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FEIG Electronic

Description:ID CAB.NET.24V-B-US CAB U.S.PLUG
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Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
2560.000.00 Image 2560.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID CAB.NET.24V-B-US CAB U.S.PLUG 6837 $4.348 /pcs Inquiry
1654.002.00 Image 1654.002.00 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT.C2-A UHF ANT CABLE 2M 6638 $23.38 /pcs Inquiry
OTX-ACC-RTR-32-LD Image OTX-ACC-RTR-32-LD Linx Technologies Inc. RETRACTABLE REEL 32MM 6326 $0.759 /pcs Inquiry
2096.000.00 Image 2096.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT.C-A CABLE FOR LR ANT 6566 $18.988 /pcs Inquiry
CAB-14132 Image CAB-14132 SparkFun Electronics UHF RFID CABLE (TNC TO SMA) 6717 $1.832 /pcs Inquiry
1654.000.00 Image 1654.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT.EC EXT CABLE L-R ANT 6092 $19.995 /pcs Inquiry
20932040102 Image 20932040102 HARTING SMA TO TNC 3METER ANT CABLE 6861 $29.955 /pcs Inquiry
09478411002 Image 09478411002 HARTING M12 XCODED TO RJ45 CABLE ASSEMBL 6606 $12.105 /pcs Inquiry
1977.000.01 Image 1977.000.01 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT.MUX 8X ANT MULTIPLEXR 6650 $300.324 /pcs Inquiry
1269.005.01 Image 1269.005.01 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.DAT-A DYNMIC ANT TUN BORD 6780 $235.768 /pcs Inquiry
2650.000.00 Image 2650.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID CHA.NIMH-A BATTERY CHARGER 6409 $34.58 /pcs Inquiry
20953000007 Image 20953000007 HARTING WALL MOUNTING KIT 6448 $9.093 /pcs Inquiry
1690.000.00 Image 1690.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID CAB.RS-A CABLE 232/485 PWRSUP 6892 $9.827 /pcs Inquiry
20952000004 Image 20952000004 HARTING DIN RAIL MOUNTING ADAPTER 6429 $12.494 /pcs Inquiry
1691.000.01 Image 1691.000.01 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.MS.MR/PR-A MOUNTING SET 6322 $12.743 /pcs Inquiry
1269.003.01 Image 1269.003.01 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT.PS-B ANT PWR SPLITTER 6954 $118.034 /pcs Inquiry
2259.000.00 Image 2259.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID CAB.A-A ADAPTER CABLE 6907 $8.092 /pcs Inquiry
RI-ACC-008B-30 Texas Instruments RFID 2000 ANT TUNING BD 134.2K 6474 $49.118 /pcs Inquiry
RI-CTL-MB6B-30 Image RI-CTL-MB6B-30 Texas Instruments RFID 2000 CONTROL MOD RS422/485 6639 $130.24 /pcs Inquiry
1654.003.00 Image 1654.003.00 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT.C6-A UHF ANT CABLE 6M 6903 $27.691 /pcs Inquiry
2557.000.00 Image 2557.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID NET.24V-B POWER SUPPLY UNIT 6891 $38.221 /pcs Inquiry
RI-CTL-MB2B-30 Texas Instruments RFID 2000 CONTROL MODULE RS232 6884 $115.995 /pcs Inquiry
2867704 Image 2867704 Phoenix Contact RAD-PIG-EF316-N-N 6001 $19.98 /pcs Inquiry
RI-ACC-ATI2-00 Texas Instruments RFID ANTENNA TUNING INDICATOR 6933 $79.088 /pcs Inquiry
RI-CTL-MB2A-03 Texas Instruments RFID 2000 CONTROL MODULE RS232 6936   Inquiry
RR-IDISC-SAT-B-A Texas Instruments RFID ANT TUN MOD TYPE-B 13.56MHZ 6000   Inquiry
RR-IDISC-ANT-T-A Texas Instruments RFID RF TRANSFORMER FOR 13.56MHZ 6680   Inquiry
2673.000.01 Image 2673.000.01 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.LR.I/O-A I/O EXT BOARD 6080   Inquiry
RI-ACC-T006-00 Texas Instruments HOUSING TRANSPONDR FOR 32MM RFID 6465   Inquiry
RI-MOD-TX8A-00 Texas Instruments RFID 2000 4-CH TXRX MULTIPLEXER 6926   Inquiry
RR-IDSC-ANT-PS-A Texas Instruments RFID ANT SPLITTER FOR 13.56MHZ 6992   Inquiry
SP-MX-H4-KIT Image SP-MX-H4-KIT Skyetek Inc MULTIPLEXER HF 4PORT 6859   Inquiry
RI-ACC-008B-00 Texas Instruments RFID 2000 ANT TUNING-MOD 134.2K 6562   Inquiry
RR-IDCAB-RS-A Texas Instruments CABLE RS232/485 W/POWER JACK 6379   Inquiry
RR-IDC-12VDC-I Texas Instruments RFID TRANSF INTERNTL 12V 580MA 6652   Inquiry
RR-IDC-24VDC-LR Texas Instruments RFID SUPPLY 24V 2.5A FOR LR RDR 6699   Inquiry
FA-00-VUM00A Image FA-00-VUM00A Free2Move AC ADAPTER MINI USB FSA901-ABOA 6480   Inquiry
RI-CTL-MB6A-03 Texas Instruments RFID 2000 CONTROL MOD RS422/485 6558   Inquiry
SP-MX-U8-KIT Image SP-MX-U8-KIT Skyetek Inc MULTIPLEXER UHF 8PORT 6762   Inquiry
RI-ACC-SHT3-00 Image RI-ACC-SHT3-00 Texas Instruments SHOCK ABSORB ACC FOR GLASS RFID 6425   Inquiry
2421.000.01 Image 2421.000.01 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.CF2.WLAN-A WIRELESS ADPTR 6668   Inquiry
RR-IDISC-MAT-A Texas Instruments RFID MANUAL TUNING BRD 13.56MHZ 6327   Inquiry
SP-MX-H8-KIT Image SP-MX-H8-KIT Skyetek Inc MULTIPLEXER HF 8PORT 6281   Inquiry
RR-IDISC-SAT-A-A Texas Instruments RFID ANT TUN MOD TYPE-A 13.56MHZ 6840   Inquiry
RR-IDISC-ANTMUX-A Texas Instruments RFID 8X ANTENNA MUX 13.56MHZ 6906   Inquiry
RR-IDCAB-USB-A Texas Instruments CABLE USB TYPE A-B WHITE 6476   Inquiry
1966.000.00 Image 1966.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.MAT-A MANUAL ANT TUN BRD 6713   Inquiry
SP-MX-U4-KIT Image SP-MX-U4-KIT Skyetek Inc MULTIPLEXER UHF 4PORT 6454   Inquiry
RR-IDISC-SAT-C-A Texas Instruments RFID ANT TUNING CTRLR 13.56MHZ 6413   Inquiry
FSA-901-001 Image FSA-901-001 Free2Move ACCY U-SHAPED CLIP FSA901-ABOA 6602   Inquiry
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