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Samtec, Inc.

Samtec, Inc.

is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. Samtec is a global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including micro pitch board-to-board systems (on .100”, 2 mm, .050”, 1 mm, .8 mm, .635 mm, .5 mm, and .4 mm pitch), high-speed mezzanine systems, high-density arrays, IC-to-Board, Future-Proof/Active Optics, rugged/power systems, and cable assemblies (IDC, discrete wire, sealed/circulars, and high speed).
To meet the interconnect challenges of tomorrow and beyond, Samtec has developed Technology Centers dedicated to developing and advancing technologies and products that provide both performance and cost benefits, ensuring complete system optimization from the bare die to an interface 100 meters away, and all interconnect points in between.

With 33 locations in 18 different countries, including manufacturing facilities in New Albany, Colorado, Oregon, Costa Rica, China, Malaysia and Singapore, Samtec’s global presence enables its unmatched customer service.
Samtec was founded in 1976, is privately held, and is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified with a 5-A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating, the highest available for a corporation this size. Samtec is recognized as the service leader in the connector industry.

Image Part Number Description In Stock Unit Price View
HLE-110-02-L-DV Image HLE-110-02-L-DV .100 TIGER BEAM SKT ASSY 1268 $0.57 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-121-03-L-V-P Image BKT-121-03-L-V-P 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1556 $2.028 /pcs Inquiry
SSQ-144-03-T-S Image SSQ-144-03-T-S CONN RCPT .100" 44POS SNGL TIN 1619 $0.813 /pcs Inquiry
CES-131-01-G-S Image CES-131-01-G-S LOW PROFILE .025" SQUARE STRIPS 1809 $2.808 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-145-02-L-V-P Image BKT-145-02-L-V-P 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1219 $2.941 /pcs Inquiry
SSW-150-02-S-D Image SSW-150-02-S-D CONN RCPT .100" 100POS DUAL GOLD 1893 $3.752 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-169-03-F-V-S-A-P-TR Image BKT-169-03-F-V-S-A-P-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1500 $2.509 /pcs Inquiry
BCS-122-L-S-TE Image BCS-122-L-S-TE CONN RCPT 22POS .100" SNGL VERT 1145 $0.742 /pcs Inquiry
CLE-103-01-G-DV Image CLE-103-01-G-DV CONN RCPT 6POS .8MM DL GOLD SMD 1177 $1.032 /pcs Inquiry
MTLW-105-05-T-D-185 Image MTLW-105-05-T-D-185 CONN HEADER 10POS 1.00" DL TIN 1318 $0.406 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-129-02-F-V-A-P-TR Image BKT-129-02-F-V-A-P-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1973 $1.724 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-139-05-L-V-A-TR Image BKT-139-05-L-V-A-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1337 $2.475 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-135-01-F-V-S-P-TR Image BKT-135-01-F-V-S-P-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1114 $2.09 /pcs Inquiry
SSW-131-01-S-D Image SSW-131-01-S-D CONN RCPT .100" 62POS DUAL GOLD 1526 $1.666 /pcs Inquiry
TLE-108-01-G-DV-A-K-TR Image TLE-108-01-G-DV-A-K-TR 2MM SOCKET STRIPS 1561 $0.727 /pcs Inquiry
TSM-108-01-S-SV-LC Image TSM-108-01-S-SV-LC CONN HEADER 8POS .100" SNGL SMD 1206 $0.878 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-116-02-L-D-BE-A-K-TR Image CLM-116-02-L-D-BE-A-K-TR 1MM MICRO STRIPS 1695 $2.09 /pcs Inquiry
FFSD-10-D-03.50-01-N Image FFSD-10-D-03.50-01-N .050 X .050 C.L. FEMALE IDC ASSE 1393 $2.841 /pcs Inquiry
QTH-150-02-L-D-A Image QTH-150-02-L-D-A CONN HEADER HS .5MM 300POS DL AU 1574 $7.132 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-108-02-H-D-P Image CLM-108-02-H-D-P 1MM MICRO STRIPS 1722 $2.582 /pcs Inquiry
IDSD-13-S-05.00 Image IDSD-13-S-05.00 FLEX CABLE 26 POS 5" 1995 $3.12 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-104-02-L-D-TR Image CLM-104-02-L-D-TR 1MM MICRO STRIPS 1650 $0.455 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-155-02-F-V-S-A-P Image BKT-155-02-F-V-S-A-P 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1239 $3.284 /pcs Inquiry
FFSD-06-D-10.00-01-N Image FFSD-06-D-10.00-01-N CABLE ASSEM .05" 12POS 10" 1623 $2.7 /pcs Inquiry
FLE-104-01-G-DV-A Image FLE-104-01-G-DV-A .050 MICRO STRIPS 2108 $0.407 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-123-04-F-V Image BKT-123-04-F-V 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1900 $1.611 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-120-02-G-D-BE-A-K-TR Image CLP-120-02-G-D-BE-A-K-TR .050" X .050 1572 $2.165 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-120-02-G-D-BE-A Image CLP-120-02-G-D-BE-A .050" X .050 1897 $2.968 /pcs Inquiry
SSQ-146-01-G-D Image SSQ-146-01-G-D CONN RCPT .100" 92POS DUAL GOLD 1274 $2.413 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-108-08-L-D-RA Image TSW-108-08-L-D-RA CONN HEADER 16POS .100 DL R/A AU 1775 $0.41 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-131-06-T-S Image TSW-131-06-T-S CONN HEADER 31POS .100" SNGL TIN 1089 $0.305 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-134-02-L-D-BE-P Image CLP-134-02-L-D-BE-P .050" X .050 1733 $3.635 /pcs Inquiry
TMM-110-03-L-D Image TMM-110-03-L-D 2MM TERMINAL STRIP 1933 $0.434 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-140-23-L-S Image TSW-140-23-L-S CONN HEADER 40POS .100" SGL GOLD 1035 $0.538 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-138-05-T-D Image TSW-138-05-T-D CONN HEADER 76POS .100" DL TIN 1604 $0.718 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-142-02-L-D Image CLP-142-02-L-D CONN RCPT 84POS DUAL .05" SMD 1551 $2.445 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-119-02-FM-D Image CLM-119-02-FM-D 1MM MICRO STRIPS 1875 $2.176 /pcs Inquiry
SSQ-123-03-G-S Image SSQ-123-03-G-S CONN RCPT .100" 23POS SNGL GOLD 1728 $0.916 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-104-02-FM-D-PA-TR Image CLM-104-02-FM-D-PA-TR 1MM MICRO STRIPS 1270 $0.724 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-133-01-L-V Image BKT-133-01-L-V 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1051 $2.059 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-155-04-F-V-S-P-TR Image BKT-155-04-F-V-S-P-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1211 $2.641 /pcs Inquiry
BCS-109-T-S-TE Image BCS-109-T-S-TE BOX CONNECTOR SOCKET STRIP 1481 $0.53 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-128-02-L-D-BE-K-TR Image CLP-128-02-L-D-BE-K-TR .050" X .050 1712 $1.914 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-116-02-F-D-BE-PA Image CLM-116-02-F-D-BE-PA 1MM MICRO STRIPS 1287 $2.379 /pcs Inquiry
FLE-159-01-G-DV Image FLE-159-01-G-DV CONN RCPT .05" 118POS DUAL SMD 1652 $3.436 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-145-05-L-V-P-TR Image BKT-145-05-L-V-P-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 1381 $2.571 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-148-07-S-D Image TSW-148-07-S-D CONN HEADER 96POS .100" DL GOLD 1228 $1.89 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-133-02-L-D-BE-PA-TR Image CLP-133-02-L-D-BE-PA-TR .050" X .050 1416 $2.775 /pcs Inquiry
EHT-110-01-S-D-SM-03 Image EHT-110-01-S-D-SM-03 2MM EJECTOR HEADER 1911 $4.126 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-118-14-T-D Image TSW-118-14-T-D CONN HEADER 36POS .100" DUAL TIN 1815 $0.385 /pcs Inquiry
Total 348,978 items

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