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PCIM: PCB-mount isolated current transducer for ac and dc up to 200A


The LZSR family, as it will be known, consists of:

  • LZSR 100-P (100Arms nominal)
  • LZSR 150-P (150Arms nominal, 450A peak)
  • LZSR 200-P (200A)

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Peak current is up to 3 times the primary nominal current reaching 450 A pk with the 150 ARMS

An over-current detection output with a threshold set at 1.93 x IPN is also offered as an option on an additional pin – as an indicator, or to trip a circuit breaker.

There are two basic versions

  • LZSR-P aperture for primary conductor
  • LZSR-TP integrated primary conductor for PCB soldering

LEM-LZSR-current-transducer-blockInside is the same asic as the existing LF xx10, LH, LxSR current transducer series, which uses the Hall effect and closed-loop sensing to achieve an offset drift of 3ppm/K of Vref – where Vref is generated internally and available outside.

“Working from -40°C to +85°C, LZSR offset drift is much better than the previous generation of closed-loop Hall effect current transducers working with traditional Hall effect chips,” claimed LEM.

Supply is a single +5V.

The units all measure 37.75 x 48.2 x 19.4mm

“The LZSR production line has been designed to be a semi-automatic assembling line,” said LEM. “Manufacturing techniques inspired on automotive designs have been introduced, allowing these new transducers to achieve the highest levels of quality and traceability.”

Use is expected where low offset drift is important, such as on the ac side of 70 to 120kW solar inverters, where standards require a very low dc component in the output current, according to LEM.