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NXP Semiconductors / Freescale

- NXP Semiconductors enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the secure connected vehicle, end-to-end security & privacy and smart connected solutions markets. Built on more than 60 years of combined experience and expertise, the company has 45,000 employees in more than 35 countries.
Freescale Semiconductor has been acquired by NXP Semiconductor. Freescale Semiconductor parts are now a part of the NXP family (Dec 2015).

The NXP Standard Products Division’s portfolio (Discretes, Logic & MOSFETs) has been transferred to Nexperia (Feb 7, 2017).
The NXP Bi-Polar Division product portfolio (Diodes, Thyristors & Transistors) has been transferred to WeEn Semiconductors (Jan 19, 2017).
The NXP RF Power Division’s product portfolio ( RF Amplifiers, RF MOSFETs) has been transferred to Ampleon (October 5, 2105).

Image Part Number Description In Stock Unit Price View
MC56F8006VWL Image MC56F8006VWL IC MCU 16BIT 16KB FLASH 28SOIC 7221 $1.137 /pcs Inquiry
SC18IS602BIPW,112 Image SC18IS602BIPW,112 IC BRIDGE SPI/I2C 16-TSSOP 6082 $0.518 /pcs Inquiry
MC68LC302AF20CT Image MC68LC302AF20CT IC MPU M683XX 20MHZ 100LQFP 6584 $10.918 /pcs Inquiry
MPC850DECVR66BU Image MPC850DECVR66BU IC MPU MPC8XX 66MHZ 256BGA 6290 $19.991 /pcs Inquiry
MC908AB32CFUE Image MC908AB32CFUE IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 64QFP 7152 $4.904 /pcs Inquiry
LPC4088FET180,551 Image LPC4088FET180,551 IC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 180BGA 6869 $3.033 /pcs Inquiry
S9S12XS256J0MAL Image S9S12XS256J0MAL IC MCU 16BIT 256KB FLASH 112LQFP 6965 $2.167 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9531PW,118 Image PCA9531PW,118 IC LED DRVR LIN DIM 25MA 16TSSOP 6875 $0.354 /pcs Inquiry
MPC8272ZQTIEA Image MPC8272ZQTIEA IC MPU MPC82XX 400MHZ 516BGA 6183 $17.813 /pcs Inquiry
S9S08DZ16F2CLC Image S9S08DZ16F2CLC IC MCU 8BIT 16KB FLASH 32LQFP 6393 $1.135 /pcs Inquiry
S912XDP512F0MAG Image S912XDP512F0MAG IC MCU 16BIT 512KB FLASH 144LQFP 6277 $7.27 /pcs Inquiry
MRFE6VP6300HR5 Image MRFE6VP6300HR5 FET RF 2CH 130V 230MHZ NI780-4 6405 $28.776 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9674AD,518 Image PCA9674AD,518 IC I/O EXPANDER I2C 8B 16SOIC 6011 $0.27 /pcs Inquiry
MC9328MX21CJM Image MC9328MX21CJM IC MPU I.MX21 266MHZ 289MAPBGA 6473 $8.198 /pcs Inquiry
OM4068H/2,518 Image OM4068H/2,518 IC LCD DRIVER 44-QFP 6500 $0.445 /pcs Inquiry
BGU8053X Image BGU8053X IC AMP LNA 5V 2500MHZ 8HWSON 7000 $0.34 /pcs Inquiry
S9S12P32J0MQK Image S9S12P32J0MQK IC MCU 16BIT 32KB FLASH 80QFP 6892 $1.225 /pcs Inquiry
MFRC52302HN1,151 Image MFRC52302HN1,151 IC READER 32-HVQFN 6959 $1.771 /pcs Inquiry
MD7IC1812GNR1 Image MD7IC1812GNR1 IC PWR AMP RF LDMOS TO270 6940 $8.511 /pcs Inquiry
S32K144EVB-Q100X Image S32K144EVB-Q100X S32K144 EVALUATION BOARD 6469 $18.13 /pcs Inquiry
MPC8555CVTAJD Image MPC8555CVTAJD IC MPU MPC85XX 533MHZ 783FCBGA 6235 $52.207 /pcs Inquiry
MCIMX6S8DVM10AC Image MCIMX6S8DVM10AC IC MPU I.MX6S 1.0GHZ 624MAPBGA 6177 $9.177 /pcs Inquiry
MPC8347ECZQAGDB Image MPC8347ECZQAGDB IC MPU MPC83XX 400MHZ 620BGA 6767 $21.432 /pcs Inquiry
S9S12HA32J0CLL Image S9S12HA32J0CLL IC MCU 16BIT 32KB FLASH 100LQFP 6788 $1.355 /pcs Inquiry
LPC2103FBD48,151 Image LPC2103FBD48,151 IC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 48LQFP 6759 $1.14 /pcs Inquiry
S9S12P128J0MFTR Image S9S12P128J0MFTR IC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 48QFN 7000 $1.279 /pcs Inquiry
MRFE6VP5300NR1 Image MRFE6VP5300NR1 FET RF 2CH 133V 230MHZ TO-270 7277 $21.604 /pcs Inquiry
FXTH8715026T1 Image FXTH8715026T1 IC TPMS 1500KPA Z AXIS 24QFN 7000 $2.005 /pcs Inquiry
MC34VR500V2ESR2 Image MC34VR500V2ESR2 IC REG 9OUT BUCK/LDO 56QFN 9000 $1.94 /pcs Inquiry
MCF5253CVM140 Image MCF5253CVM140 IC MCU 32BIT ROMLESS 225MAPBGA 6676 $6.745 /pcs Inquiry
MC908AP8ACFBE Image MC908AP8ACFBE IC MCU 8BIT 8KB FLASH 44QFP 6071 $1.994 /pcs Inquiry
MRF8P20140WHSR5 Image MRF8P20140WHSR5 FET RF 2CH 65V 1.91GHZ NI780S-4 6711 $36.581 /pcs Inquiry
MPC860PZQ80D4 Image MPC860PZQ80D4 IC MPU MPC8XX 80MHZ 357BGA 6582 $40.465 /pcs Inquiry
OM13083 Image OM13083 DEMO BOARD LPC4088 6841 $101.288 /pcs Inquiry
MCIMX512CJM6C Image MCIMX512CJM6C IC MPU I.MX51 600MHZ 529BGA 6056 $14.632 /pcs Inquiry
MMT20303HT1 Image MMT20303HT1 DIGITAL ATTENUATOR 50-4000MHZ 6685 $1.234 /pcs Inquiry
S9S08DZ60F2MLFR Image S9S08DZ60F2MLFR IC MCU 8BIT 60KB FLASH 48LQFP 7000 $1.732 /pcs Inquiry
SC16C2550BIBS,157 Image SC16C2550BIBS,157 IC UART DUAL W/FIFO 32-HVQFN 7450 $1.036 /pcs Inquiry
MK24FN1M0VLL12R Image MK24FN1M0VLL12R IC MCU 32BIT 1MB FLASH 100LQFP 6842 $3.73 /pcs Inquiry
MPC855TVR80D4 Image MPC855TVR80D4 IC MPU MPC8XX 80MHZ 357BGA 6619 $18.92 /pcs Inquiry
TWR-KV31F120M Image TWR-KV31F120M DEV KIT KINETIS V KV3X 6939 $55.13 /pcs Inquiry
PCA9554BS,118 Image PCA9554BS,118 IC I/O EXPANDER I2C 8B 16HVQFN 6187 $0.222 /pcs Inquiry
MK60DN256VLQ10 Image MK60DN256VLQ10 IC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 144LQFP 6748 $2.819 /pcs Inquiry
MCIMX6X1CVO08AB Image MCIMX6X1CVO08AB IC MPU 32BIT I.MX6 800MHZ 400BGA 6799 $7.54 /pcs Inquiry
MC68360ZQ25L Image MC68360ZQ25L IC MPU M683XX 25MHZ 357BGA 6120 $27.18 /pcs Inquiry
MC9S12DG128CFUER Image MC9S12DG128CFUER IC MCU 16BIT 128KB FLASH 80QFP 6644 $6.757 /pcs Inquiry
MPC8347ZUAJDB Image MPC8347ZUAJDB IC MPU MPC83XX 533MHZ 672TBGA 6623 $24.1 /pcs Inquiry
ADC1115S125HN/C1:5 Image ADC1115S125HN/C1:5 ADC 11BIT DUAL 125MSPS 40HVQFN 7080 $6.658 /pcs Inquiry
TDA8034HN/C1,151 Image TDA8034HN/C1,151 IC SMARD CARD INTERFACE 24HVQFN 6517 $0.16 /pcs Inquiry
Total 25,060 items

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