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Broadcast Technology

Broadcast Technology

Delivers the broadcast industry’s leading solutions for 4K/Ultra-HD and 8K/Super Hi Vision including 'any to any' video connectivity, programmable video processors, and development boards. Many of Xilinx’s customers are leaders in the broadcast equipment industry producing award-winning technologies.

The ARRI/Xilinx success story dates back to 2003 – together we look forward to seeing a new generation of filmmakers embracing our cameras and creating images that will have no equal on the big screen.
Franz Kraus, Managing Director, ARRI, on the Oscar® Award Winning ARRI ALEXA Cameras

System integrators often need to bridge between disparate protocols or alter the video formats between equipment when building solutions for broadcast facilities or pulling together various A/V products for events. There often is a need to convert video formats to suit different media delivery platforms. Xilinx offers a broad portfolio of IP, reference designs and hardware to accelerate time-to-market with up/down/cross converters, video converters and video processing cards.

Up/down/cross converters specifically provide video processing and scaling, changing formats from SD/HD/4K in different color spaces and aspect ratios, integrated with various connectivity interface standards such as SDI to 12G-SDI and HDMI and DisplayPort. Converter boxes bridge between connectivity standards as the glue between devices and provide less emphasis on processing. Video processing cards encompass a large variety of algorithms but typically have multichannel video processing pipelines integrated with connectivity interfaces and often provide PCIe streaming DMA, to access host processing in production environments.

Xilinx and its partners offer a vast array of building blocks for all these functions, with multichannel 4K possible on Kintex®-7 FPGAs, Zynq®-7000 SoC and UltraScale+™ MPSoCs.

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SMPTE 2022

HDMI 1.4/2.0
DisplayPort 1.2
VCXO Removal
SMPTE 2022-5,6

Video Algorithms and Effects

Multiple video pipelines
Proprietary DVE (Digital Video Effects)
Scaling & De-interlacing
Video Overlay / On-Screen Display
PCIe Streaming DMA Controller

Omnitek OZ745 Video Development Kit
Inrevium Video Development Kits
Real-Time Video Engine
Omnitek Scalable Video Processor
Omnitek PCIe Streaming DMA Controller
Video Processing Subsystem