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PCIM: Plastic 100A 1.2kV 3ph IGBT module with integrated drivers


Branded ‘Large DIPIPM+’, the modules include high and low-side drive ICs.

“Of special note, one of the modules achieves a world’s first high-density output of 100A/1.200V in its transfer-mould package,” said the firm, with the caveat that this is to the best of its knowledge of 07 May.

Motivation for creating this part was “in response to increasing demands for high-power compressors in package [heating and cooling] air conditioners in the 56kW class”, according to the firm – proprietary direct-wire-bonding technology allowing its construction.

  • The parts are:
  • PSS50NE1CT 50A 1,200V
  • PSS75NE1CT 75A 1,200V
  • PSS100NE1CT 100A 1,200V

Mitsubishi-DIPIPMplus-blockThree-phase converter, inverter, brake (optional) are built in, alongside chips (and associated bootstrap diode) for control, and protection for output voltage, short circuit, under-voltage and temperature.

There would be more details here, if only Misubishi had made data sheets available. The only reference I can find beyond the initial announcement is at the bottom of this page. For want of anything better, here is a three year-old 35A module from the same family.

Sales of the DIPIPM+ series will begin on 29 May.

As well as PCIM in Nuremberg, the modules will be at PCIM-Asia in Shanghai (26 to 28 June).