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Equipment - Electrical Testers, Current Probes

Cal Test Electronics

Cal Test Electronics
Cal Test Electronics
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
CP6990-NA Image CP6990-NA Cal Test Electronics O-SCOPE CURRENT PROBE 1.5MHZ 40A 6874 $444 /pcs Inquiry
FLK-1AC-A1-II-5PK Image FLK-1AC-A1-II-5PK Fluke Electronics VOLT ALERT AC VLTGE DETCTR 5 PK 5008 $55.996 /pcs Inquiry
CP031A Image CP031A LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) PROBE CURRENT 30A 100MHZ 5008 $1846.311 /pcs Inquiry
90I-610S Image 90I-610S Fluke Electronics PROBE AC/DC CURRENT 1A TO 600A 6645 $184.996 /pcs Inquiry
CL2500 Image CL2500 Klein Tools, Inc. 1000A AC/DC TRMS CLAMP METER 6420 $78.562 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-772 Image FLUKE-772 Fluke Electronics MILLIAMP PROCESS CLAMP METER 5001 $388.496 /pcs Inquiry
T5-600   USA Image T5-600 USA Fluke Electronics TESTER ELECTRICAL 600V 6245 $44.396 /pcs Inquiry
CP030 Image CP030 Teledyne LeCroy PROBE CURRENT 30A 50MHZ 6423 $1217.307 /pcs Inquiry
ET300 Image ET300 Klein Tools DIGITAL CIRCUIT BREAKER FINDER 5020 $20.413 /pcs Inquiry
CL900 Image CL900 Klein Tools CLAMP AC & DC TRMS 2000A 5007 $53.819 /pcs Inquiry
CP030-3M Image CP030-3M LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy) 30 A, 10 MHZ CURRENT PROBE - AC/ 5002 $1293.157 /pcs Inquiry
AC40C Image AC40C Amprobe MINI-CLAMP DMM 400A 6591 $33.282 /pcs Inquiry
I1000S Image I1000S Fluke Electronics CURRENT CLAMP AC 5002 $218.296 /pcs Inquiry
ET200 Image ET200 Klein Tools, Inc. ELECTRONIC VOLTAGE/CONTINUITY TE 6142 $21.564 /pcs Inquiry
I430-FLEXI-TF-4PK Image I430-FLEXI-TF-4PK Fluke Electronics AC CURRENT FLEX 6000A 6624 $555 /pcs Inquiry
CL3200 Image CL3200 Klein Tools, Inc. 200A AC FORK TESTER 6639 $56.27 /pcs Inquiry
AMP-320 Image AMP-320 Amprobe 600A ACDC TRMS CLAMP MULTIMETER 6745 $77.682 /pcs Inquiry
CP6990-EU Image CP6990-EU Cal Test Electronics OSCILLOSCOPE CURRENT PROBE 1.5MH 6246 $444 /pcs Inquiry
313A Image 313A B&K Precision CLAMP METER MINI AC/DC 600A 5015 $58.83 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-1AC-A1-II Image FLUKE-1AC-A1-II Fluke Electronics VOLTAGE DETECTOR AC 90-1000V 6428 $11.096 /pcs Inquiry
ACD-3300 IND Image ACD-3300 IND Amprobe AC 1000A INDUSTRIAL CLAMP 6702 $129.482 /pcs Inquiry
FLK2AC/90-1000V Image FLK2AC/90-1000V Fluke Electronics ACV DETECTOR 90-1000V 6065 $11.096 /pcs Inquiry
FLK-V3003FC KIT Image FLK-V3003FC KIT Fluke Electronics FC WRLSS KT W/DMM AC/DC VLT MOD 6622 $259 /pcs Inquiry
369B Image 369B B&K Precision CLAMP-ON MULTIMETER 400/1000A 5008 $77.33 /pcs Inquiry
CL600 Image CL600 Klein Tools, Inc. DIGITAL CLAMP METER, AC AUTO-RAN 6141 $40.678 /pcs Inquiry
MA445 Image MA445 FLIR 400A TRUE RMS AC/DC CLAMP METER 5022 $36.996 /pcs Inquiry
309 Image 309 B&K Precision DIGITAL EARTH RESISTANCE METER 6152 $72.15 /pcs Inquiry
VS-AVT-RKBB3 Image VS-AVT-RKBB3 Panduit VERISAFE ABSENCE OF VOLTAGE TEST 5005 $139.849 /pcs Inquiry
T6-1000 Image T6-1000 Fluke Electronics ELECT TESTER WFIELDSENSE 200A 10 5040 $103.596 /pcs Inquiry
CP031 Image CP031 Teledyne LeCroy PROBE CURRENT 30A 100MHZ 6799 $1661.307 /pcs Inquiry
CP150 Image CP150 Teledyne LeCroy PROBE CURRENT 150 AMP DC/AC 6649 $1550.307 /pcs Inquiry
ACDC-100 TRMS Image ACDC-100 TRMS Amprobe DIGITAL CLAMP ON METER TRMS 6976 $66.582 /pcs Inquiry
1212211 Image 1212211 Phoenix Contact MULTIMETER CURRENT PLIERS 6260 $183.028 /pcs Inquiry
T6-1000/PRV240FS Image T6-1000/PRV240FS Fluke Electronics KIT T6-1000 ELECT TESTER PRV240F 5004 $162.796 /pcs Inquiry
ACD-23SW Image ACD-23SW Amprobe TRMS 400A SWVL CLMP W/TEMP/CAP 5002 $62.882 /pcs Inquiry
FLK-A3001FC Image FLK-A3001FC Fluke Electronics FC WRLSS IFLEX AC CRRNT MOD 6694 $92.496 /pcs Inquiry
RT210 Image RT210 Klein Tools, Inc. GFCI RECEPTACLE TESTER 6047 $4.81 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-324 Image FLUKE-324 Fluke Electronics CLAMP METER 400AC WITH TEMP 6614 $73.996 /pcs Inquiry
CP6550-NA Image CP6550-NA Cal Test Electronics O-SCOPE CURRENT PROBE 500KHZ 50A 5031 $244.2 /pcs Inquiry
ST-101B Image ST-101B Amprobe SOCKET TESTER 5007 $2.572 /pcs Inquiry
I400 Image I400 Fluke Electronics CLAMP CURRENT AC 400A 6273 $59.196 /pcs Inquiry
380942 Image 380942 FLIR 30A TRUE RMS AC/DC MINI CLAMP ME 5002 $144.296 /pcs Inquiry
NCVT-3 Image NCVT-3 Klein Tools, Inc. NON-CONTACT VOLTAGE TESTER WITH 6917 $12.484 /pcs Inquiry
VP-1000SB Image VP-1000SB Amprobe VOLT PROBE W/SHAKER/BUZZER 6377 $5.532 /pcs Inquiry
NCVT-4IR Image NCVT-4IR Klein Tools NON-CONTACT VOLT TESTER IR THERM 5005 $14.907 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-1630-2 FC Image FLUKE-1630-2 FC Fluke Electronics METER EARTH GROUND CLAMP 6729 $591.071 /pcs Inquiry
275 Image 275 TPI (Test Products Int) DGTL CLAMP-ON W/11,000 CNT DISP 6295 $55.482 /pcs Inquiry
FLK-A3000FC KIT Image FLK-A3000FC KIT Fluke Electronics FC WIRELESS BASIC KIT W/A3000 6723 $159.096 /pcs Inquiry
FLK2AC/90-1000V5PK Image FLK2AC/90-1000V5PK Fluke Electronics VOLT ALERT 90-1000V, 5 PACK 5003 $55.108 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-1LAC-A-II Image FLUKE-1LAC-A-II Fluke Electronics VOLTAGE DETECTOR AC 20-90V 5009 $11.896 /pcs Inquiry
Equipment - Electrical Testers, Current Probes