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Bourns Inc.

Bourns, Inc.
Bourns, Inc.
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
PEC16-2215F-S0024 Image PEC16-2215F-S0024 Bourns Inc. ENCODER ROTARY 6429 $0.268 /pcs Inquiry
PEL12D-2226F-S3024 Image PEL12D-2226F-S3024 Bourns Inc. ENCODER MECH ILL 12MM BLU/GRN 6109 $0.732 /pcs Inquiry
ZGH0100C Image ZGH0100C Red Lion Controls 100 PPR 6932 $81.486 /pcs Inquiry
PEC11R-4220F-N0024 Image PEC11R-4220F-N0024 Bourns Inc. ENCODER 6285 $0.298 /pcs Inquiry
PEC11R-4320K-N0012 Image PEC11R-4320K-N0012 Bourns Inc. ENCODER 6928 $0.477 /pcs Inquiry
XHS35F-100-R2-SS-12GC-28V/V-CW-SM14/19 Image XHS35F-100-R2-SS-12GC-28V/V-CW-SM14/19 BEI Sensors ENCODER ROTARY 12 BIT GC 28V 5004 $314.309 /pcs Inquiry
ZMD1000B Image ZMD1000B Red Lion Controls 1000 PPR 6096 $108.155 /pcs Inquiry
ENC1J-D28-L00128L Image ENC1J-D28-L00128L Bourns Inc. ENCODER OPTICAL ROTARY 128 CPR 6111 $12.651 /pcs Inquiry
01008-2022 Image 01008-2022 BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 2500PPR 6948 $225.42 /pcs Inquiry
H25D-SS-OMNI-ABZC-28V/V-SM18 Image H25D-SS-OMNI-ABZC-28V/V-SM18 BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL PROG PPR 6848 $260.428 /pcs Inquiry
ENA1D-B28-L00128L Image ENA1D-B28-L00128L Bourns Inc. ENCODER OPT ROTARY 6451 $12.651 /pcs Inquiry
C14D16P-C3 Image C14D16P-C3 CUI Inc. ENCODER OPT 16PPR 6.35MM D SHAFT 6521 $6.357 /pcs Inquiry
EM14A1A-B24-R032N Image EM14A1A-B24-R032N Bourns Inc. ENCODER OPT ROTARY 6982 $7.351 /pcs Inquiry
01002-2021 Image 01002-2021 BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 1000PPR 6031 $231.66 /pcs Inquiry
62S11-M9-040SH Image 62S11-M9-040SH Grayhill Inc. OPTICAL ENCODER 32POS 4" W/CABLE 6727 $18.611 /pcs Inquiry
XHS35F-100-R2-SS-2048-ABZC-28V/V-SM18 Image XHS35F-100-R2-SS-2048-ABZC-28V/V-SM18 BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 2048PPR 5001 $226.303 /pcs Inquiry
62S11-M5-020CH Image 62S11-M5-020CH Grayhill Inc. OPTICAL ENCODER 6290 $17.495 /pcs Inquiry
DFS25A-A2AAD002000 Image DFS25A-A2AAD002000 SICK ENCODER 2000PPR SQ FLANGE MNT 5003 $135.647 /pcs Inquiry
01039-1867 Image 01039-1867 BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 100PPR 6936 $141.57 /pcs Inquiry
62S11-L4-025SH Image 62S11-L4-025SH Grayhill Inc. OPTICAL ENCODER 6387 $18.369 /pcs Inquiry
PEC16-4215F-N0024 Image PEC16-4215F-N0024 Bourns Inc. ENCODER ROTARY 24 PULSES/REV PCB 7419 $0.218 /pcs Inquiry
PEC11R-4120K-S0018 Image PEC11R-4120K-S0018 Bourns Inc. ROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 18PPR 7041 $0.339 /pcs Inquiry
ACZ11BR4E-15FD1-20C Image ACZ11BR4E-15FD1-20C CUI Inc. ENCODER ROTARY 11MM VERT 20PPR 6783 $0.585 /pcs Inquiry
PEC12R-4117F-N0012 Image PEC12R-4117F-N0012 Bourns Inc. ROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 12PPR 6654 $0.18 /pcs Inquiry
H25D-SS-2048-ABC-28V/5-TB Image H25D-SS-2048-ABC-28V/5-TB BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 2048PPR 6683 $201.517 /pcs Inquiry
PEC11R-4330F-S0012 Image PEC11R-4330F-S0012 Bourns Inc. ENCODER 6243 $0.543 /pcs Inquiry
HS25F-62-R2-SS-500-ABC-5V/V-SCS18-M16-EX Image HS25F-62-R2-SS-500-ABC-5V/V-SCS18-M16-EX BEI Sensors ENCODER ROTARY 500PPR 5V 5003 $330.474 /pcs Inquiry
AEAT-6600-T16 Image AEAT-6600-T16 Broadcom Limited IC ENCODER MAGNETIC 16B 16TSSOP 6988 $1.685 /pcs Inquiry
EM14R0D-M25-L064S Image EM14R0D-M25-L064S Bourns Inc. ENCODER OPT ROTARY WO/SW 6943 $7.589 /pcs Inquiry
C14D32P-A3 Image C14D32P-A3 CUI Inc. ENCODER OPT 32PPR 6.35MM D SHAFT 6853 $5.597 /pcs Inquiry
ECW0D-B24-BC0006L Image ECW0D-B24-BC0006L Bourns Inc. ENCODER ROTARY INCREMENTAL 6599 $1.06 /pcs Inquiry
62AG11-L0-060C Image 62AG11-L0-060C Grayhill Inc. OPT ENCODER 32 POS 6 CBL & CONN 6175 $7.428 /pcs Inquiry
62A11-02-050S Image 62A11-02-050S Grayhill Inc. ENCODER OPTICAL 32POS W/SWITCH 7078 $10.517 /pcs Inquiry
H25D-SS-600-ABZC-28V/V-SM18-S Image H25D-SS-600-ABZC-28V/V-SM18-S BEI Sensors ENCODER ROTARY 600PPR 28V 5002 $212.293 /pcs Inquiry
XHS35F-100-R2-SS-360-ABZC-28V/V-SM18 Image XHS35F-100-R2-SS-360-ABZC-28V/V-SM18 BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 360PPR 6642 $224.507 /pcs Inquiry
H25D-SS-2500-ABC-28V/V-SM18-S Image H25D-SS-2500-ABC-28V/V-SM18-S BEI Sensors ENCODER ROTARY 2500PPR 28V 5006 $215.602 /pcs Inquiry
HEDS-9140#H00 Image HEDS-9140#H00 Broadcom Limited ENCODER MODULE 3CH 400CPR 6950 $8.69 /pcs Inquiry
600128CBL Image 600128CBL Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions ENCODER OPTICAL ROTARY CABLE TYP 7324 $9.433 /pcs Inquiry
ACZ11BR4E-15KQA1-12C Image ACZ11BR4E-15KQA1-12C CUI Inc. ENCODER ROTARY 11MM HORIZ 12PPR 6325 $0.622 /pcs Inquiry
62S11-L5-060C Image 62S11-L5-060C Grayhill Inc. OPTICAL ENCODER 6425 $18.389 /pcs Inquiry
AEDM-5810-T12 Image AEDM-5810-T12 Broadcom Limited KIT ENCODER 3CH 2000CPR 6MM 6559 $16.64 /pcs Inquiry
HS35F-100-SS-2048-ABC-28V/5-TB-S Image HS35F-100-SS-2048-ABC-28V/5-TB-S BEI Sensors ENCODER ROTARY 2048PPR 28V 5004 $267.612 /pcs Inquiry
60AR18-8-060C Image 60AR18-8-060C Grayhill Inc. ENCODER OPT 20POS 6"CBL 6420 $51.753 /pcs Inquiry
PEC11R-4215K-S0012 Image PEC11R-4215K-S0012 Bourns Inc. ENCODER ROTARY 7040 $0.317 /pcs Inquiry
ZOD1000A Image ZOD1000A Red Lion Controls 1000 PPR 0.25 INCH THRU-BORE 6316 $90.746 /pcs Inquiry
DFS21A-KFA1N003000 Image DFS21A-KFA1N003000 SICK ENCODER 3000PPR THRU HOLE SHAFT 5003 $143.243 /pcs Inquiry
H20DB-37-SS-512-AB-5V/OCR-SM16 Image H20DB-37-SS-512-AB-5V/OCR-SM16 BEI Sensors ROTARY ENCODER OPTICAL 512PPR 5002 $171.6 /pcs Inquiry
510E1A48F204PD Image 510E1A48F204PD Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions ENCODER 4 CYCLE GRAY CODE PCB 5140 $3.237 /pcs Inquiry
62S11-L5-050CH Image 62S11-L5-050CH Grayhill Inc. OPTICAL ENCODER 6241 $18.712 /pcs Inquiry
HEDS-5505#A14 Image HEDS-5505#A14 Broadcom Limited ENCODER KIT 2CH 500CPR TH 5MM 6158 $14.432 /pcs Inquiry