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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This agreement details the terms and conditions of www.Electronics-Stock.com, if you have any question, pls feel free to contact us.

Please read this term of use and privacy statement carefully before you registered on Electronics-Stock.com. once you registered successfully, menas you read, agreed and accepted all the terms and conditionls in terms of use and privacy statement. we will publish updated version on Electronics-Stock.com, if we changed this statement. all the content of agreement will come into effect on the date of publication. if you don't agree this revision, you have to terminate the relationship with Electronics-Stock.com.


1), User Qualification:
All Electronics-Stock.com user must be company or individual who can sign omnibus legal binding contract under the law. Please don't use our service if you were not qualified. You can not transfer or sell your Electronics-Stock.com account. Electronics-Stock.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account according to their wishes.
2), Material writing:
All users must provide real, valid personal information to Electronics-Stock.com, in order to make sure normal business. If any changes, pls notify and update to Electronics-Stock.com immediately.
All Electronics-Stock.com users agree to accept emails and messages from Electronics-Stock.com.


Electronics-Stock.com has privacy statement applied to all users including user agreement. You should read and accept privacy statement to use Electronics-Stock.com when you register, and you will be subject to constraints by the rule (and Electronics-Stock.com any updated version of privacy statement) in the period of Electronics-Stock.com users.
1), Before you approval, about all user data information, real name, address, email address, contact information..etc. Electronics-Stock.com will not be used for any other purposes.
2), Use non personal information. Electronics-Stock.com will collect non personal information through address, including Browser properties, Operating system type, ISP's domain name who provide access services, etc. In order to optimize computer screen page. Electronics-Stock.com also makes user flow statistics and improve the management and service by collecting the above information.
3), Personal data security. Electronics-Stock.com will protect your personal data information by safe server use control equipment.
4), Personal data disclosure and restriction. Electronics-Stock.com will provide personal data information according to legal operation department request or with view of public safety purpose, when government ask Electronics-Stock.com to disclose personal data information in accordance with the statutory procedures. Electronics-Stock.com doesn't take any responsibility under such circumstances. When meeting the following conditions, Electronics-Stock.com will use personal information beyond necessary range: We already got your approval, the corresponding laws and procedures ask Electronics-Stock.com to provide users data information.


All users when purchasing must comply with following terms:

a), The advertising, price list and statements on Electronics-Stock.com are not an offer. We have right to recall the information from one-side, when Electronics-Stock.com find out the part numbers and POs are obviously wrong or out of stock. Electronics-Stock.com reserve the right of purchasing qty restriction. When you place order, you also acknowledge to purchase these goods, and you are responsible for the authenticity of all the information you provided in the order.
b), Product price and availability will be specified on the site. This kind of information will be updated any time without notification. Delivery charge will be settled differently according to different shipping methods you choose. If any accidents, for example, supplier increased price, VAT changes, or Electronics-Stock.com system mistake, all the reasons cause to revise price after order confirmation, Electronics-Stock.com will email or call to notify this information, you can decide whether to cancel order or not.


a), Refer to after-sale service.
b), Products quality.

Electronics-Stock.com products will be strictly comply with professional standards. If without previous standards, we will perform according to manufacturer's standard, if without all the above standards, customers can discuss and decide between Electronics-Stock.com.


You will accept that you can't enter the website by any kind of robot,Spider or Refresh software for any purpose without Electronics-Stock.com'permission in write form.

In addition, you agree you will not:

1), Any unreasonable and disproportion behaviour which can overload Electronics-Stock.com website with (On Electronics-Stock.com discretion determine).
2), Without writing permission of Electronics-Stock.com, change, copy, transfer, making derived Works, distribute or spectacle in Website (except your private information).
3), Interfere or attempt to interfere the website normal operation or any action processing in the web.
4), Use any content which been prohibited by related rules.
5), Use any virus, Trojan horse, worm virus, timebomb, cancel bots , Easter egg, spyware or other computer program which may damage, revise, delete, adverse effect, secret intercept, contract or take over for use any system, data or personal information.


The copyright right, patent ,trademark, trade secret and all any rights offered by Electronics-Stock.com all belong to Electronics-Stock.com. without permission of Electronics-Stock.com, anyone or member can’t download, copy, transmission, revise, and edit. Otherwise shall bear all the legal responsibility. Electronics-Stock.com own the right to memory the data server of Electronics-Stock.com when user use the service.


Electronics-Stock.com is accountable to offer technical support make sure the website in working order, Try to avoid service interruption, or Interrupt time limit in the shortest time, make sure user can deal on internet smoothly. But as a result of force majeure or other reasons can't control, make the website crash or unable to use, result to some record, message or information lost, Electronics-Stock.com is irresponsibility: and any user offer wrong or uncompleted and false information result to unabale use Electronics-Stock.com service or suffer the any other lose, Electronics-Stock.com is irresponsibility.


This website all users are irrevocably Electronics-Stock.com holder is located by the jurisdiction of the court and the superior court. The provisions of this agreement are separable, If any provision of this agreement be ruled as invalid or unenforceable, the provision can be deleted and the remaining provisions shall be executed.