30-GU Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM RADIO 24SSOP 6421 $1.371 /pcs Inquiry
SI4685-A10-GM Image SI4685-A10-GM Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) IC ANLG/DGTL RADIO 48QFN 5416 $3.322 /pcs Inquiry
SI4732-A10-GS Image SI4732-A10-GS Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM RDS/SW/LW 16SOIC 6486 $4.832 /pcs Inquiry
RFM65W-433-S2 Image RFM65W-433-S2 RF Solutions MODULE RECEIVER -120DBM SMD 6962 $3.819 /pcs Inquiry
SI4735-D60-GU Image SI4735-D60-GU Silicon Labs RF RX FM AM SW LW 24 SSOP 6983 $1.073 /pcs Inquiry
MAX2141ETH+ Image MAX2141ETH+ Maxim Integrated RECEIVER XM SATELLITE 44TQFN 6545 $2.372 /pcs Inquiry
SI4766-A20-GM Image SI4766-A20-GM Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 6578 $21.114 /pcs Inquiry
TDA5221XUMA1 Image TDA5221XUMA1 Infineon Technologies RECEIVER SHR FSK/ASK SGL TSSOP28 8000 $0.402 /pcs Inquiry
MAX1473EUI+ Image MAX1473EUI+ Maxim Integrated IC RCVR 315/433MHZ ASK 28TSSOP 6681 $0.973 /pcs Inquiry
SI4731-D50-GMR Image SI4731-D50-GMR Silicon Labs IC RADIO RECEIVER AM/FM 20-QFN 7500 $1.226 /pcs Inquiry
QAM-RX10-433 Image QAM-RX10-433 RF Solutions AM SUPER HETERODYNE RECEIVER 3-5 6064 $0.744 /pcs Inquiry
SI4769-A20-AMR Image SI4769-A20-AMR Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/HD AUTO 40-QFN 7500 $4.933 /pcs Inquiry
SI4835-B30-GU Image SI4835-B30-GU Silicon Labs IC RCVR AM/FM/SW RADIO 24SSOP 6139 $4.832 /pcs Inquiry
SI4766-A42-AM Image SI4766-A42-AM Silicon Labs IC CAR RADIO RX AM/FM/HD 40QFN 6731 $21.114 /pcs Inquiry
ATA8515-GHQW Image ATA8515-GHQW Microchip Technology ISM RF RECEIVER 11000 $0.777 /pcs Inquiry
SI4831-B30-GU Image SI4831-B30-GU Energy Micro (Silicon Labs) IC RCVR AM/FM RADIO 24SSOP 5066 $1.359 /pcs Inquiry
TH71101ENE-CAA-000-RE Image TH71101ENE-CAA-000-RE Melexis Technologies NV IC RECEIVER FSK/FM/ASK 32LQFP 7000 $0.782 /pcs Inquiry
MICRF011YM-TR Image MICRF011YM-TR Microchip Technology IC RCVR/DATAMOD300-440MHZ 14SOIC 7500 $0.732 /pcs Inquiry
GPS-13740 Image GPS-13740 SparkFun Electronics GPS RECEIVER MODULE GP-20U7 6944 $6.013 /pcs Inquiry
1098 Image 1098 Adafruit Industries LLC SIMPLE RF L4 RECEIVER - 315MHZ L 6364 $1.832 /pcs Inquiry
MAX7034AUI+T Image MAX7034AUI+T Maxim Integrated IC RX 315MHZ/433MHZ ASK 28-TSSOP 7500 $0.688 /pcs Inquiry
TEF6624T/V1T,512 Image TEF6624T/V1T,512 NXP USA Inc. IC CAR RADIO SGL CHIP 32SOIC 6929 $1.351 /pcs Inquiry
SI4754-A40-GM Image SI4754-A40-GM Silicon Labs IC CAR RADIO RX AM/FM 32QFN 6042 $1.57 /pcs Inquiry
SI4844-A10-GU Image SI4844-A10-GU Silicon Labs IC AM/FM RX FOR DIGITAL RADIOS 6163 $5.269 /pcs Inquiry
U3741BM-P3FLG3 Image U3741BM-P3FLG3 Microchip Technology IC RCVR PLL MULTI 600KZ 20-SOIC 6081 $1.942 /pcs Inquiry
MICRF213AYQS-TR Image MICRF213AYQS-TR Microchip Technology IC RX 3.3V 300-350 MHZ 16QSOP 7500 $0.781 /pcs Inquiry
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