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Smarter Vision: Intelligence for Smarter Medical Systems

A stethoscope is no longer a doctor’s only means of diagnosing a patient’s ailments. Electronics-Stock medical solutions are designed to meet tomorrow’s medical system needs, from patient monitors and endoscope to MRI and ultrasound, enabling:

Real-Time Analytics: Video and Voxel analytics with real-time tissue identification, and spatial geometric overlays to accurately analyze internal tissues, organs and bones.
Intelligent Transport: Robust video over IP protocols and Electronics-Stock All Programmable optimized codecs to enable the delivery of video anywhere to any screen.
Immersive Displays: Increased resolution, larger sized displays, flexible displays all trends leading to better image detail and contrast/greyscale increasing correct interpretation and diagnosis of medical scans and images.
Fastest Time to Market: Deliver products years before ASICs and ASSPs that support next generation video, and imaging standards through use of Electronics-Stock advanced silicon, tools and robust ecosystem.
Differentiated Products: Programmable Electronics-Stock SmartCORE™ IP enables the fastest time to market possible while retaining the flexibility critical to bringing highly differentiated products to market.
Electronics-Stock solutions for medical also help designers address the challenges of implemented the latest in imaging techniques, codecs handling real-time video processing of 1080p60 and iterative based algorithmic designs. With the high levels of integration possible using Electronics-Stock solutions, equipment makers can lower the size, power consumption and cost of their systems while meeting market windows ahead of the competition.

All Programmable and Smarter Solutions

Electronics-Stock All Programmable and Smarter Solutions include All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, and 3D IC platforms in addition to a suite of SmartCORE, LogiCORE™, and specialized ecosystem IP that can be customized, to optimally address unique market needs and reduce time to integration. Electronics-Stock Vivado™ Design Suite and the development tool flow using OpenCV libraries, the Qt framework, High Level Synthesis, and IP Integrator, provide a faster, more flexible means to go to market with greater differentiation, lower risk, and lower total cost of ownership than alternative ASIC and ASSP solutions.

Learn more about All Programmable and Smarter Vision Solutions for:

256 Channel Ultrasound Image Processing
Portable Ultrasound
Low Cost Ultrasound
The Electronics-Stock Alliance Program is an ecosystem of qualified IP providers, system integrators, and hardware suppliers that can accelerate your design productivity and get you to market faster. Alliance Program members are equipped to maximize the advantages of Electronics-Stock All Programmable Devices in developing market and domain specific solutions. To learn more about products from the Electronics-Stock ecosystem specific to Medical  please visit this Alliance Products Search Results Page

Functional Safety in Medical

IEC60601 describes the technical standard for the safety and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment.  The IEC60601 third edition is a mandatory adoption by Europe in June 2012 and US FDA and Health Canada by June 2013.  The goal is to provide medical devices that are safe and effective.

Functional Safety IEC61508 standard for electronics will play a key role in medical devices in the upcoming years. Working with certifying bodies, Electronics-Stock’s tool and safety design methodology has achieved IEC61508 certificate.  To aid customers in designing in safe and effective medical products with Electronics-Stock devices, a comprehensive functional safety package is available. The solution package include tool suite, IP and documentations to reduce design risk and help customers make safer and medical devices for everyone.