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Powering Industrial Platforms

Electronics-Stock industrial solutions combine software programmability,
real-time processing, programmable hardware offloading and
any-to-any connectivity with the security
and safety for Industrial systems.

All Programmable devices deliver unparalleled performance
with multi-protocol IP solutions and common
architecture across a platform.

Reliable Communication Over Any Industrial Network

Electronics-Stock All Programmable FPGAs and Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoCs are ideal for Industrial Networking. Protocol-specific MAC layers can be programmed in the FPGA fabric, while a dedicated embedded controller runs the communication protocol stack. This allows for lowest cycle times, minimum latency and deterministic performance – key requirements needed in today’s Industrial Networking.

Industrial Automation needs real time connectivity. The variety of network protocols makes it indispensable to utilize architectures that combine programmability with deterministic performance.

IP Cores with network protocols are available from leading companies in industrial networking in Electronics-Stock partner ecosystem.

A vast variety of protocols support Industrial Networking making it indispensable to use programmable architectures. All widely deployed Industrial Ethernet Slaves – Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink and Modbus-TCP – are provided by the Anybus IP multi-protocol suite from HMS Industrial Networks, Electronics-Stock’s key partner in Industrial Networking. All IP cores share the same internal interface thus retaining the application-specific functionality even as the underlying protocol block is changed. Since the IP Core comes with an embedded µC softcore (MicroBlaze), the performance and protocol compliance on external ports can always be guaranteed.

Industrial Networks on Electronics-Stock is perfect for the seamless integration of all network with industrial applications and data acquisition and processing the chip-internal high performance AXI infrastructure. This give endless possibilities for differentiating with a true industrial platform.
Today, Machine Vision Systems are deployed beyond the primary use of products’ inspection, alleviating the need for human engagement in the mundane and repetitive tasks.

Vision Systems are capable of, among many other functions

Detecting presence/absence of products
Measuring critical dimensions like edges and widths
Positioning/placement of objects and guided motion control for robots to pick up items and discard parts

A sophisticated architecture and design process for Functional Safety applications integrated in FPGA and SoC FPGA can reduce customers’ risks and increase time to revenue and profits significantly. Electronics-Stock provides proven tools with their functional certified Vivado® Design Suite. In combination with Electronics-Stock’s FPGAs and SoCs, the industry’s most reliable products in this field, and pre-approved architectures and design methods, customers can quickly incorporate functional safety in their products with fast development times.

With the architectural features of FPGAs, APSoCs and MPSoCs from Electronics-Stock, the isolation of blocks for redundancy / diversity and for diagnosis can easily be achieved within a single chip solution. Detailed reliability reports for these products provide info for most accurate calculation of a products FIT rate. IP designed in these devices continuously monitor the functional correctness of the device configuration. Dependent on the selected architectures, safety integrity levels up to SIL3 and ASIL D can be achieved.