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Equipment - Specialty

Teledyne LeCroy

LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
LeCroy (Teledyne LeCroy)
Image Part Number Manufacturers Description In Stock Unit Price View
701A Image 701A Teledyne LeCroy 701A VIDEO TEST GENERATOR 6275 $1032.311 /pcs Inquiry
USB-TMA2-M02-X Image USB-TMA2-M02-X Teledyne LeCroy MERCURY T2C ADVANCED USB ANALYZE 6381 $553.154 /pcs Inquiry
B10464 Image B10464 Microchip Technology OPTOLYZER STUDIO CBA BUNDLE 6768 $190.169 /pcs Inquiry
USB-TMS2-M01-X Image USB-TMS2-M01-X Teledyne LeCroy MERCURY T2 USB 2.0 ANALYZER 6132 $323.754 /pcs Inquiry
RDB-10 Image RDB-10 Global Specialties RESISTANCE DECADE BOX 7088 $37.722 /pcs Inquiry
801K Image 801K Greenlee Communications PREMIUM TONE PROBE KIT 6125 $80.579 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-754/154 BU Image FLUKE-754/154 BU Fluke Electronics FLUKE-754/154 BUNDLE W/CASE 5002 $3700.019 /pcs Inquiry
93LDM65 Image 93LDM65 Klein Tools, Inc. LASER DISTANCE MEASURER 65 FT / 6759 $25.9 /pcs Inquiry
8518 Image 8518 B&K Precision DC ELECTRONIC PROGRAM LOAD 1200W 6989 $1544.75 /pcs Inquiry
PE2003 Image PE2003 Greenlee Communications PULSE-GROUND FAULT LOCATOR 6590 $508.202 /pcs Inquiry
AD-3050-SEAL-TEST-EQ-NC Image AD-3050-SEAL-TEST-EQ-NC TE Connectivity AMP Connectors AD-3050 SEAL TEST EQUIP 6257 $1945.504 /pcs Inquiry
PA901066 Image PA901066 Greenlee Communications TESTER LAN PRONAVIGATOR SET 6436 $75.621 /pcs Inquiry
VDV512-007 Image VDV512-007 Klein Tools POCKET CONTINUITY TESTER 5015 $10.202 /pcs Inquiry
LOG-0002-100G-PC Image LOG-0002-100G-PC Mide Technology Corporation VIBRATION DATA LOG 100G 6589 $647.5 /pcs Inquiry
35130 Image 35130 Desco TESTER CONT 3V 0-10 OHMS 6773 $7.633 /pcs Inquiry
GD-5 Image GD-5 Jonard Tools FORCE GAUGE 10-50 GRAMS 6333 $73.852 /pcs Inquiry
1257 Image 1257 B&K Precision NTSC GENERATOR 6444 $78.44 /pcs Inquiry
19249 Image 19249 Desco LOW RESISTANCE TESTER 6351 $56.118 /pcs Inquiry
601B Image 601B B&K Precision 6 V & 12 V SLA BATTERY CAPACITY 6565 $162.43 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-154 US/CAN Image FLUKE-154 US/CAN Fluke Electronics HART CALIBRATION TOOL US/CAN 6126 $1480.004 /pcs Inquiry
AMB-3 Image AMB-3 Amprobe ANALOG MEGOHMMETER 1000V 6703 $55.482 /pcs Inquiry
VB300 Image VB300 FLIR VIBRATION DATALOGGER 5011 $77.696 /pcs Inquiry
APGDT002 Image APGDT002 Microchip Technology SYSTEM DEV CAN BUS ANALYZER 6606 $38.106 /pcs Inquiry
DA1855A Image DA1855A Teledyne LeCroy DIFF AMP 1CH 100MHZ W/PREC VSRC 6659 $1920.311 /pcs Inquiry
LOG-0002-500G-AL Image LOG-0002-500G-AL Mide Technology Corporation VIBRATION DATA LOG 500G 6527 $832.507 /pcs Inquiry
8614 Image 8614 B&K Precision POWER SUPPLY 120V 240A 1500W 6143 $1341.257 /pcs Inquiry
DP 31A Image DP 31A B&K Precision PULSER PROBE 6510 $13.69 /pcs Inquiry
VDV512-101 Image VDV512-101 Klein Tools COAX EXPLORER2 WITH REMOTE KIT 5014 $8.597 /pcs Inquiry
T014-001 Image T014-001 Tripp Lite CABLE TESTER 6147 $27.624 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-1738/B Image FLUKE-1738/B Fluke Electronics 3-PHASE ENERGY LOGGER 6891 $1924.004 /pcs Inquiry
8625 Image 8625 B&K Precision DC ELECT LOAD 120V 720A 6000W 5003 $4606.504 /pcs Inquiry
B10465 Image B10465 Microchip Technology OPTOLYZER STUDIO ENTRY (WITH DON 6706 $171.114 /pcs Inquiry
308A Image 308A B&K Precision INSULATION CONTINUITY METER DGTL 6456 $103.23 /pcs Inquiry
1137-5002 Image 1137-5002 Greenlee Communications SIDEKICK T N 6129 $592.947 /pcs Inquiry
T040-001-HDMI Image T040-001-HDMI Tripp Lite HDMI CABLE TESTER WITH CARRYING 5037 $16.7 /pcs Inquiry
LT-10 Image LT-10 Amprobe LAMP TESTER 6499 $25.882 /pcs Inquiry
SG010M3R0GB Image SG010M3R0GB NDK America, Inc. SIGNAL GENERATOR 10MHZ TO 3GHZ 6193 $2636.916 /pcs Inquiry
FLUKE-1550C Image FLUKE-1550C Fluke Electronics 5KV INSULATION TESTER 6597 $1739.007 /pcs Inquiry
GD-50 Image GD-50 Jonard Tools FORCE GAUGE 60-500 GRAMS 6015 $146.835 /pcs Inquiry
ACT-MM-R Image ACT-MM-R Assmann WSW Components TESTER MODULAR CABLE RJ45/12/11 6999 $32.835 /pcs Inquiry
601K-G Image 601K-G Greenlee Communications KIT BASIC TONE AND PROBE 6586 $38.939 /pcs Inquiry
879B Image 879B B&K Precision METER LCR DUAL DISPLAY 6232 $110.63 /pcs Inquiry
830C Image 830C B&K Precision METER CAPACIT DL DISPLY TO 200MF 6057 $106.93 /pcs Inquiry
SYNC-10.00MHZ Image SYNC-10.00MHZ Abracon LLC PORTABLE PRECISION FREQUENCY REF 6943 $136.604 /pcs Inquiry
380193 Image 380193 FLIR PASSIVE COMPONENT LCR METER 5006 $81.396 /pcs Inquiry
DAS240-BAT Image DAS240-BAT B&K Precision PORTABLE MULTI-CHANNEL RECORDER 5002 $1256.157 /pcs Inquiry
605 Image 605 TPI (Test Products Int) DIGITAL VACUUM GAUGE 6170 $44.382 /pcs Inquiry
N044-000-R Image N044-000-R Tripp Lite NETWORK CABLE TESTER 6860 $12.85 /pcs Inquiry
SPCM-AQRH-13-FC Image SPCM-AQRH-13-FC Excelitas Technologies PHOTON COUNT MODULE 250CPS FC 6307 $1934.175 /pcs Inquiry
0134-0500 Image 0134-0500 Greenlee Communications IDENTIFIER DIGITAL SIGNAL 6476 $302.852 /pcs Inquiry
Equipment - Specialty