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2.5A dc-dc the size of a grapefruit pip

Recom-RPX-2.5 dc-dc buck

Input range is 4.5 to 28Vdc, allowing it to run from 5, 12 or 24V dc rails – providing the input voltage is sufficiently above the output voltage for the buck to function. Power and other restrictions mean that not all Vin – Vout – Iout combinations are available.

The surface-mount packaging is QFN, with its small size is partly “due to its flip-chip technology which increases power density and improves thermal management”, according to the firm.

Shielding around the integrated inductor aids installation in small spaces.

Max efficiency is 91%, measured at 12Vin 5Vout 1Aout, and maximum capacitive load is 500μF.

Shut-down is pin-controlled, and current consumption drops typically to 2µA.

Recom-RPX-2.5-circuitOne the subject of capacitance, RPX-2.5 requires a 10µF MLCC input capacitor for normal operation, plus a 47µF electrolytic (1.25A or higher ripple rated) for high transient load applications.

MLCC output capacitors are required, with different values needed for different output voltage ranges – the data sheet has a selection table and also suggests values for an optional capacitor across one of the output voltage setting resistors to improve transient load response.

Additional input filtering components are needed to meet EN55032.

Protection includes output continuous short-circuit, output over-current and module over-temperature.

Under-voltage lock-out is included, with a default 4.1V setting, although this can be adjusted upwards using a pair of resistors.

There is an evaluation board.

Calibration note
Footprint-wise, one grapefruit pip is approximately 10-15 the-size-of-Wales, although one pip has infinitely more volume.