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Smarter Data Center

Engineering the next Data Center breakthrough: Programmable silicon platforms that bring higher value into the cloud

The last decade has seen the emergence of a new global market for cloud computing, which delivers computing services over the Internet to billions of users around the globe. The trend towards computing in the cloud represents a fundamental shift in the way people use computers. The cloud offers enterprises the means to shift tasks from their local IT infrastructure into remote, optimized computing clusters (and into the hands of the cloud services provider). For consumers, the cloud delivers storage, video, messaging, social networking, gaming, web search and many other services seamlessly, across diverse computing devices, anywhere in the world. Today’s tech-savvy consumers of IT services want it all—mobility, instant access to information, boundary-less collaboration—and management wants it all for less.

The cloud computing market grows each day both in size and in the sheer diversity of the services it provides. Two key factors contribute to this growth:

The emergence of new, connected mobile computing devices and an entirely new category of computing services.
An explosion in the volume of unstructured data that’s now captured and analyzed.
Electronics-Stock offers expertise and Smarter Solutions in three distinct application spaces within the Data Center:


Transition from 10G to 40G to 100G Ethernet
In-rack routing, e.g, 2 and 3-D Torus
Ultra Low Latency

Storage and Memory

Solid state drives (SSD)
Flash memory over fabric
Compute near memory
High bandwidth stacked memory

Parallel Computing

Deep Learning and Neural Networks
Video, Image, and Voice Applications
Security in the Cloud
Hadoop, Database, Distributed Search
Personalized Medicine
Through hardware and software programmability, the power of All Programmable devices accelerates processing and throughput and enables the creation of entirely new classes of servers, storage devices, and network solutions with the flexibility to enable virtualization and services as data center technology continues to evolve.