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Analog Devices launches hardware and software platform MeasureWare

Lorna Keane, director of MeasureWare at ADI, said the product is designed for an “evolving world”, where electronic engineering skills are declining while the requirement for precise measurement is only increasing.

Most STEM graduates are choosing careers in software development, a trend underscored by the fact that the average age of an electronics engineer is 53.measureware

The innovations being pursued by these software engineers however, like machine learning and AI, require massive amounts of accurate data in units the users can easily interpret.

MeasureWare offers a browser-based platform in which users can input their measurement requirements, which include the type of measurement along with range and accuracy, whereupon they will be presented with a suitable sensor.

This can be repeated for three sensor inputs, which can comprise three separate parameters or variations on one (two weight sensors and a humidity sensor, for example). The sensors on offer include a mixture of ADI and partnered third-party products, with the latter filling any gaps in ADI’s own portfolio.

Sensors, along with the hardware itself, are offered through a distribution partnership with Digi-Key.

Vice president of global supplier management for Digi-Key, David Stein, says “Partnerships like this reflect Digi-Key’s overarching commitment to continue streamlining every aspect of our business – including the purchasing process – in order to support the design engineer.”

Currently, the three aforementioned parameters (temperature, humidity and weight) are the only sensors offered as part of the MeasureWare platform, however Keane said it is not a “one-and-done” service, mentioning several scheduled updates.

The company plans to add sensors to measure pH, C02, glucose, and more in the coming weeks and months. For ongoing additions, Keane said ADI would be “led by the market”.

On purchasing their MeasureWare kit, customers will gain access to the software studio and mobile app, allowing them to view measurements live and store them for further adjustments.

The software currently will be included for free with the purchase of the hardware kit, however the company said it would be looking at alternate pricing structures in the future.

It seems likely in the months to come; the updated software will be a paid proposition.

Finally, the platform supports customers towards full product development. This support includes an Arm Mbed sample project and API, and will support other IDEs in the future, the company says.

The entire structure is underpinned by a “web ecosystem”, where customers can communicate, share experiences and receive support.

MeasureWare’s early access customers included start ups through to corporates, in verticals such as agriculture, industry and healthcare. One company given as an example, is using MeasureWare to monitor its medication fridges in order to ensure an optimal temperature is maintained.

The customers, Keane stressed, are not necessarily engineers, rather they are anyone who requires precise measurements in a commercial context.

In the official release, Keane says “With MeasureWare and our associated partner network, we support users throughout their entire measurement journey, with solutions that scale from idea to production.”