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Isolierter, nicht isolierter autotransform-Schritt

Signal Transformer

Beschreibung:XFRMR ISO PWR 3KVA 7/14A
Signal Transformer
Signal Transformer
Image Teilenummer Hersteller Beschreibung In Stock Unit Price Aussicht
SU-3 Image SU-3 Signal Transformer XFRMR ISO PWR 3KVA 7/14A 6923 $233.969 /pcs Anfrage
N-66A-B Image N-66A-B Triad Magnetics TRANS 250VA 115V 2.17A CHASIS MT 6270 $23.654 /pcs Anfrage
MD-2400-E Image MD-2400-E Triad Magnetics MED GRADE ENC ISOLATION XFORMR 6686 $129.908 /pcs Anfrage
N-9MG Image N-9MG Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 1250 VA 6618 $71.266 /pcs Anfrage
N-500MG Image N-500MG Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 500 VA 6938 $25.387 /pcs Anfrage
120:268:277-500VA-IC Image 120:268:277-500VA-IC Thomas Research Products TRANSFRMR 120-277V/500VA STEP-UP 5163 $18.779 /pcs Anfrage
171E Image 171E Hammond Manufacturing TRANSFM ISOL 115 TO 115VAC 500VA 6193 $49.189 /pcs Anfrage
F-302U Image F-302U Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 150 VA 6780 $9.651 /pcs Anfrage
MD-1000-U Image MD-1000-U Triad Magnetics MED GRADE ENC ISOLATION XFORMR 6507 $71.439 /pcs Anfrage
XFC300-347/480-277 Image XFC300-347/480-277 ERP Power TRANSFORMER ISO 347/480V 300VA 5040 $15.588 /pcs Anfrage
171C Image 171C Hammond Manufacturing TRANSFM ISOL 115 TO 115VAC 300VA 6975 $44.121 /pcs Anfrage
N-59MG Image N-59MG Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6330 $71.266 /pcs Anfrage
IS1800HG Image IS1800HG Tripp Lite ISOLATOR TRANSFORMER 18W 6817 $305.709 /pcs Anfrage
171G Image 171G Hammond Manufacturing TRANSFORMER PLUG & RECEPTACLE 6570 $116.61 /pcs Anfrage
171F Image 171F Hammond Manufacturing TRANSFM ISOL 115 TO 115VAC 900VA 6787 $82.36 /pcs Anfrage
MEDBOX-0900 Image MEDBOX-0900 Amgis, LLC XFRMR MED GRADE ISLTD 120V/120V 6465 $222.238 /pcs Anfrage
110-0F Image 110-0F Signal Transformer XFRMR AUTO 115/230V 100VA 6364 $7.155 /pcs Anfrage
N-73A Image N-73A Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6532 $13.979 /pcs Anfrage
XFC215-347/480-277 Image XFC215-347/480-277 ERP Power TRANSFORMER ISO 347/480V 215VA 5209 $12.047 /pcs Anfrage
N-7MG Image N-7MG Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 600 VA 6551 $25.387 /pcs Anfrage
175F-NA Image 175F-NA Hammond Manufacturing TRANSF AUTO 230-115V 1KVA USA 6851 $66.873 /pcs Anfrage
MD-500-E Image MD-500-E Triad Magnetics MED GRADE ENC ISOLATION XFORMR 6485 $48.893 /pcs Anfrage
N-6U Image N-6U Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 200 VA 6197 $9.158 /pcs Anfrage
IS-500 Image IS-500 Tripp Lite TRANSFORMER ISOLATION 500W 6760 $85.718 /pcs Anfrage
N-68X Image N-68X Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 50VA 115/230VAC 6926 $4.003 /pcs Anfrage
IS-250 Image IS-250 Tripp Lite TRANSFORMER ISOLATION 250W 6142 $47.14 /pcs Anfrage
115 Image 115 Signal Transformer XFRMR AUTO 230/115V 150VA 6698 $16.747 /pcs Anfrage
N-257MG Image N-257MG Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6571 $54.181 /pcs Anfrage
480:347:277-125VA-IC Image 480:347:277-125VA-IC Thomas Research Products XFRMR 347/277V 125VA STEP-DOWN 6151 $5.982 /pcs Anfrage
SU-3 Image SU-3 Bel XFRMR ISO PWR 3KVA 7/14A 5001 $229.689 /pcs Anfrage
N-57M Image N-57M Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6544 $60.419 /pcs Anfrage
N-55M Image N-55M Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6966 $30.174 /pcs Anfrage
N-76U Image N-76U Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6355 $9.158 /pcs Anfrage
MEDBOX-1200 Image MEDBOX-1200 Amgis, LLC XFRMR MED GRADE ISLTD 120V/120V 6133 $256.035 /pcs Anfrage
N-2X Image N-2X Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 100 VA 6716 $5.229 /pcs Anfrage
N-4MG Image N-4MG Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 150 VA 6732 $20.168 /pcs Anfrage
N-54MG Image N-54MG Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6281 $21.738 /pcs Anfrage
MD-250-U Image MD-250-U Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOLATION MEDICAL 6670 $42.733 /pcs Anfrage
N-11MG Image N-11MG Triad Magnetics AUTOTRANSFORMER NON-ISOL 2000 VA 6411 $71.266 /pcs Anfrage
MD-1000-E Image MD-1000-E Triad Magnetics MED GRADE ENC ISOLATION XFORMR 6796 $70.311 /pcs Anfrage
120-0F Image 120-0F Bel XFRMR AUTO 115/230V 200VA 5006 $11.706 /pcs Anfrage
N-67A Image N-67A Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6426 $13.979 /pcs Anfrage
110-0F Image 110-0F Bel XFRMR AUTO 115/230V 100VA 5045 $7.752 /pcs Anfrage
IS1000HG Image IS1000HG Tripp Lite TRANSF ISO 1000W 4OUT HOSP GRADE 6132 $178.827 /pcs Anfrage
480:347:277:220-245VA-IC Image 480:347:277:220-245VA-IC Thomas Research Products 347/277:220V 245VA STEP-DOWN 6767 $10.579 /pcs Anfrage
N-77U Image N-77U Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6940 $9.385 /pcs Anfrage
N-59M Image N-59M Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6619 $79.548 /pcs Anfrage
N-92MD Image N-92MD Triad Magnetics TRANSFORMER ISOL 6460 $80.001 /pcs Anfrage
SU-1/2 Image SU-1/2 Bel XFRMR ISO PWR 1/2KVA 1.15/2.3A 5001 $63.353 /pcs Anfrage
XFC160-347/480-277 Image XFC160-347/480-277 ERP Power TRANSFORMER ISO 347/480V 160VA 5118 $10.388 /pcs Anfrage
Isolierter, nicht isolierter autotransform-Schritt