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University of Essex turns to Rohde & Schwarz for student lab test gear


“We have made a considerable investment in our main teaching laboratory and created a facility that we are truly proud of, which fully meets the expectations of our new cohorts of students,” according to Electronic Engineering head Professor Anthony Vickers.

Each workstation in the lab, which has undergraduate, MEng and masters students, gets an RTB2000 – an instrument that combines:

  • oscilloscope (with gesture recognition)
  • logic analyser
  • protocol analyser
  • waveform generator
  • pattern generator
  • digital volt-meter

as well as NGE100 dc power supplies and a HMC8012 digital multimeters each.

The RTB2000 also includes a built-in web server that enables students and lecturers to display their instrument screen content to the classroom and over a network.

“The university has also implemented a lab management software solution with Rohde & Schwarz to streamline lab set-up between classes. It automates lab bench assignment and instrument configuration, as well as presenting remote screen content,” said R&S.

The University of Essex has 16,500 students from >140 countries situated across three campuses.

Teh electronic engineering lab “is used by over 450 students a year as they start their careers in this wonderful discipline, and we are excited that they will be learning their subject on Rohde & Schwarz equipment”, said R&S uUniversity business sales engineer Phil McCluskey.

As well as test equipment, the firm provides universities with literature and offers guest lectures, seminars and training for academics and students. It also sponsors student competitions with test equipment and awards.