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Laird Technologies EMI

Laird Technologies - EMI
Laird Technologies - EMI
Imagen Número de pieza Fabricantes Descripción In Stock Unit Price Ver
BMI-C-002 Image BMI-C-002 Laird Technologies EMI CONTACT RETAINER FOR BOARDSHIELD 6730 $0.29 /pcs Investigación
JR4N1-CL1-20F Image JR4N1-CL1-20F Digi International CONN 20' RPSMA-MALE TO N-MALE 6935 $18.13 /pcs Investigación
XTIB-R Image XTIB-R Digi International BOARD INTERFACE 1W RS232/485 6661 $29.6 /pcs Investigación
MBD Image MBD Laird Technologies IAS MOUNT 3/4" HOLE BRASS NO CONN 6370 $7.434 /pcs Investigación
AD-FMC-SDCARD Image AD-FMC-SDCARD Analog Devices Inc. SD CARD FOR FMC 6623 $7.382 /pcs Investigación
G8PI Image G8PI Laird Technologies IAS MAGNETIC MOUNT CHROME 3/4" 6140 $9.695 /pcs Investigación
NMOHPCNMUHM518 Image NMOHPCNMUHM518 Laird Technologies IAS MOUNT BMM 3/4 A195 MUHFM 6323 $6.531 /pcs Investigación
RN-UFL-SMA6 Image RN-UFL-SMA6 Microchip Technology CABLE COAX W/UFL RPSMA 6" 6125 $1.429 /pcs Investigación
AE-3M-BNGZ-PCAE00-0041-DG001 Image AE-3M-BNGZ-PCAE00-0041-DG001 Aeris LTE/3G SIM+PLT INDUST 3FF 1PK 6828 $3.552 /pcs Investigación
ANTBAT2 Image ANTBAT2 Dynastream Innovations Inc. KIT ADAPTER BOARD BATTERY HOLDER 6325 $4.969 /pcs Investigación
RFD22122 Image RFD22122 RF Digital Corporation RFDUINO RGB SHIELD 6440 $5.393 /pcs Investigación
2701430 Image 2701430 Phoenix Contact CONTROL BOX 6302 $172.05 /pcs Investigación
WAMM100RSP-010 Image WAMM100RSP-010 Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions LIMIT SWES MAGNETIC ANTENNA 6540 $15.771 /pcs Investigación
DEV-SYS-1808-1A Image DEV-SYS-1808-1A Qualcomm CONVERTER USB TO SPI 7045 $83.165 /pcs Investigación
2903447 Image 2903447 Phoenix Contact PROGRAMMING CABLE 6006 $29.6 /pcs Investigación
2867856 Image 2867856 Phoenix Contact 4-WAY DISTRIBUTOR ANTENNA SIGNAL 6544 $120.62 /pcs Investigación
S01-806005KIT Image S01-806005KIT Harwin Inc. RFI SHIELD CAN KIT 6237 $6.522 /pcs Investigación
20-101-1253 Image 20-101-1253 Digi International BOARD SERIAL COMM RCM56/57XX 5003 $14.8 /pcs Investigación
1977-50-A00 Image 1977-50-A00 Bourns Inc. COAX, DC TO 7GHZ, N, FF, 780W 6638 $35.224 /pcs Investigación
2917189 Image 2917189 Phoenix Contact CONTROL CABINET NEMA4 6602 $609.024 /pcs Investigación
5605899 Image 5605899 Phoenix Contact RAD-CON-MCX-DLOAD 6098 $6.919 /pcs Investigación
LK-ZBA-CN Image LK-ZBA-CN Multi-Tech Systems Inc. KIT POWER/TELCO CHINA 6022 $6.66 /pcs Investigación
LPMB4BRACKETMM Image LPMB4BRACKETMM Pulse Electronics Corporation MAGNETIC MOUNT FOR LPMB4XXX ANTE 5005 $6 /pcs Investigación
HFB075100B Image HFB075100B Pulse Electronics Corporation BALUN ADAPT 75 TO 100 OHM B PBC 5054 $219.043 /pcs Investigación
1977-25-A03 Image 1977-25-A03 Bourns Inc. COAX, DC TO 7GHZ, F, MF, 190W 6011 $31.855 /pcs Investigación
GND2FFNSTAER001-X005 Image GND2FFNSTAER001-X005 Aeris GSM/2G/3G SIM+PLT MINI 2FF 5PK 6620 $4.858 /pcs Investigación
DLP-COAX1 Image DLP-COAX1 DLP Design Inc. COAX WITH RPSMA CONNECTOR 6104 $6.272 /pcs Investigación
NL-SIM-ATT Image NL-SIM-ATT NimbeLink MICRO-SIM 3FF ATT COMM TEMP 5096 $1.85 /pcs Investigación
2701402 Image 2701402 Phoenix Contact CABLE ANTENNA ASSY 5005 $24.531 /pcs Investigación
LPMB4BRACKETAM Image LPMB4BRACKETAM Pulse Electronics Corporation ADHESIVE MOUNT FOR LPMB4XXX ANTE 5005 $3.076 /pcs Investigación
LK-ZBA-GB/IE Image LK-ZBA-GB/IE Multi-Tech Systems Inc. KIT PWR/TELCO UK/IRELAND 6713 $6.66 /pcs Investigación
0650-00005 Image 0650-00005 Laird Technologies POWER SUPPLY 7.5VDC 1.5A 5007 $7.4 /pcs Investigación
AE-3C-WNGZ-005619-0202-X010 Image AE-3C-WNGZ-005619-0202-X010 Aeris GSM/2G/3G SIM+PLT MICRO 3FF 10PK 6655 $9.021 /pcs Investigación
KIT-HP20-01 Image KIT-HP20-01 Synapse Wireless 20 FOOT HANGING KIT - TO BE COMB 5005 $17.989 /pcs Investigación
SOC-BB Image SOC-BB Texas Instruments BOARD BATTERY FOR SOC'S 6308 $23.227 /pcs Investigación
ANT-MAG-B85-RPS Image ANT-MAG-B85-RPS Linx Technologies Inc. BASE MAGN 85MM 13.1' CBL RP-SMA 7053 $2.868 /pcs Investigación
1977-09-A01 Image 1977-09-A01 Bourns Inc. COAX, DC TO 7GHZ, N, MF, 25W 6961 $28.86 /pcs Investigación
CASMA-MMCX-10 Image CASMA-MMCX-10 Multi-Tech Systems Inc. CABLE RF SMA-MMCX 6" 6550 $4.024 /pcs Investigación
CWAA-00005-02 Image CWAA-00005-02 Laird Technologies NYLON MOUNT PILLARS 3.6MM 1K/PKG 5001 $57.72 /pcs Investigación
32403 Image 32403 Parallax, Inc. XBEE ADAPTER BOARD 5060 $1.965 /pcs Investigación
CAB.X07 Image CAB.X07 Taoglas Limited CBL ASSY SMAF TO M CFD200 5000MM 6423 $11.923 /pcs Investigación
PC-932-DC Image PC-932-DC Multi-Tech Systems Inc. POWER CABLE DC 6952 $1.888 /pcs Investigación
ANTUIF1 Image ANTUIF1 Dynastream Innovations Inc. KIT ADAPTER MODULE ANT-USB2 6198 $4.969 /pcs Investigación
1977-50-A01 Image 1977-50-A01 Bourns Inc. COAX, DC TO 7GHZ, N, MF, 780W 6985 $35.224 /pcs Investigación
20-101-1253 Image 20-101-1253 Digi International BOARD SERIAL COMM RCM56/57XX 6219 $14.8 /pcs Investigación
126 Image 126 Adafruit Industries LLC ADAPTER KIT XBEE 7089 $3.7 /pcs Investigación
2902816 Image 2902816 Phoenix Contact 2400 MHZ RF BAND 7 CONFIG STICK 6433 $18.5 /pcs Investigación
WRL-11373 Image WRL-11373 SparkFun Electronics BOARD XBEE EXPLORER REGULATED 6983 $3.682 /pcs Investigación
ZIPPER Image ZIPPER Lime Microsystems Ltd FMC/HSMC INTERFACE BOARD 6506 $73.63 /pcs Investigación
2702198 Image 2702198 Phoenix Contact RF ANTENNA COVER 5005 $82.51 /pcs Investigación
Accesorios RF