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Four pin package speeds SiC mosfet switching


Used for the SCT3xxx xR mosfet series, the TO-247-4L package is said to reduce switching loss by up to 35% over the conventional three pin TO-247N.

The extra connection is to the mosfet source, allowing the gate driver to get at both gate and source, delivering the drive waveform without interference from the voltage that develops across the main source lead due to load current flow though its inductance.

“In recent years, the growing needs for cloud services due to the proliferation of AI and IoT has increased the demand for data centres worldwide,” said Rohm. “SiC devices are attracting attention due to their smaller loss over mainstream silicon devices in the power conversion circuits of servers. The TO-247-4L package enables to reduce switching loss over conventional packages.”

Use is also foreseen in un-interruptable power supplied (UPSs), solar power inverters and electric vehicle charging stations.

Rohm-4pin-SiC-mosfet-boardTo go along with the devices is an evaluation board (P02SCT3040KR-EVK-001) that will take either TO-247-4L and TO-247N packages. This is fitted with BM6101FV-C gate driver ICs along with multiple power supply ICs and discrete components optimised for SiC mosfets.

“The board can be used for double pulse testing as well as the evaluation of components in boost circuits, two-level inverters and synchronous rectification buck circuits,” said the firm.

Rohm-4pin-SiC-mosfet-line-upSCT3xxx xR devices are trench gate SiC mosfets. There are six of them (see table), rated at either 650V or 1,200V breakdown.