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Samtec, Inc.

Samtec, Inc.

is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. Samtec is a global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including micro pitch board-to-board systems (on .100”, 2 mm, .050”, 1 mm, .8 mm, .635 mm, .5 mm, and .4 mm pitch), high-speed mezzanine systems, high-density arrays, IC-to-Board, Future-Proof/Active Optics, rugged/power systems, and cable assemblies (IDC, discrete wire, sealed/circulars, and high speed).
To meet the interconnect challenges of tomorrow and beyond, Samtec has developed Technology Centers dedicated to developing and advancing technologies and products that provide both performance and cost benefits, ensuring complete system optimization from the bare die to an interface 100 meters away, and all interconnect points in between.

With 33 locations in 18 different countries, including manufacturing facilities in New Albany, Colorado, Oregon, Costa Rica, China, Malaysia and Singapore, Samtec’s global presence enables its unmatched customer service.
Samtec was founded in 1976, is privately held, and is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified with a 5-A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating, the highest available for a corporation this size. Samtec is recognized as the service leader in the connector industry.

Image Part Number Description In Stock Unit Price View
MEC6-120-02-L-D-RA1-TR Image MEC6-120-02-L-D-RA1-TR .635MM RIGHT ANGLE EDGE CARD ASS 6479 $2.113 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-147-05-F-V-S-A-TR Image BKT-147-05-F-V-S-A-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6348 $2.446 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-116-02-F-D-BE-PA Image CLP-116-02-F-D-BE-PA .050" X .050 6400 $2.25 /pcs Inquiry
SMM-107-02-S-S Image SMM-107-02-S-S CONN RCPT 2MM 7POS SGL GOLD SMD 6429 $0.73 /pcs Inquiry
TMM-106-01-G-D-SM-P Image TMM-106-01-G-D-SM-P CONN HEADER 12POS DUAL 2MM SMD 6329 $0.921 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-145-02-F-D-A-K-TR Image CLM-145-02-F-D-A-K-TR 1MM MICRO STRIPS 6218 $3.204 /pcs Inquiry
TCSD-20-D-12.00-01-N Image TCSD-20-D-12.00-01-N CABLE ASSEM 2MM 40POS F-F 12" 6305 $4.318 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-163-01-FM-V Image BKT-163-01-FM-V 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6616 $2.612 /pcs Inquiry
SQT-113-03-L-D Image SQT-113-03-L-D CONN RCPT 2MM 26POS DL VERT PCB 6530 $1.732 /pcs Inquiry
SSW-128-02-T-S Image SSW-128-02-T-S CONN RCPT .100" 28POS SNGL TIN 6140 $0.463 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-131-03-FM-V Image BKT-131-03-FM-V 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6896 $1.702 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-131-02-F-D-BE-A Image CLM-131-02-F-D-BE-A 1MM MICRO STRIPS 6093 $2.707 /pcs Inquiry
SSM-113-L-DV Image SSM-113-L-DV CONN RCPT .100" 26POS DUAL VERT 6313 $1.195 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-144-08-S-S-RA Image TSW-144-08-S-S-RA CONN HEADER 44PS .100 SGL R/A AU 6994 $0.942 /pcs Inquiry
CLE-144-01-G-DV-A-K-TR Image CLE-144-01-G-DV-A-K-TR .8MM MICRO SOCKET STRIPS 6658 $3.919 /pcs Inquiry
SSQ-144-01-T-S Image SSQ-144-01-T-S CONN RCPT .100" 44POS SNGL TIN 6005 $0.704 /pcs Inquiry
SSW-121-01-S-S Image SSW-121-01-S-S CONN RCPT .100" 21POS SNGL GOLD 6669 $0.7 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-165-05-L-V-TR Image BKT-165-05-L-V-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6805 $3.08 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-124-08-L-S-RA Image TSW-124-08-L-S-RA CONN HEADER 24PS .100 SGL R/A AU 6899 $0.372 /pcs Inquiry
FTSH-115-01-L-DV-K Image FTSH-115-01-L-DV-K CONN HEADER 30POS DUAL .05" SMD 6832 $1.224 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-103-02-F-D-A Image CLM-103-02-F-D-A 1MM MICRO STRIPS 6756 $0.608 /pcs Inquiry
SFM-140-01-S-D-A Image SFM-140-01-S-D-A .050" X .050 6186 $3.139 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-125-02-L-D-A-K Image CLM-125-02-L-D-A-K 1MM MICRO STRIPS 6657 $2.833 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-139-04-L-V Image BKT-139-04-L-V 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6522 $2.638 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-116-02-G-D-A-K-TR Image CLP-116-02-G-D-A-K-TR .050" X .050 6610 $1.708 /pcs Inquiry
SQW-128-01-F-D Image SQW-128-01-F-D 2MM SOCKET STRIPS 6347 $2.298 /pcs Inquiry
TMM-111-01-G-S-SM Image TMM-111-01-G-S-SM CONN HEADER 11POS SNGL 2MM SMD 6387 $0.54 /pcs Inquiry
TMM-121-01-T-D Image TMM-121-01-T-D CONN HEADER 42POS DUAL 2MM T/H 6622 $0.562 /pcs Inquiry
SSQ-129-01-S-D Image SSQ-129-01-S-D CONN RCPT .100" 58POS DUAL GOLD 6087 $1.658 /pcs Inquiry
SSW-132-02-G-S-RA Image SSW-132-02-G-S-RA CONN RCPT .100" 32POS R/A SGL AU 6824 $1.038 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-115-02-L-D-BE-A-K-TR Image CLM-115-02-L-D-BE-A-K-TR 1MM MICRO STRIPS 6280 $2.265 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-157-03-L-V-A Image BKT-157-03-L-V-A 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6719 $3.312 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-133-03-LM-V Image BKT-133-03-LM-V 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6160 $2.264 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-114-02-G-D-A Image CLP-114-02-G-D-A .050" X .050 6541 $1.548 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-123-08-T-S Image TSW-123-08-T-S CONN HEADER 23POS .100" SNGL TIN 6056 $0.215 /pcs Inquiry
CLT-117-02-L-D-BE-A-K-TR Image CLT-117-02-L-D-BE-A-K-TR 2MM SOCKET STRIPS 6629 $1.539 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-113-02-F-D-BE-PA Image CLP-113-02-F-D-BE-PA .050" X .050 6694 $2.002 /pcs Inquiry
TSW-113-08-S-S-RA Image TSW-113-08-S-S-RA CONN HEADER 13PS .100 SGL R/A AU 6555 $0.398 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-141-02-L-V-S-A-TR Image BKT-141-02-L-V-S-A-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6158 $2.54 /pcs Inquiry
SSM-121-L-DV Image SSM-121-L-DV CONN RCPT .100" 42POS DUAL VERT 6263 $1.616 /pcs Inquiry
BKT-165-04-F-V-S-TR Image BKT-165-04-F-V-S-TR 1MM SURFACE MOUNT STRIP 6857 $2.731 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-141-02-L-D-K-TR Image CLP-141-02-L-D-K-TR .050" X .050 6704 $2.621 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-130-02-G-D-BE-A-K Image CLP-130-02-G-D-BE-A-K .050" X .050 6762 $3.36 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-109-02-F-D-A-TR Image CLM-109-02-F-D-A-TR 1MM MICRO STRIPS 6398 $1.151 /pcs Inquiry
SSW-138-01-T-D Image SSW-138-01-T-D CONN RCPT .100" 76POS DUAL TIN 6487 $0.964 /pcs Inquiry
CLM-108-02-LM-D-BE-K-TR Image CLM-108-02-LM-D-BE-K-TR 1MM MICRO STRIPS 6550 $1.302 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-109-02-SM-D-P-TR Image CLP-109-02-SM-D-P-TR .050" X .050 6591 $1.396 /pcs Inquiry
TMM-137-01-G-S-SM Image TMM-137-01-G-S-SM CONN HEADER 37POS SNGL 2MM SMD 6514 $1.237 /pcs Inquiry
EHF-117-01-F-D-SM-LC Image EHF-117-01-F-D-SM-LC CONN HEADER .050" 34POS DUAL SMD 6273 $1.284 /pcs Inquiry
CLP-113-02-F-D Image CLP-113-02-F-D CONN RCPT 26POS DUAL .05" SMD 6189 $0.857 /pcs Inquiry
Total 348,978 items

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