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Teledyne LeCroy

Description:IC-CAP FOR 1. MM PACK 10
LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
PK007-011 Image PK007-011 Teledyne LeCroy IC-CAP FOR 1. MM PACK 10 6302 $9.75 /pcs Inquiry
PK110 Image PK110 Teledyne LeCroy PROBE ACCESSORY KIT HFP1000 6763 $103.35 /pcs Inquiry
A202 Image A202 TPI (Test Products Int) LINE SPLITTER FOR CLAMP METERS 6910 $5.831 /pcs Inquiry
PACC-MS001 Image PACC-MS001 Teledyne LeCroy REP FH PROBE HOL 6493 $97.5 /pcs Inquiry
TL8KC1 Image TL8KC1 B&K Precision SHIELDED FOUR-TERM KELVIN CLIP T 6805 $11.7 /pcs Inquiry
CT3652-8 Image CT3652-8 Cal Test Electronics COVER SHELL 3.5MM GRAY W/SLIPON 5100 $0.78 /pcs Inquiry
HDO4K-UART-RS232BUS TD Image HDO4K-UART-RS232BUS TD Teledyne LeCroy UART RS232 TRIGGER DECODE OPTION 6603 $327.6 /pcs Inquiry
TI-CAR CHARGER Image TI-CAR CHARGER Fluke Electronics THERMAL IMAGER CAR CHARGER 6330 $50.696 /pcs Inquiry
CT3946-0 Image CT3946-0 Cal Test Electronics SPRING HOOK BLACK 6164 $1.989 /pcs Inquiry
A127 Image A127 TPI (Test Products Int) HOOK/MAGNETIC STRAP FOR DMM BOOT 6735 $11.681 /pcs Inquiry
5955 Image 5955 Pomona Electronics TRI-FOLD POUCH BLACK 6553 $4.817 /pcs Inquiry
AI-000480 Image AI-000480 Mueller Electric Co. CABLE ASSY GND BU-122 1M 5060 $1.552 /pcs Inquiry
PP001/002-2 Image PP001/002-2 Teledyne LeCroy PP001/002 PROBE TIP-BNC 6724 $5.85 /pcs Inquiry
VS-CKBB8-4 Image VS-CKBB8-4 Panduit VERISAFE CONNECTION KIT FOR TAPP 5005 $29.173 /pcs Inquiry
240-133 Image 240-133 Digilent, Inc. OPENSCOPE MZ ACRYLIC CASE 5009 $6.221 /pcs Inquiry
VS-CKBB8-4 Image VS-CKBB8-4 Panduit VERISAFE CONNECTION KIT FOR TAPP 5005 $31.43 /pcs Inquiry
CAMO-C25/WD Image CAMO-C25/WD Fluke Electronics CASE CAMO WDLDGTL 8.75"X5.5"X2.5 5005 $20.666 /pcs Inquiry
109990003 Image 109990003 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd POWER LIMITER 6472 $17.55 /pcs Inquiry
BU-29-6 Image BU-29-6 Mueller Electric Co. INSUL GEOPHONE PVC BLUE 3.5" 5050 $0.273 /pcs Inquiry
BU-36-4 Image BU-36-4 Mueller Electric Co INSULATOR 6358 $0.094 /pcs Inquiry
CT3678 Image CT3678 Cal Test Electronics TWIN LEAD ADAPTER 3.5MM W/ 2 CLI 6519 $8.58 /pcs Inquiry
BU-47-9 Image BU-47-9 Mueller Electric Co. INSULATOR FOR PEE-WEE PVC WHITE 5077 $0.121 /pcs Inquiry
VS-AVT-CABLE-08 Image VS-AVT-CABLE-08 Panduit VERISAFE REPLACEMENT AVT SYSTEM 5008 $19.489 /pcs Inquiry
322100013 Image 322100013 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd RF EXPLORER PROTECTION BOOT (BLU 6538 $3.881 /pcs Inquiry
CA10-QUADPAK Image CA10-QUADPAK Teledyne LeCroy PRGRMMBL CRRNT SNSR-PROBUS ADPTR 6164 $460.204 /pcs Inquiry
BU-36-2 Image BU-36-2 Mueller Electric Co INSULATOR FOR BU-34,34C SRS RED 6320 $0.066 /pcs Inquiry
BU-29-6 Image BU-29-6 Mueller Electric Co INSUL GEOPHONE PVC BLUE 3.5" 6429 $0.183 /pcs Inquiry
PK007-031 Image PK007-031 Teledyne LeCroy BNC ADAPTER 6417 $5.85 /pcs Inquiry
1181 Image 1181 3M SOFT CARRYING CASE 6986 $35.502 /pcs Inquiry
TC-15 Image TC-15 Greenlee Communications KIT V C TESTERS CLAMPS CASE 6605 $7.223 /pcs Inquiry
C550 Image C550 Fluke Electronics BAG TOOL STEEL REINFORCED FRAME 5003 $40.946 /pcs Inquiry
69417 Image 69417 Klein Tools, Inc. MAGNETIC HANGER 6395 $6.451 /pcs Inquiry
JP-8681-0 Image JP-8681-0 Mueller Electric Co INSUL PVC BLK FOR TELECOM CLIPS 7146 $0.219 /pcs Inquiry
EA WLAN-ALARM Image EA WLAN-ALARM Electronic Assembly GmbH WIFI ALARM VISUAL/AUDI 5001 $86.549 /pcs Inquiry
CT3041 Image CT3041 Cal Test Electronics TRI-FOLD ACCESSORY POUCH, BLACK 5017 $4.115 /pcs Inquiry
AI-000505-60 Image AI-000505-60 Mueller Electric Co. 60" GROUND SS CABLE NO CLIPS 5023 $6.934 /pcs Inquiry
C173X Image C173X Fluke Electronics SOFT CASE FLUKE-173X 6544 $50.696 /pcs Inquiry
WS3K-FP-CHNES-TR Image WS3K-FP-CHNES-TR Teledyne LeCroy CHN (T) FP OVERLAY FOR WS3000 6779 $11.7 /pcs Inquiry
CT3667 Image CT3667 Cal Test Electronics PROBE ATTENUATOR TIP ASSEMBLY CO 5036 $8.775 /pcs Inquiry
4112983 Image 4112983 Fluke Electronics GOLDCAREPLAN-GROUP6-2-7YR 6556 $331.5 /pcs Inquiry
VS-AVT-CABLE-02 Image VS-AVT-CABLE-02 Panduit VERISAFE REPLACEMENT AVT SYSTEM 5020 $17.952 /pcs Inquiry
PACC-ZD008 Image PACC-ZD008 Teledyne LeCroy Y-LEAD ADAPTER 6658 $56.55 /pcs Inquiry
CT3976 Image CT3976 Cal Test Electronics PROBE BODY FIXED TIP, W/SPRING H 6197 $10.296 /pcs Inquiry
BU-47-0 Image BU-47-0 Mueller Electric Co INSULATOR FOR BU-45,45C SRS BK 6217 $0.076 /pcs Inquiry
327030021 Image 327030021 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd RF EXPLORER EVA CARRYING CASE 6547 $1.931 /pcs Inquiry
TC-5 Image TC-5 Greenlee Communications KIT SMALL CASE 6281 $5.355 /pcs Inquiry
PKIT2-5MM-101 Image PKIT2-5MM-101 Teledyne LeCroy ACCY KIT - PP010 6024 $11.7 /pcs Inquiry
CBL-DV3 Image CBL-DV3 TechTools CABLE DATA REPL FOR DV3400 18CH 5008 $11.057 /pcs Inquiry
PK-ZS-025 Image PK-ZS-025 LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) QUAD FLAT PACK IC CLIP PR YL/GN 5005 $24.96 /pcs Inquiry
ZUP/NC404 Image ZUP/NC404 TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. ZUP RS485 COMM. CABLE 25 PIN 6796 $38.454 /pcs Inquiry