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SiC mosfets hard switch 1,200V at up to 115A


The distributor is stocking new third-generation parts with a rugged intrinsic body diode that allows for third-quadrant operation without an additional external diode.

Applications are expected in solar energy, electric vehicle charging, uninterruptible power suppies (UPS), motor drives and energy storage.

The parts, detailed in the table below, operate at up to 1,200V and can switch 63 to 115A depending on devices.

Parameter C3M0016120D C3M0021120D C3M0032120D
Blocking voltage 1,200V 1,200V 1,200V
Current rating at 25°C 115A 100A 63A
Rds(on) at 25°C 16mΩ 21mΩ 32mΩ
Package TO-247-3 TO-247-3 TO-247-3
Gate charge total 207nC 160nC 114nC
Maximum junction temperature 175˚C 175˚C 175˚C
Reverse-recovery charge (Qrr) 672nC 879nC 848nC
Output capacitance 230pF 180pF 129pF
Reverse-recover time (Trr) 58ns 81ns 69ns