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Nichia adds tuneable white-point mid-power LED for lighting


Called NF2W757G-MT, it uses the firm’s standard ‘757’ 3030 (3 x 3mm) package – which is small compared with earlier attempts at tuneable-white LEDs.

“The proprietary 2-in-1 LED technology also allows for higher colour quality, in some cases up to ~90 CRI, in the popular CCT regions as standard; achieved with a negligible loss of performance vs. standard CRI LEDs,” according to Nichia. “Currently, luminaire manufacturers must use two LEDs in side-by-side to achieve colour tuning. This creates unwanted optical distributions and visual effects while also limiting the lumen output that can be achieved in a single luminaire. Now, luminaire manufacturers can achieve the performance they need by integrating Nichia’s LED.”

There will be optical advantages in adopting the new part, according to distributor Cutter Electronics which will be stocking it: “Because the two emitters are located closely together, relative to the case with adjacent cool and warm packages, the mixing takes place more efficiently. Nichia says that means the secondary optic can be located nearer the LED and the optic can be thinner as the blended chip design will assist in the removal of hot spot point source light, often a design challenge. It could also be expected that the LEDs will deliver better colour over angle uniformity when photometric test reports are revealed.”

While first clarifying that it has not been given full details of the NF2W757G-MT architecture, Cutter has offered thoughts on the way it might be constructed: “It would be almost impossible to get acceptable granularity of control if you simply put two LEDs in one package cavity and covered one side in cool phosphor and the other in warm phosphor because there would be cross-talk between the emitters. Based on the product samples we have seen, it appears that Nichia is coating one of the two die directly with a warmer phosphor and then coating the entire package with a cooler phosphor.”

Multiple binning options will be available, including 3-step only.

Applications are foreseen in lighting for health and well-being, or human-centric lighting along with tuning to enhance the ambience in a space.