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1.5GHz and 3GHz real-time spectrum analysers from Rigol


Called RSA3000E, according to the company it combines the performance of a swept spectrum analyser with the analysis capability of a real-time analyser.

Tracking generators are available, and instruments start at $1,799. “The RSA3000E provides the same seven visualisation modes and triggering capability as Rigol’s other UltraReal products, only at a lower entry price,” is the firm’s message, adding that it is “priced to make it accessible to HAMs, hobbyists and educators”.

10MHz of real-time analysis bandwidth is standard, and a 9.3μs probability of intercept (POI).

As a swept spectrum analyser, resolution bandwidth is 1Hz standard, noise floor as low as -161dBm, phase noise of -102dBc/Hz, and a full span sweep as fast as 1ms provides.

For embedded IoT engineers integrating RF technology, and people doing EMI pre-compliance testing, there are analysis options – plus setup, storage and report generation to ease test repitition and dissemination of results.

The EMI pre-compliance option (RSA3000E-EMI) allows engineers to measure, compare, analyse, and report on EMI issues throughout their design process. “Features like integrated CISPR bandwidths and detectors, limit line construction, automated multi-segment scan, and up to three simultaneous detectors make it simple to get initial scans and measurements,” claimed Rigol.

The ASK/FSK demodulation option (RSA3000E-ASK/FSK) allows RF engineers to characterise ASK and FSK modulation schemes – the demodulation application provides measurement of I/Q waveform and RF envelope, constellation diagrams, vector diagrams, symbol level decode, time and frequency, and bit error analysis against known sequences.

Real-time detector measurements are available, as are automated peak/limit searches and correction table integration.