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RFID Antennas

Pulse Electronics Corporation

Pulse Electronics Corporation
Pulse Electronics Corporation
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
W7001 Image W7001 Pulse Electronics Corporation NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 2429 $0.264 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-3225-A02 Image ANFCA-3225-A02 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 32X25MM 1040 $0.612 /pcs Inquiry
B82451L1005E402 Image B82451L1005E402 EPCOS (TDK) FIXED IND 10MH 104 OHM 1765 $0.55 /pcs Inquiry
DLP-FANT Image DLP-FANT DLP Design Inc. ANTENNA FERRITE 2028 $7.781 /pcs Inquiry
B82453C0301A000 Image B82453C0301A000 EPCOS 3D-TRANSPONDER XY6,3MH Z11,0MH 892 $1.845 /pcs Inquiry
B82451L4664E402 Image B82451L4664E402 EPCOS (TDK) FIXED IND 4.66MH 38.5 OHM 1711 $0.514 /pcs Inquiry
ANT-125K Image ANT-125K RF Solutions ANTENNA RFID COIL 125KHZ 1658 $2.588 /pcs Inquiry
RI-ANT-G01E-30 Image RI-ANT-G01E-30 Texas Instruments RFID GATE ANT MEDIUM 134.2KHZ 1194 $133.661 /pcs Inquiry
FXR.07.52.0075X.A.DG Image FXR.07.52.0075X.A.DG Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 1752 $3.655 /pcs Inquiry
RI-ANT-G02E-30 Image RI-ANT-G02E-30 Texas Instruments RFID GATE ANTENNA SMALL 134.2KHZ 1431 $126.235 /pcs Inquiry
FXR.07.52.0075X.A Image FXR.07.52.0075X.A Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 1990 $2.752 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-4030-A02 Image ANFCA-4030-A02 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 40X30MM 5000 $0.861 /pcs Inquiry
B82451L4814E402 Image B82451L4814E402 EPCOS (TDK) FIXED IND 4.81MH 40.7 OHM 1658 $0.514 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-1510-A02 Image ANFCA-1510-A02 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 15X10MM 1399 $0.498 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-5035-A01-IPEX Image ANFCA-5035-A01-IPEX Abracon LLC NFC ANTENNA 13.56MHZ W IPEX CON 1318 $1.711 /pcs Inquiry
RR-IDISC-ANT8-6-B Image RR-IDISC-ANT8-6-B Texas Instruments RFID ANT TYPE-B 600X800 13.56MHZ 1817 $415.643 /pcs Inquiry
20932010302 Image 20932010302 HARTING MID RANGE ANT TNC SOCKET US 1441 $156.503 /pcs Inquiry
ANT-1356M Image ANT-1356M RF Solutions ANTENNA RFID COIL 13.56MHZ 1099 $4.554 /pcs Inquiry
113990051 Image 113990051 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd NFC ANTENNA 1238 $1.131 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-4545-A01 Image ANFCA-4545-A01 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 45X45MM 1668 $0.939 /pcs Inquiry
B82451L7804E402 Image B82451L7804E402 EPCOS (TDK) FIXED IND 7.8MH 84.5 OHM 1689 $0.514 /pcs Inquiry
B82450A7004A Image B82450A7004A EPCOS (TDK) TRANSPONDER COIL 7MH SMD 1885 $0.361 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-101-2515-A02 Image ANFCA-101-2515-A02 Abracon Corporation NFC ANTENNA FOR IOT 998 $0.604 /pcs Inquiry
FXR.06.52.0075X.A.DG Image FXR.06.52.0075X.A.DG Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 1722 $3.706 /pcs Inquiry
B82450A1004E Image B82450A1004E EPCOS (TDK) TRANSPONDER COIL 1MH SMD 1348 $0.401 /pcs Inquiry
B82450A2364E Image B82450A2364E EPCOS (TDK) TRANSPONDER COIL 2.36MH SMD 1674 $0.401 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-4040-A02 Image ANFCA-4040-A02 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 40X40MM 5000 $0.861 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-6040-A02 Image ANFCA-6040-A02 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 60X40MM 1532 $1.143 /pcs Inquiry
B82450H2364A Image B82450H2364A EPCOS (TDK) TRANSPONDER COIL 2.36MH HQ SMD 1615 $0.498 /pcs Inquiry
2717.000.00 Image 2717.000.00 FEIG Electronic ID ISC.ANT200/200 HAND HELD HF 1152 $134.839 /pcs Inquiry
CAS143-47 Image CAS143-47 Sumida America Components Inc. ANTENNA RECEIVER 1445 $0.83 /pcs Inquiry
AS705-125A-XH Image AS705-125A-XH Sumida America Components Inc. ANTENNA 1467 $0.897 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-4030-A01 Image ANFCA-4030-A01 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 40X30MM 1742 $0.894 /pcs Inquiry
B82453C0203A000 Image B82453C0203A000 EPCOS 3D-TRANSPONDER XY4,75MH Z7,20MH 887 $1.845 /pcs Inquiry
3512.000.00 Image 3512.000.00 FEIG Electronic SHIELDED HF PAD ANTENNA 1695 $174.318 /pcs Inquiry
B82451L4754E402 Image B82451L4754E402 EPCOS (TDK) FIXED IND 4.75MH 40.3 OHM 1066 $0.311 /pcs Inquiry
RI-ANT-S02C-30 Image RI-ANT-S02C-30 Texas Instruments RFID STICK ANT W/3M CABLE 134.2K 1232 $92.82 /pcs Inquiry
FXR.01.07.0100C.A Image FXR.01.07.0100C.A Taoglas Limited RFID ANTENNA FLEX READER MHFI 2212 $2.278 /pcs Inquiry
20932010103 Image 20932010103 HARTING WIDE RANGE ANT TNC SOCKET US 1971 $132.558 /pcs Inquiry
B82451L1004E402 Image B82451L1004E402 EPCOS (TDK) FIXED IND 1MH 9 OHM 1518 $0.514 /pcs Inquiry
FXR.08.52.0075X.A Image FXR.08.52.0075X.A Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 1593 $2.701 /pcs Inquiry
ANFCA-2515-A02 Image ANFCA-2515-A02 Abracon LLC NFC STAMP FLEX ANTENNA 25X15MM 1097 $0.503 /pcs Inquiry
B82450A7004E Image B82450A7004E EPCOS (TDK) TRANSPONDER COIL 7MH SMD 1830 $0.401 /pcs Inquiry
LXRFZZUCCA-036 Image LXRFZZUCCA-036 Murata Electronics RFID UHF LOOP ANTENNA - USED WIT 6 $12.168 /pcs Inquiry
B82453C0270A000 Image B82453C0270A000 EPCOS 3D-TRANSPONDER XY6,75MH Z13,2MH 275 $1.845 /pcs Inquiry
FXR.06.A.DG Image FXR.06.A.DG Taoglas Limited ANTENNA 1088 $2.988 /pcs Inquiry
DLP-RFID-ANT Image DLP-RFID-ANT DLP Design Inc. ANTENNA ROUND WITH COAX 1273 $15.581 /pcs Inquiry
W7002 Image W7002 Pulse Electronics Corporation NFC WIRE LOOP ANTENNA 1159 $1.404 /pcs Inquiry
B82450A2364A Image B82450A2364A EPCOS (TDK) TRANSPONDER COIL 2.36MH SMD 1715 $0.557 /pcs Inquiry
20932010303 Image 20932010303 HARTING UHF ULTRA LOW RANGE ANTENNA 1069 $155.226 /pcs Inquiry
RFID Antennas